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Working together to improve the patient experience Allyson Kent – A2A Chair

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1 Working together to improve the patient experience Allyson Kent – A2A Chair

2 A2A Purpose: to support networking and sharing of good practice amongst professionals who have a role in supporting people with learning disabilities to access healthcare services in general hospitals settings

3 A2A - priorities Increasing number of ALN’s - Map Hospital passport MCA - app Training Support to family and carers Promote use of accessible information Promote sign up of getting it right charter Databases of A2A leads Develop/review risk assessments in use Flagging of LD Auditing and reporting

4 What’s working, what’s not? Patient with learning disabilities Family or carers The nurse The hospital Key challenges Areas to change…. If I could

5 Patient – working well Acute liaison nurses Passports Flagging systems Fast tracking Patient pathways into medicine etc Pre-assessment LD nurses working into acute hospitals Quiet area to wait Likes and dislikes Time with person Daily contact from matron Letters sent giving details of ALN’s

6 Patient – what’s not Knowledge of MCA Admissions out of hours/weekends Extra time Reasonable adjustments Working in silo’s Discharges Working with people with complex needs Not seeing the person, only the diagnosis

7 Family & Carers – working well Acute liaison nurses Passports Carers strategy Guidelines Carers badge Reclining chair

8 Family & Carer – what’s not Expectations that family and cares can always stay Newly qualified/junior doctors not always listening, asking, understanding of LD No funding arrangements to pay for additional care Being left for hours without a break or an offer of food and drink

9 Clinician – What’s working well Recognition of role within the Trust Review of patient journey’s to learn the lessons and inform of reasonable adjustments Strong links with senior managers Responsive to needs of people with learning disability When medical staff refer

10 Operational v strategic roles Mental Capacity Act Specialist support in paediatric – None adult Late referrals Clinician – What’s not

11 ALN’s/Learning Disability working in general hospitals Passports Acute Hospital – Working well

12 ALN’s only working 9-5 Monday to Friday – no cover evening and weekends ALN’s are not in every hospital Acute Hospital – What’s not

13 Knowledge and understanding of MCA, DOLS, DNACPR Values and attitudes of staff Making reasonable adjustments Managing unplanned care Providing person centered care Meeting the persons, ‘everyday needs’ No ALN’s evenings or weekends Lack of accessible information/Signage Diagnostic overshadowing Delayed or unsafe discharges Pressures of cost savings Key Challenges

14 Consistent use of MCA ALN’s in every hospital LD awareness for surgeons, doctors and consultants Champions on every ward More awareness of reasonable adjustments Better access to additional support – who pays Link flagging to primary care – IT systems – awareness of LD All information made accessible Eye health training for all Flagging in place – standard Fast tracking for all Access to calm areas Comfy chairs for carers Better acute commissioning Easy read letters for all Things to change if I could…

15 Any Question’s Allyson Kent Tel 07899 965724 A2A on facebook Twitter – @a2allyson

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