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Search for the Orange Amulet An Aztec Adventure By Ben, Louis and Adam.

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2 Search for the Orange Amulet An Aztec Adventure By Ben, Louis and Adam

3 THE QUEST You are a famous explorer and treasure hunter-archaeologist. You have been contacted by the President of a small South American country who needs your services. He has been told that there is an ancient Aztec temple deep in the jungle which is rumoured to contain an artefact – ‘The Orange Amulet’ which will bring peace and prosperity to country. It has been lost for centuries. He warns you that it will be a difficult journey with many dangers. You agree to go on a quest to find it for him.

4 You set off on your journey. After a long, uncomfortable bus ride, you have to continue on foot. You have to cross a raging river. You hope there are no piranhas in it! The rope bridge looks like it will collapse if you step on it. How will you cross the river? Jump off and swim ?Walk across?

5 The bridge holds. On the other side, you see a tiger prowling towards you, its got sharp teeth and looks fierce. What do you do? # Run away Get out your sword and fight the tiger

6 You swim and a piranha starts to swim after you and almost bites you. You only just escape but then a giant Parana bites your head off and you die! Go back to the beginning

7 You slice the tiger in half and blood squirts everywhere. Then you see a key and a map near the heart of the tiger. You pick them up. There is a monkey he picks you up and takes you up his tree.takes you up his tree.

8 You run away but you weren't looking and you got knocked out. A monkey takes you to the top of a high tree. Jump out of the treeTalk to the monkey

9 You'll die if you jump out of the tree. Go back and make a wiser decision. Go back and make a wiser decision

10 You start to talk to the monkey and he tells you where the Orange Amulet is and he gives you the key to unlock the box. Journey to the box

11 After a tiresome journey, you see some light through the palm trees. You follow it and the light leads you to a box. You unlock the box with the key. What’s in the box?

12 You open the box and it reveals an orange amulet! The President can buy anything he wants with the amulet. You go back to England and live happily ever after. CONGRATULATIONS

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