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Preoperative evaluation of the patient

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1 Preoperative evaluation of the patient
Janusz Andres

2 Questions Describe anesthetic plan ASA physical status scale
Preoperative evaluation Routine preoperative laboratory evaluation Physical examination What is informed consent? What kind of documentation is required?

3 Questions (2) Describe intraoperative anesthesia record What is PACU?
Why the preoperative and postoperative visits is so important? Quality of documentation What are four elements that must be proven by the plaintiff?

4 Main purposes Medical history To choose the anesthestic and care plan
To obtain informed consent To educate patient Cost-efficiency?

5 Medical problems Difficult airway Asthma
Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus Drug abuse Heart disease Monoamine oxidase inhibitors Pacemakers

6 Medical problems (2) Pacemakers or implantable defibrillators
Peripheral motor neuropathy Pregnancy Pulmonary tuberculosis Renal insufficiency

7 Often asked questions When did you last have anesthesia?
Did you have problems with anesthesia? Do you have allergies? Did you have blood test last 6 months? Did you have x-ray in the last 2 month? Do you take any medications? Did you have drinking problems?

8 Main problems Cardiovascular disease Respiratory and airway problems
Hepatic and gastrointestinal disease Bleeding problems Renal disease Endocrine disturbances Neurologic disease

9 Physical examination Arterial blood pressure Chest auscultation
Movement and neurological disorders Examinations of legs

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