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Course Selection Presentation Grade 9 into 10. Course Selection  The Course Selection sheet is like a contract  Schools are staffed and time-tabled.

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1 Course Selection Presentation Grade 9 into 10

2 Course Selection  The Course Selection sheet is like a contract  Schools are staffed and time-tabled according to the information on these forms  Only those courses with a sufficient number of students registered (by April 2013) will be offered  Those with low enrolment will be cancelled for the 2013-14 school year  This may occur after Course Verification Sheets are sent out, so make sure you have alternate choices for ALL ELECTIVES just in case

3 Course Selection  ALL Students are required to take 8 Courses  Only students with incomplete timetables or legitimate errors will be allowed course corrections in September 2013 (ie; you have already completed a course, or you require a course for Graduation or University )  NOTE: Not “liking” a course, ie: your friends are NOT in it, you don’t like the time of day it is offered, or you change your mind, is NOT considered a legitimate error…so make your choices CAREFULLY. Think it through before you choose!  There will be NO course changes in September  Course Descriptions can be found on our school website:

4 Grade 10 Course Selection Form Leadership Application MUST be stapled to your Course Selection form

5 English Language Learners (ELL) & Learning Support If you are an English Language Learner (ELL) (Formerly ESL), or in a Learning Support Program (Flex, Foundations, Learning Centre, Pre- Employment), your current ELL or LSS Teacher will be completing this Form  This completed form MUST be attached to your Course Selection Form

6 Required Grade 10 Courses English 10* Mathematics 10 * Foundations of Math or Apprenticeship & Workplace Math (not sure which one to take  ask your Math Teacher for their recommendation) Science 10 * Social Studies 10 Physical Education 10 Planning 10 *Mandatory Provincial Exam (worth 20% of your Final Course Mark)

7 Business Education 10 Business Computer Apps 10 Food & Nutrition 10 Textiles 10 Tech Ed: General 10 Tech Ed: Drafting 10 Tech Ed: Electronics 10 Tech Ed: Woodworking 10 Tech Ed: Metal 10 Tech Leadership 10 * Leadership 10 * * Course Requires a “School Leadership Application Form” to be completed and stapled to your Course Selection Form

8 Visual Arts: General 10 Visual Arts: Drawing & Painting 10 Visual Arts: Ceramics & Sculpture 10 Visual Arts: Honours 10 * Dance General 10 Drama General 10 Media Arts 10 TV Production 10 Choir Junior 10 Choir Senior 10 Beginner Band 10 Band Intermediate 10 Senior Band 10 Jazz Band Senior 10 Jazz Band Intermediate 10 Jazz Band Junior 10 Orchestra 10 * Music Technology 10 * * Course Requires a “School Leadership Application Form” to be completed and stapled to your Course Selection Form


10 French 10 French Honours 10 Mandarin Chinese 10 Mandarin Native Writers 10 Japanese 10 Spanish 10 Italian 10 Punjabi 10 Korean 10 American Sign Language 10 Croatian 10

11 majority for trades and workplace program not requiring theoretical calculus program requiring theoretical calculus

12 Program Overview 2013-2014 Grade Assemblies February 2013 Honours / Advanced Placement at Burnaby South

13 Why Take Honours Courses?  Enriched learning environment, greater depth in topics learned  Group of equally interested, motivated & advanced students  Find out what you can really do - challenge yourself  Grade 11 Honours courses are prerequisites for many Grade 12 AP courses  E.g: Biology 11 Honours is required to apply for AP Biology  AP Courses can give you credit for University level courses and help with admission status FACT: 1 out of every 3 students at Burnaby South is taking at least 1 Honours/AP Course

14 LANGUAGES ENGLISHSOCIAL STUDIES VISUAL & PERFORMING ARTS Students may take more than 1 Advanced Placement (AP) Art course at the same time.

15 TECHNOLOGY SCIENCE Students may take more than 1 Advanced Placement (AP) Science course at the same time. Students can take Math 12H, AP Calculus AB and/or AP Statistics at the same time. Students can take Math 12, AP Calculus BC and/or AP Statistics at the same time. Students CANNOT take AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC at the same time. BUSINESS EDUCATION MATHEMATICS

16 What is AP?  AP stands for Advanced Placement  Program of University-level courses and exams offered in high school  We teach the University Courses here at SOUTH  You write the AP EXAM if you want to gain University Credit  Exams scored on a scale of 1 to 5, with Canadian Universities giving credit for score of 4 or 5  Some American Universities give credit for score of 3  Over 3.4 million exams written worldwide, 24,900 in Canada and over 9,380 in B.C.

17 2012 AP Exam Results Comparison AP considers a grade of 3+ to be a passing grade. University credit is granted when student gets 4+ 64% 76% 75% 81% 79% 76%

18 How To Apply To AP/Honours?  This year there is NO HONOURS APPLICATION FORM  Instead….write down the AP/Honours Course Name + Number that you are applying for on your Course Selection Sheet…That’s it!!  Minimum Requirements:  Work Habit should be GOOD “G” in the Subject Area  Average of 80% or higher in Subject Area is a guideline  Subject Departments will make decisions based on Applicants and Guidelines  Student Verifications will be sent out in May

19 Eric Lu, SFU, Science “The Honours & AP program has challenged me during high school and made my transition to university smoother.” “Each AP exam that you take can give you up to 6 university credits (that can save you over $800).” Yegor Rabets, UBC Engineering “South’s AP program gives its students a taste of good work ethic and time management; essential for success in university. Travis Wong, SFU, Business “Students who enroll in Honours classes are interested in learning and have great attitudes. Having eager classmates means the teacher is able to teach at a faster rate. ” Xiao Yuan, Honours student since Grade 8 "I'm really glad I did the AP program at South. The teachers were excellent and made class incredibly fascinating and intellectually engaging. It was the best preparation I had for Duke.“ Spencer Li, Duke, Economics

20 Honours Brochure School website Find Mr. A. Lee in Room A139 at LUNCH or talk to your counselor For More Information…

21 Graduation Requirements You’ll need 80 credits from Grades 10 to 12. Course# # Language Arts 10 Language Arts 11 Language Arts 12 Social Studies 10 Social Studies 11 Science 10 Science 11 44444444444444 Mathematics 10 Mathematics 11 Physical Education 10 Fine Arts or Applied Skills 10, 11 or 12 Planning 10 Transition Plan (Grade 12) Elective Courses TOTAL Course Credits needed 4 28 80

22 Graduation Requirements

23 External Credits You may be able to get credit towards graduation for external activities that you are involved in, some examples are: Language Challenge Exams (applications occur in October) Music / Dance Youth Leadership Sports (Provincial Rep Teams, BC Summer Games, National Team Level) Coaching First Aid/Lifesaving ICBC Driver Training Computer Certification Scouts/Guides If you think you qualify for any external credits, please see your Counsellor to check this out

24 Provincial Exams: Overview  You’ll need to write 5 provincial exams in your High School Career to Graduate: 1. Language Arts 10 (English 10) 2. Science 10 3. Math 10 4. Social Studies 11 5. Language Arts 12 (English 12 or Communications 12)  Each exam is worth 20% of your overall final mark, except for the Language Arts 12 exam, which is worth 40%.

25 Provincial Exams: Grade 12 Grade 12 Provincial Exams have now CHANGED (Lucky You Guys…) The ONLY Grade 12 Prov. Exam that you MUST write to graduate is the English/Communications 12 Exam (worth 40% of your final overall mark) This means that the Provincial Exam Scholarship has changed too! NOW: Students must achieve at least a “B” (73% or above) final mark (provincial exam and school mark combined) in one of the Language Arts 12 (Communications 12 or English 12) courses AND: Students must achieve at least one “A” (86% or higher) and three “B”s (73% or higher) on the remainder of the Mandatory Provincial Exams (Science 10, English 10, Math 10, Social Studies 11) to be eligible for the Provincial Exam Scholarship from the Ministry of Education

26 University Entrance Requirements Each University & Each Faculty has its own specific requirements Generally, you will need to take English 12 plus 3 other previously provincially examinable grade 12 courses SFU has also added the following 5 Courses to the list of Approved “Non- Provincially Examinable” Grade 12 Courses:  Calculus 12, Comparative Civilizations 12, Economics 12, Law 12 & Social Justice 12 UBC has added the following 4 Courses to the list of Approved “Non-Provincially Examinable” Grade 12 Courses:  Calculus 12, Economics 12, Law 12, & Social Justice 12* (*only for Okanagan Campus) To keep ALL of your doors open you will want to take: English 12, Pre-calculus 12, Chemistry 11 & 12, Physics 11 & 12 Note: IF you are thinking about pursuing studies in Business or Sciences in Post- Secondary, then it is HIGHLY recommended you take Calculus 12 or AP Calculus, as 1 st Year Students in these Faculties are required to take a Calculus course in University Note: IF you are thinking about pursuing studies in Business, you should consider courses such as: AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, AP Statistics, Financial Accounting 12, Economics 12, Marketing 11/12

27 College Entrance Requirements  BC College (ie., Douglas, Langara, Kwantlen) acceptance is on a first come first served basis so apply online as soon as possible to secure your spot  Some College acceptance is based on Basic Graduation  Certain programs have specific course requirements  ie: Minimum mark in English 12 or Communications 12  Some colleges will accept students who are 1 course short of graduation (i.e. English 12) and will allow upgrading while taking other courses  Colleges also offers upgrading opportunities  ie: Taking the equivalent of Grade 12 courses

28 College to University Transfer There are some myths out there ie: “I will have to do 2 additional years of schooling if I go to College first” “I won’t get my Bachelor’s Degree if I go to College first” “Jobs won’t hire me because I didn’t go straight to University from High School” University Transfer means you start studying at a college, then transfer to a University to complete the rest of your undergraduate studies. University will give you credit for the courses you took at the College level if you take the courses that transfer to the university you wish to complete your studies at. Ie: 2 Years at Douglas + 2 Years at UBC or SFU = Bachelor’s Degree The Advantages of Doing a University Transfer Program: 1. Same courses: same content, same quality as courses at a major university 2. Save $$: $4,000 over 2 years compared to a similar program of study at a major university 3. More face time: with profs and classmates, thanks to smaller class sizes 4. Succeed: Research shows students who start at college do as well (or better) by the time they graduate as students who rush to start their first year at university. 5. No Second Language Requirement

29 Post-Secondary Exams *possibly required for entrance LPI – Language Proficiency Index – Check out A language test required by UBC and SFU (and other universities) for those students with a final grade (school mark plus government exam mark) of less than 75% in BC English 12 or BC English Literature 12 Check the websites of all Colleges and Universities that you are applying to for updates on this requirement SAT – Check out A requirement for American Universities/Colleges for all 1 st year students  If you are thinking of attending school in the US, you MUST write the SAT’s no later than the Spring of Grade 11 TOEFL BC Universities vary - generally NOT required for students with 4 years of instruction in English. Confirm with each university Other provinces & USA – NOT required for students with 5 years of instruction in English. Confirm with each university Note: Some Universities may have their own entrance tests in addition (e.g. UBC = ELAS)

30 Direct BC University Entrance Second Language Requirements Although not a high school graduation requirement, most BC universities require students applying directly from high school to have completed at least a Language 11 (i.e, Spanish 11, Punjabi 11) SFU will accept an Introductory Language 11 (i.e., Intro Spanish 11) UBC will accept Language 11 (not Introductory 11)  however, some faculties require Language 12, or if you do not have a Language 12, then you will have to complete a 1st year language course, ie: Faculty of Arts Some faculties at UVic DO NOT have a second language requirement (e.g. Engineering, Sciences, and Business). If you are an ESL student you may be eligible for a Language 11 &/or 12 credit if you came to Canada after Gr. 8  If you think you may qualify, please check with your Counsellor

31 Financial Planning  Passport to Education  Check out  Bursaries / Loans  School Awards

32  Mr. Kwan (located in the Career Prep Center in Student Services) is the “Go To Guy” “CEO” (a.k.a: contact person) for all things related to scholarships  Any Scholarships that are available to students will be placed ONLY on the Counselling/Scholarship Blog as they become available:  Make sure to check this “tab” regularly, as some Scholarships may have a short window before the deadline  Also check out the following websites:   

33  There is a Burnaby South Counselling Blog  Updated regularly with information on:  University Information & Presentations, Scholarships, Courses, Volunteer Work, Presentations, Awards, etc…  counselling/  ALL OF YOU SHOULD HAVE THIS BOOKMARKED!!   ALSO: Please make sure that you write your current email address on your Course Selection Form, as this is how important information gets sent out to all of you throughout the School Year

34 Course Selection Timeline Course Planning Assemblies for Students: Tuesday February 5 th Course Planning Night for Parents: Wednesday February 6 th Course Selection Forms due: February 12 th to your current MathTeacher

35 Questions? Concerns? Course Selection Forms Due February 12, 2012 to your Math teacher Feel free to contact Student Services to ask any questions or discuss any concerns you may have Counsellors: Mr. Chow (surnames A–Chou, International & Oral Students) Ms. Bromley (surnames Chow – Knight ) Mr. Sookochoff (surnames Ko – Peng, YPP & Oral Students) Ms. Steeves (surnames Pereira – Senior & Visually Impaired) Ms. Fenn (surnames Shahrezaei – Z)

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