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Patient Participation Groups First Meeting Wed. 21 st September 2011.

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1 Patient Participation Groups First Meeting Wed. 21 st September 2011

2 Introductions Doctors – Dr Anthony Hartley –Dr Charlotte Doig –Dr Jeff Haddon –Dr Kate Phillips –Dr Tom Miller Practice Manager – David Doig IT Manager – Ann Sellors

3 Welcome to Buxton Medical Practice 7680 Patients 5 GP Partners (4 full time and one ¾ Partner) plus part time Locum GP (4/9ths) 3 Practice Nurses 15 Administration Staff (mainly part time) Attached staff include 3 District Nurses, plus Nurse auxiliary, 2 Health Visitors and a Nursery Nurse, Practice Counsellor, Midwife, Phlebotomist.

4 Some Figures The GPs provide approx. 21000 appts. pa (face to face and telephone). An appointment is 10 mins. The nurses provide approx 12000 appts. pa (face to face and telephone). An appointment is 15 mins Last year 5475 patients had at least 1 prescription We Prescribed 113 009 items in one year (447 items each working day) We spent nearly £60 000 of our own money on extra Doctors last year to help provide a better, quicker service. We are open 8am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday plus 8am to 11.45am Saturday (for booked appointments, prescriptions and appointment booking)

5 More Figures The Practice has a higher than average prevalence of illness in all recorded areas. Particularly in –Heart Failure –Depression –COPD –Atrial Fibrillation –Cancer –Stroke / TIA –Dementia Very Good monitoring and recording allows us to stay ahead of the field in disease prevention (but high workload)

6 In Addition We are a GP Training Practice We are actively involved in the new Commissioning Group for the High Peak Dr Doig is a GP Appraiser (outside of the Practice time). We are investing heavily to look to provide the best services possible for our Patients.

7 There are some Issues Appointments System –Seeing a Doctor of your choice –On occasions getting an appointment within a day or two. Funding reduction and possible service cut backs New Technology failing – booking in system

8 What is a PPG? Patient Participation Group, PPG is a group of Volunteers looking to support the Practice provide the best services possible for the whole patient population. The main functions for this group are –Run by Patients to both inform the Practice and the Patients –Looking at issues in a way that finds solutions –Support and get involved in information gathering and understanding eg surveys –Fund Raising for items outside of the NHS remit –Provide Patient support advice and services The role can have some, all or more responsibility, it is up to you

9 Today Look at terms of reference (rules of a group) What the committee comprises of. What sort of tasks you would like this group to look into First proper meeting date. (& possibly the first tasks)

10 Terms of Reference 1. contribute to practice decision-making and will consult on service development and provision; 2. provide feedback on patients’ needs, concerns and interests and challenge the practice constructively whenever necessary; 3. serve as a ‘safety valve’ for dealing with grumbles and complaints about the practice – representing patients but also helping them to understand the practice’s viewpoint; 4. assist the practice and its patients by arranging voluntary groups/support within the community; 5. communicate information about the community which may affect healthcare; 6. give patients a voice in the organisation of their care; 7. promote good health and higher levels of health literacy by encouraging and supporting activities within the practice and promoting preventive medicine; 8. influence the provision of secondary healthcare and social care locally; 9. monitor services, eg hospital discharge and support when back in the community; 10. give feedback to NHS trusts on consultations; 11. fundraise for medical equipment or other facilities to improve the practice and/or fund the activities of the PPG; and 12. liaise with other PPGs in the area.

11 Ground rules This meeting is not a forum for individual complaints and single issues. We advocate open and honest communication and challenge between individuals. We will be flexible, listen, ask for help and support each other. We will demonstrate a commitment to delivering results, as a group. Silence indicates agreement – speak up, but always go through the chair. All views are valid and will be listened to. No phones or other disruptions. We will start and finish on time and stick to the agenda.

12 Committee Chair Person Vice Chair person Treasurer Secretary Up to 8 others with a voting right Open to all to observe and comment.

13 Tasks Methods of Communication –Notice board –Newsletters –Website –Minutes –Presentations Survey and resultant Actions –Standard Survey –Other topics –Reporting system –Agreeing actions. Care Pathways / Services –Commissioning –Practice

14 Meeting When How often Where How Long for Other work groups What Presentations would you like to hear?

15 Resources to Help The Practice National Association of Patient Participation, NAPP ( Sue Pogson, Derbyshire County PCT

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