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Patient Administration Subspecialty

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1 Patient Administration Subspecialty
CDR Bob Rahal LCDR Danielle M. Wenzel, MSC, USN Patient Admin Assistant Specialty Leader Navy Medicine, Manpower, Personnel, Training and Education Command

2 Specialty Leader Specialty Leader
CDR Robert Rahal, MSC, USN Assistant Specialty Leader (Interim Specialty Leader) LCDR Danielle Wenzel, MSC, USN Assists detailers Career advice Manning of subspecialty

BA: BILLETS AUTHORIZED (BA & TRAINING) Jobs 67 3 triple x billet LOSS RATE: FY *Projected

4 PROMOTION Percentage 3 o 4 5 of 8 4 of 7 2 of 2 2 of 4 1 of 2 1 of 2
of 1 of 0

5 1801 Promotion Relatively good. Difficult to gauge since many selects haven’t worked in the area for a while, but still show 1801 as primary

6 Patient Administration Subspecialty
Subspecialty Code Authorized billets: 66 Training billets: 0 MSC Officers with primary 1801: 80 MSC Officers with secondary or tertiary1801: 104 secondary 48 tertiary PAC students/year: 80 (100) Training Billets-Directors Training.

7 Patient Administration Subspecialty

8 Billet distribution (total = 65)

9 Patient Administration Assignments
CONUS MTFs Small/Medium/Teaching Facilities OCONUS MTFs Shipboard Assignments as MAO Fleet Surgical Teams-Recently lost the billets Instructor Billet NAVMED East/West Managed Care Assignments Road Map

10 Preference Duty Stations
Years of service 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 Promotion Mentorship Specialty competency Naval Competency Leadership Courses Education Preference Duty Stations Alternate Duty Stations (on and off ramps) Business Acumen ENS LCDR LTjg CDR LT CAPT Choose your mentors Provide Mentorship Professional Activity Patient Admin Course Asst Specialty Leader/Specialty Leader Board Cert in Healthcare Mgmt or Admin SME: National Professional Assoc BMDOC MEDREG/POMI/FMMTC Capstone AMDOC C4/Disaster Management Inter Agency Command & Staff Flt Hospital Any Service War College OIS Serve on Board Any Capacity Master Degree PhD/MD DUINS/Internship/Director Programs NPGS Lg/Teaching MTF as DIVO Sm/Med MTF (CONUS or OCONUS) as Dept Head HQ/BUMED or NAVMED Dept Hd Lg or Teaching MTF DFA/OIC Director BUMED PAD Executive Medicine MAO Carrier or AMPHIB FST/MRCO CASEVACOfficer/GPMRC Disaster Management Bus Case Analysis RVU Clinic Mngt Information Mngt Preparing Business Plan Analytical Decision Making Project Management Financial Management

11 MSC All HCA Roadmap PCO PXO Building the Toolbox Lane (Earned outside of PCS orders) Post CO/Policy O-6 Interagency/Capstone Active Mentor CO/Senior Staff PERFORMANCE MEDCEN DFA XO/Senior Staff Specialty Leader (or Asst) AMDOC Active Mentor Director Large MTF/Senior Operational/BUMED HQ staff Large clinic OIC O-5 PCS Billets Lane (Permanent Job/Orders by detailer) Senior Operational/ BUMED/HQ Staff OIC

12 MSC All HCA Roadmap Officer within Prof Association DFA/OIC operational/BUMED staff O-4 Building the Toolbox Lane (Earned outside of PCS orders) Officer within Prof Association BMDOC Follow on DUINS tour DFA/OIC operational/BUMED staff During 2nd MTF tour: Pt. Admin/Fiscal/Supply school a must Professional association PERFORMANCE O-1 to O-3 Duins/2nd MTF tour HQ staff During 1st MTF tour: POMI school a must deployment if available PCS Billets Lane (Permanent Job/Orders by detailer) Operational tour Recruiting Jr. Staff – EA Non MTF (research) Initial MTF tour DP DUINS – Further specialization of HCA in technical filed IPP/HSCP

13 Community Strengths Diversity of assignments
Ability to move in and out of community Only source of formal Navy training in general healthcare administration Foundation for healthcare leadership positions Corporate knowledge

14 Community Concerns Retention of experienced officers for multiple tours in Patient Administration Perception that role has diminished Burnout and stress in Patient Administration positions at MTFs Lack of policy guidance on critical issues Need for better information flow Recent move for general HCA, 01-03

15 Supporting the Community
Establishment of PAD Specialty Leader web page (NKO) Annual Patient Administration Training Symposium PEBLO PEB Conference May 2008 Orlando Permanent Specialty Leader identified CDR Robert Rahal, MSC, USN

Mentoring Mostly done by phone and Recruitment Recruited as Health Care Administrators Interview incoming Candidates Retention Difficult to track. MSC’s move in and out of community

17 CONTRIBUTIONS IA Operational National Professional Achievements
Mostly as Medical Regulators Patient Administration Officers in EMF Operational All MAO’s come through PAC Carrier - Patient Admin coded Fleet Surgical Teams National Professional Achievements ACHE Awards Recognized for Operational and Overseas Duty

18 Patient Administration Summary
Only HCA subspecialty that deals directly with patients Cradle to Grave Business Huge Customer Service Base Fleet Support and Operational Readiness Wonderful base of information for MSC HCA

19 Current/Continuing Deployments
Medical Task Force/Expeditionary Medical Facility-Kuwait Landstuhl Medical Center (PAD) Iraq/Afghanistan Healthcare Infrastructure team Hospital Ships Comfort/Mercy (MRO/PAD) Medical Administration Officers (MAO) onboard Carriers/Gators/FST

20 Patient Administration
Thank you! Any Questions?

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