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Patient Survey 2013 Clare Laycock, Practice Manager.

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1 Patient Survey 2013 Clare Laycock, Practice Manager

2 Q1 If you were feeling very unwell, what would be your first response?

3 Q2 In the last 12 months, have you been able to make an appointment with the GP of your choice?

4 Q3 If you were unable to make an appointment with the GP of your choice, were you offered an alternative?

5 Q4 Are you happy with your confidentiality at the reception desk?

6 Q5 How would you rate your recent consultation with the GP, Nurse or Health Care Assistant? Excellent20177% Good5722% Average0- Poor10.4% No answer10.4%

7 Q6 Please suggest any improvements to building or facilities Accessibility Appointment availability Car parking Clock in waiting area Communication Confidentiality at reception Décor in waiting area Distance of surgery from home Electronic prescriptions Noise in waiting area Toilets locked Thirty two patients made suggestions to improve building or facilities, these have been categorised as follows:

8 Q7 Overall, how would you rate our service?

9 Q8 Did you recently receive a prospectus from NHS Wakefield CCG? Q9 If so, did you understand the changes to NHS services since April 2013? (n=79)

10 Q10 Have you heard of Wakefield HealthWatch?

11 Conclusions Majority of patients would contact their GP in the first instance if they felt unwell Almost two-thirds of patients were always able to get an appointment with the GP of their choice Of the 95 patients who were sometimes or never able to get an appointment with the GP of their choice, two-thirds confirmed they were always offered an alternative

12 The majority of patients were happy with their confidentiality at the reception desk 99% patients rated their most recent consultation as Excellent or Good One patient stated their consultation was poor, but actually rated our overall service as excellent Our service was rated Excellent or Good by 96% patients

13 Demographics 16-2930-3940-4950-5960-6970-7980-8990+ Male 1041171731 160 Female125791218333871 31 patients did not supply demographic data

14 Improvements to building or facilities Accessibility = 4 Automatic doors to GP surgery, can’t get through with 2 sticks Electronic doors to waiting area and practice rooms, people struggle with pushchairs, wheelchairs, etc Path leading down is rather steep, handrail helps (x2) Appointment availability = 2 Keep to appointment times More chance to see a doctor when you feel unwell, not 1 week later Car Parking = 5 Better marking in carpark and cut bushes back Parking improved or monitored as used by shoppers Extra parking, always full/nearly full More parking spaces (x2) Clock in reception = 3 Communication = 3 In-house translator Some staff not polite on the appointment line, they seem to be very rude on the phone and on reception To know how many people are waiting in front of you Confidentiality = 4 Improved confidentiality at reception desk Partition booth at reception More privacy at reception (x2) Décor = 2 Not convinced about the ‘mood’ lighting in reception Redecorate the waiting area Distance = 1 Need something nearer than this for patients that live a distance away Electronic Prescriptions = 2 Noise = 2 Turn music off Don’t let patients be allowed to answer calls in the waiting area and speak loudly Toilets = 5 Bigger loos Go back to leaving toilets unlocked so we do not have to ask for a key Don’t have toilet door locked Toilets Understand why toilets are locked, but it is a real pain

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