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Patient Management Systems Team Sherrie Szekalski Director.

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1 IT@JH Patient Management Systems Team Sherrie Szekalski Director

2 you Thank you for spending your lunch time learning about the Patient Management Systems team!

3 What I’ve been ask to tell you: Function of my team The projects we support Where we fit within the Hopkins Institutions Types of positions in the group Qualifications required for positions in the group Pictures, with names, of group members

4 Patient Management Systems Team Mission We support JHH systems for: Patient Identification Outpatient Scheduling and Registration Admitting Bed Management Document Image Capture Hospital Billing and Coding Self-service Kiosks Denials and Appeals Executive Information

5 Appointment Request and Scheduling Pre-visit Forms – other forms – Med List Office Visit Check-in Hospital Services Requested – Scheduled or un- scheduled On-line Order Form Completed and Forwarded Patient - Hospital Check-in Self Registration Virtual patient List – Active Patients Exception Reporting – Results Other? Integrated Patient Experience Results to Patient Examination Lab Draw Clinical Data Collection – On-line Dictation Hospital Staff Virtual Patient List – incoming patients Pre-scrub data Verify Sequences Manage Resources Radiology Exam Surgery Lab Draw Clinical Data Collection – On-line Dictation On-going Communications between patient and physician, office, and hospital services Pre-service Instructions Education – Require Sequence of Tests Pre- Registration Day of appointment Patient checks in

6 So … who we think we are…

7 Who we really are… We juggle projects and priorities

8 And…. We connect systems to share data

9 And… We communicate, communicate, communicate

10 What is Patient Identification ? Selecting the right patient ensures patient safety: –Identifying the right patients allows the clinicians to pull the correct medical history –A sophisticated search algorithm is used to search through 4.5 million patient records. –Linking patients across Johns Hopkins Medicine will allow for retrieval of medical history across the JHM family. Systems: –Quadramed – a vendor application which provides the searching algorithms –PID - a “homegrown” application which assigns the patient’s medical record number

11 What is Outpatient Scheduling and Registration ? Schedules a patient with the right department and care provider in the desired time slot Captures registration information to prepare the clinician for seeing the patient Captures important insurance information to ensure that the services are successfully billed System: Epic

12 What is Admitting ? Captures information for patients admitted to the Hospital: –Demographic information - who is this patient, where do they live? –Insurance information – who will we bill for this Hospital visit? –Where is the patient located in the Hospital? Systems: –SMS ADT is currently in use –Keane ADT will replace SMS ADT in July, 2010

13 What is Bed Management ? Captures information for all patients currently admitted to the Hospital: –Who is in each bed in the Hospital? Allows patients to be transferred to another clinical service or bed. Provides a discharge function for when the patient leaves the Hospital. Provides a Hospital-wide view of current occupancy to plan for incoming patients. System: EBB – a “homegrown” system

14 What is Document Image Capture ? Captures scanned documents: –For outpatients – picture ID, insurance card, referral form –For inpatients – pre-admission test information from other providers –For other business functions, including HR, Accounts Payable, and the Executive Offices. Patient data is integrated with the EPR for access by clinicians System: Documentum AX. System is also known as WebX, EDMS, Legato, and OTG.

15 What is Hospital Billing and Coding ? Produces bills for Hospital services for: –Insurance companies –Patients Tracks the Accounts Receivables for JHH Processes payments from insurance and patients Codes the services provided to using national standards – ICD-9, DRG, CPT-4 –For billing to insurance –For regulatory reporting Systems: –Keane is used for Hospital Billing –HDM is used for coding

16 What is the Self-service Kiosk ? Allows patients to: –electronically check-in in a clinic upon arrival –review and change demographic information –review insurance information –scan insurance cards and referral forms –review and accept the outpatient agreement form System: Vecna

17 What is Denials and Appeals ? Tracks: – Payor denials for payment –JHH appeals to payors in response to denials –Medicare audits to verify medical necessity for treatments provided to patients System: Morrisey

18 What is the Executive Information System ? Provides access to consolidated financial, administrative and clinical data for decision support. System: TSI

19 Org Chart Director Sherrie Szekalski Manager Tony Greico Manager Walt Frizzell Project Lead Kathy Gonano Project Lead Pam Mioduszewski Staff Assistant Pam Thompson

20 Positions in our team Programmer Analyst Work requires an understanding of a variety of technical skills, based on the vendor or homegrown system supported. Some of these skills include MS SQL, Oracle, Visual Basic, Cobol, CICS, Mumps. Work also requires analytical ability to study a problem, and create a specification document for a solution. There are four levels to this position: –Programmer Analyst A –Programmed Analyst B –Programmer Analyst C –Programmer Analyst D Educational and experience requirements increase with each level of position. Project Leader Responsible for coordinating, and providing experienced leadership to software projects from planning to implementation of various departmental or enterprise wide applications. Bachelors Degree + 5-7 years experience. Project Coordinator Assists with special projects and project budgets. Also performs administrative tasks.

21 Tony’s Team Diana Knight Project Leader Keane and SMS Tony Greico Keane and SMS ADT Team: Bob Horst Linda Anakaraonye Michelle Moore Sandy Webster

22 Tony’s Team Tony Greico EBB Team Dawn Chiafari and Kathy Weininger Harold Felinton TSI Analyst

23 Walt’s Team Marc Peters Project Leader Documentum AX Walt Frizzell Nancy Shipley Project Leader Quadramed and PID 2020 George Baier Project Leader HDM and Morrisey

24 Walt’s Team continued Pete Hajewski Donna Young Stephany Gilbert Sofiya Weinman Evelyn Nyarko-Ahlijah Kazue McHugh Kevin Johnson Charlene Nelson Bill Gary Epic Data Warehouse Analysts Rob Dunham PID 2020 Analyst

25 The EPIC and Kiosk Teams Kathy Gonano Epic Project Leader Pam Mioduszewski Kiosk Project Leader Kara Morton Epic Analyst Becky Forrester Kiosk Analyst

26 Administrative Support Pam Thompson Project Coordinator

27 Team Director Sherrie Szekalski Patient Management Systems BS in Business Administration, IT Concentration 30 years with IT@JH

28 Any Questions?

29 Thanks for Listening!

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