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CureMD Utilizing the Patient Portal Presented by Nathan Hall.

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1 CureMD Utilizing the Patient Portal Presented by Nathan Hall

2 Overview  Out with the old, in with the new!  The look and feel of the patient portal  Communication through the portal  Importance of the portal

3 The Old Way Request appointment Wastes time Buried in paperwork

4 The Old Way  Costs time  Costs money  Costs manpower

5 The Better Way It starts with…

6 The Better Way

7  Benefits of Using the Portal  Increase Patient Engagement  Empowers Patients and Staff  Reduce Phone Encounters  Enhancing patient-provider communication Patient Portal Overview

8 Patient Portal Features

9 Features- Home Page Practice Photo Hours Summary Practice Location

10 Features- Providers Page  Providers can Upload a Mini Biography  Pictures can be included

11 Features-Practice Forms Feature  Practice Uploads Forms  Patient Downloads Forms  Completes Forms  Brings into Office for Review  Office Staff Scans in Forms Benefits  Reduces Paper from Practice  Reduces Time Spent by Patient Completing Administrative Forms

12 Patient Features  Review Medical Record  Histories  Allergies  Medications  Lab Results  Radiology Results  Procedure Results  What Is This Important?  Empowers the patient  Increases patient engagement  Smarter patients make better patients

13 Additional Patient Features Feature  Patient can update demographic information once they have an account  Office staff can accept or reject update request  If the information is accepted by office staff it is updated automatically in patient’s chart Benefits  Increases front office productivity  Facilitates communication in a secure, HIPAA compliant way  Supports patient self- management

14 Patient Portal Communication

15 Communication Patient to Provider Messaging Provider to Patient Messaging Communication - Messaging

16 Communication  Refill Requests  Patient is able to request refills for current medications prescribed through CureMD  Provider is then able to accept or reject request through the application Communication - Refills

17 Communication Patient Requests Appointment on Portal Communication - Appointments

18 Communication Office Staff Accepts or Rejects Request Communication - Appointments

19 Registration Demographic InformationClinical Information

20 Registration Practice Staff can Review DetailsRegistration Request is Sent to Practice

21 Summary  CureMD Patient Portal  Displays Practice Information  Reduces Time for Registration  Allows Electronic Communication from the Practice to the Patient  Allows Electronic Communication from the Patient to the Practice

22 Summary Importance of the Portal  Patient Engagement!  Provides a secure information exchange pathway  Breaks down communication barriers between patient and provider  Ensures Meaningful Use compliancy  Supports patient self-management  Promotes preventative care  Increases office efficiency  Saves your practice time and money

23 Summary If you’re not using the portal now, start! Don’t Hesitate Empower your patients!

24 CureMD Corporation 55 Broad Street, New York, NY 10004 Ph: 212.509.6200

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