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"Ministry Fund Raiser".

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1 "Ministry Fund Raiser"

2 Welcome Produce Provide Preserve Wealth

3 How Do Successful Organizations Produce, Provide and Preserve Their Wealth?
How effective would your Ministry be with Financial Abundance? Do you have goals to achieve this Financial Abundance? What are you doing to Provide, Produce and Preserve it? Are you creating Linear or Residual Funds?

4 Opinions From The Experts:
“Inflation is a very simple concept to understand: More money = less value. It may seem contradictory but it’s very straightforward. - Dr. Ron Paul – Congressman and former Presidential Candidate “Silver may be the best possible way to build wealth.” - Robert Kiyosaki, Best Selling Financial Author “If Gold goes down I’ll buy some more… If Gold goes up I’ll buy some more…” - Jim Rodgers – Recognized Economist, Author and Investor

5 Biblical Facts What if you could set up a continuous Fund Raiser using Money Created by God? We are talking about Gold, Silver and other Precious Metals, the oldest form of currency known to man. God made money (precious metals) will always have value, man made money (paper currency) constantly loses value and has potential to go to zero! Gold is mentioned 417 times in the Bible, and Silver is mentioned 320 times; Money is only mentioned 140 times! (KJV) Deuteronomy 8:18 But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is He that giveth the power to get wealth

6 Top 6 Reasons for Fund Raisers
Provides Retirement income for the Pastor or Ministry Leader Debt Free Building Funding New Ministries Mission Projects and Support Mortgage Debt Retirement Simply Good Stewardship Now Let us Show you how to get there!

7 Who Is Preservation of Wealth?
A Gold and Silver Buyers Club Preservation Of Wealth Is the World’s FIRST and ONLY Company Offering Dealer-Direct “At Cost” Pricing On Precious Metals We Offer Bullion With ABSOLUTELY NO Mark-ups and Certified Flawless Numismatic Graded Coins at Extremely Competitive Prices!

8 Preservation Of Wealth, Inc.
Justin Davis President and Founder Founded July 2009 by Justin Davis 4 Year Old - Rock Solid Company Headquartered in Dallas, TX Debt Free Sales over $400 Million in 2013 Protection Based Benefits Program Proven Company Track Record Convenient and Reliable Service At Cost Pricing on Precious Metals Valuable Numismatics Lucrative Compensation Plan POW can be your Gateway to Wealth Preservation of Wealth Corporate USA

9 TOTAL VALUE $760 Membership Benefits Program POW Protection Package:
At-Cost Pricing for Bullion and The Best Bid Prices Complementary Benefits Legal Services - ($400 Value) Lifelock Subscription - ($120 Value) Personalized Website and Dashboard ($240 Value) TOTAL VALUE $760 (Available upon request)

10 $400 How Does the Ministry Get Paid
Direct and Indirect Referral Commissions Ministry $100 $100 Consultant $50 $50 $50 $50 $400 The First Way That We Get Paid Is Fast Start Commissions 1. Earn $ Direct Commission or every personally referred membership 2. Earn $50.00 Indirect Commission for every membership referred by your personals

11 Weekly Residual Income
Team Cycles Weekly Residual Income Consultant: Team Cycle Bonus Our Benefits Program = 100BV or Points 300BV on Left & Right leg and you’ll get paid $100 in Team Cycle Commission… Regardless of who on your team made the sale. INFINITE LEVELS DEEP!!

12 What Is Business Volume (BV)
Every Regular Membership sold = 100 BV (points) Every Olympic Membership Package sold = 150 BV (points) We collect assets through our Coin Of The Month club which you can order directly or you can get on the company’s Optionship program. Every Numismatic Coin Purchased = 50 BV (points) You can purchase 1 coin for $99.00 You can purchase 2 coins for $97.00 each You can purchase 3 or more coins for $95.00 each

13 Buy With Confidence UNHEARD OF GUARANTEE!
Optionship Coins May Be Sold Back To POW After 4 Years From The Date Of Purchase For 100% Of The Sale Price.

14 $136,500.00 $68,250.00 $13,650.00 Business Volume (BV)
Month Members BV (points) L-Team R-Team 1 200 2 400 3 4 800 8 1,600 5 16 3,200 6 32 6,400 7 64 12,800 128 25,600 9 256 51,200 10 512 102,400 11 1024 204,800 12 2048 409,600 $136,500.00 $68,250.00 $13,650.00 4, , ,000 8, ,000 ÷ 600BV = 1,365 Cycles This example is with BV from membership sales only; 100 BV per membership.

15 Income Structure for Ministry
Each membership sold by the Ministry = $100, plus will generate 100 BV Each Numismatic coin purchased by members will generate 50 BV Pastor When 300 BV is accumulated on the R-Leg and 300 BV is accumulated on the L-Leg = $100 New Ministry New Member Member New Member Member New Member

16 Income Potential for Ministry
100 100 $20,000 per year 200 200 $40,000 per year 500 500 $100,000 per year 1000 1000 Number of members in each Team $200,000 per year This example is with members on Optionship purchasing one Numismatic coin per month at 50 BV each

17 Dollar Value vs Gold and Silver
Gold Values 2003 to 2013 $343.80 $ Silver Values 2003 to 2013 $4.43 $31.43 The Dollar is going down! Gold and Silver is going up!


19 Getting Started Is EASY!
The first way to get started is as an Associate at the $ Yearly Benefits Program. This option includes unlimited At-Cost pricing of bullion and as well as access to Optionship™ products. You will also enjoy several complimentary Benefits designed to help you save money. You can immediately make unlimited at-cost purchases after joining. When choosing this Package, the $50 Sales Associate Fee is waived so you may also choose to refer POW to others and earn a referral commission simply by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions below. The second way to get started is by paying $ Olympic Package. This is the most popular option and is the same as the regular Yearly Benefits Program but it also includes the 1983-S ICG PR70 DCAM Los Angeles Olympiad Commemorative Coin. You still receive unlimited At-Cost pricing of bullion and as well as access to Optionship™ products. You will also enjoy several complimentary Benefits designed to help you save money. You will receive your POW Card in the mail soon but you can immediately make unlimited at-cost purchases. You may also choose to earn referral commissions by selling the Benefits Program simply by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions below. When choosing this Package, the $50 Sales Associate Fee is waived.

20 Isaiah 40: 31 “But, they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint”. (KJV)

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