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1 FUN with HAE! A Patient Services Story

2 Patient Services What are Patient Services? 1.HAE Updates 2.HAE Summit 3.Awareness and Education 4.Patient Assistance

3 HAE Updates What are they? Fun meetings held across the country where you can meet other patients, hear a physician speaker, and get your questions answered. Often the first time a patient has ever met another patient. Free food!

4 HAE Updates Physician Speaker Patients & Family! Free Food

5 HAE Updates Coming this Fall Vancouver Edmonton Saskatoon Coming this Winter Montreal Ottawa Kingston Coming this Spring Regina Halifax

6 HAE Summit What’s the purpose? To unite the national community by once a year bringing patients together from across the country: To participate in educational sessions Attend our annual AGM Hear physician speakers And meet other patients!

7 HAE Summit The Future of the Summit: The location will change every year. We hope it will grow into a can’t miss event for HAE patients in Canada! Like the Stanley Cup!

8 Awareness and Education Who do we want to reach? 1.Undiagnosed patients 2.Diagnosed patients (you guys!)

9 Awareness and Education We do this in several ways…. One is by creating a presence for the HAE community online via: Our Website Social Media Public Awareness Participation

10 Awareness and Education

11 Awareness and Education

12 Awareness and Education

13 Awareness and Education Social Media:

14 Awareness and Education Public Awareness Create press releases Talk to media outlets Arrange interviews What do we need? YOU!

15 Awareness and Education You can help! Please send us your stories and photographs! Email it to (You can also find me later and get my business card… )

16 Awareness and Education Participation in: HAE Walk

17 Patient Assistance We have patient assistance programs in practice and in production. 1.Comprehensive Care Stop-Gap 2.Ancillary Supply Program 3.Centers of Excellence But….you need to be a MEMBER!

18 How You Can Help 1. Attend HAE Events (updates + summits) 2. Follow us on Facebook/Twitter 3. Check the Website frequently (all the time!) 4. Write up your patient story and email it to us! 5. Sign-up for membership! Bonus: Sign friends/family up for membership!

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