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Patient Online Access Guide for Implementation. What is Patient Online Access? GMS Contract/PMS Agreement What are the benefits? Support and Resources.

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1 Patient Online Access Guide for Implementation

2 What is Patient Online Access? GMS Contract/PMS Agreement What are the benefits? Support and Resources What is Identity Verification? INPS Vision Configuration Vision Online Screens Privacy Impact Assessment Help For Practices Note: All documents attached in the Patient Online Pack are referenced starting ‘Document:’ in this presentation. Contents

3 What is Patient Online Access? GP Appointments Online Repeat Prescriptions Online View Your GP Records Online Patient Online will empower patients to take greater control of their health and wellbeing by increasing online access to services

4 PATIENTS Online booking of appointments Online cancellation of appointments Online ordering of repeat prescriptions Online access to summary information within patient records (allergies, medications, adverse reactions) And promote these services to patients Possible for practices to offer online access to test results, letters and consultation notes and more. 2014/15 GMS contract: 2014/15 PMS contract: To meet the Patient Online requirements by March 2015 practices must offer: GMS Contract/PMS Agreement

5 What are the benefits? Time saving in phone calls and car journeys Improved access and convenience Improved communication with the practice Increased patient safety, reduction in errors and duplications Improved health knowledge and health literacy Improved patient experience and control of their care Administrative time savings on repeat prescription Receptionist time release on appointment booking Fewer missed appointments Increased patient safety, reduction in errors and duplications Improved communication with the patient Improved patient satisfaction Patients General Practices

6 Support and Resources guidance-291014.pdf Guidance Example Forms and Checklists

7 Support and Resources Webinars/Training The below links are useful guidance for Patient Online Access:

8 PATIENTS Guidance Example Forms and Checklists Getting started with record access Document: Records_access-guidance.pdf This guidance and other supporting materials can be found on the RCGP website: Identity Verification Document: Identity_verification-guidance.pdf Coercion Document: Coercion-guidance.pdf Proxy access Document: ProxyAccess-guidance.pdf Support and Resources§ion=0

9 The following materials and templates are designed to help practices promote their online services to patients. You can also add your own local information to these to suit your practice. Material for Patients Poster 1 - Document: Poster 1.pdf Leaflet - Document: Leaflet for Patients.pdf Poster 2 - Document: Poster 2.pdf Poster 3 - Document: Poster 3.pdf Appoint Card - Document: Appointment Card.pdf Patient FAQs - Document: Patient FAQs.pdf Support and Resources

10 Records Access - Checklist Document: Records_access-checklist.pdf Sample Leaflet for Patients Document: Patient leaflet.pdf Example form for Patients Requesting Access Document: Example_registration_form.pdf Identify Verification Document: Identity_verification-checklist.pdf Identify Verification Protocol Document: Identity_verification-Example_protocol.pdf Materials for Patients Support and Resources

11 Ensuring that the patient requesting access is the subject of the record they wish to access, or their proxy. It is not about “real world” identities; only as “known to the practice”. Proxies also need to have their identity verified. Three options: Documentation – Two documents, typically: Passport or photo driving licence (if both, this is sufficient). Bank statement (not utility bill). Vouching The person is “well known” to the authorised member of the Practice team. Vouching with documentation Known, but not well known. Medical record used to verify information by interview. What is Identity Verification?

12 Patient Summary Document: Online Services Release - Patient Summary.pdf Before patients can access their Patient Summary, practices must ensure the following: Patient Identification Seen - You should be recording that you have seen patient identification when registering patients for Online Services and added the Read code 91B.00 Patient Registration Data Verified to the patient record. This is an NHS requirement and ensures that the patient accessing Online Services is indeed your registered patient. Access to Patient Summary - In order for your patients to view their Patient Summary data, you must add the following Read code to each relevant patient record. INPS Vision Configuration

13 Patient Summary Important: You may wish to review patient records before allowing patients to access their summary. You can track patients with or without this Read code using the Online Services Clinical Audit. You must only record 93440 Electronic record notes summary verified if the patient already has 91B..00 Patient Registration Data Verified recorded. Only patients with the exact Read code 93440 Electronic record notes summary verified (and NOT any others within the Read category/hierarchy) will be able to see their Patient Summary data. INPS Vision Configuration

14 Patient Viewing their Summary - Allergies: Vision Online Screens

15 Patient Viewing their Summary – Prescription History: Vision Online Screens

16 Document: NWCSU Privacy Impact Assessment Proforma.doc Privacy impact assessments (PIAs) are a tool which can help organisations identify the most effective way to comply with their data protection obligations and meet individuals’ expectations of privacy. An effective PIA will allow organisations to identify and fix problems at an early stage, reducing the associated costs and damage to reputation which might otherwise occur. It is highly recommended that you complete the PIA included in the pack. Additional information can be found at: Privacy Impact Assessment

17 For help and further information regarding the set up of Patient Online Access, please contact: NHS England Helpline: – 0800 011 8082 – Monday to Friday (8 am - 7 pm). Clinical Supplier – INPS: – Email: – Telephone: 0207 501 7100 Help For Practices

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