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Wise Woman University Jill Diana Chasse’s classes ~Perinatal Mood Issues ~ ~ Prebirth Bonding~ ~Magic of Motherhood Birthing Education~ ~ Relaxations &

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1 Wise Woman University Jill Diana Chasse’s classes ~Perinatal Mood Issues ~ ~ Prebirth Bonding~ ~Magic of Motherhood Birthing Education~ ~ Relaxations & Visualizations for Birth~ ~ Perinatal Loss Workshop~

2 Perinatal Mood Issues ~ Manage pregnancy and postpartum emotional challenges including baby blues and PPD symptoms to help reduce the risk of depression and keep yourself and your baby mentally and emotionally strong.

3 From Perinatal Mood Issues Lesson 2 Be at peace together You are mother You are prepared You are strong and able What can you do to feel better? Go for a walk Order delivery for dinner Take a yoga class Put the radio up and dance Plant something Hug someone Find a rock and give it a name

4 ~ Prebirth Bonding~ Learn exercises and meditations to encourage communication with your baby in the womb, optimizing mental and sensory development as well as promoting the special bond between baby and parent.

5 From Prebirth Bonding Lesson 4 WHAT CAN YOU DO? Spend some time alone caressing your baby. If you can distinguish a kick, gently rub the opposite side of your belly (usually the head is opposite of the kicking feet) and speak softly to your little one. Sit in a warm bath and splash warm water over your belly, while speaking or singing. Sit by a candle and meditate, while visualizing positive and relaxing images. Listen to calm music and rock your child gently. Express to him or her, the love you feel and the strength and abilities you can foresee for your child.

6 Magic of Motherhood Birthing Education~ A Complimentary Natural Childbirth method for use with or without medications, at home, birth center, or in a hospital with key concepts of : “Experiencing, Understanding and Enjoying” your labor and delivery through emotional support, empowering yourself, and empowering your baby.

7 From Lesson 2 – Preparing Yourself Allow yourself to day dream and “zone out”. Allow yourself to do and receive things that make you feel good. You can make noises- scream- cry- talk- whine- sing. Don’t try to hold it in! Humans are vocal creatures. Take a bath. Especially warm water (not hot) will help you feel relaxes emotionally as well as physically. Even if you didn’t plan a waterbirth, the soothing calmness and healing powers of water can help both you and your baby during your laboring. Move around. Go for a walk. Dance to some music. Ask your partner or doula to give you a massage. Rub your feet, back, shoulders, belly or hands. Use a heat pack (heat increases blood flow to the area and relaxes tissues): stuff an old (clean) tube sock with rice (1-2 pounds) tie the end and stick in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. A quick aromatherapy hint: put some lavender in the sock with the rice to ease in your relaxation

8 Relaxations & Visualizations for Birth~ Relaxations and visualizations involve hypnotherapy/ autosuggestion for relaxation, anti-stress/anti-pain, and self-esteem, as well as communication with the unborn baby and stimulating a mystical and spiritual energy level

9 Join me in this relaxation- a sample from the course Your body and mind are relaxed and at ease. You feel yourself breathe in fresh, clean air, and breathe out any stress or tension you may have been feeling. Any negative energy flows out of you with every exhale - leaving only positive, safe, and happy feelings. Your baby is calm and carefree inside his or her own special sac of magical waters. Your baby feels your calmness and responds happily. Breathe in that fresh clean air again - and release any fear or tension. Let it all go away from you, leaving only strength and peace and love. Breathe in - and out... In and out - relax. As your baby floats in the calm waters of the womb, see yourself floating there as well. Feel yourself drift and float, just drift and float in those protective waters. See the warm red glow from the outside world and let this warm glow engulf you. Let it hold you in peace and tenderness. This is the warm glow your baby sees - *** **** *** *** Now hold your baby close for another moment with positive feelings of love. Anytime you'd like to talk to your baby, simply close your eyes and picture the womb, and place your hand on your belly, gently holding your child, as you are now. You will find yourself relaxing much more easily and feeling calm… Now in a moment, I'm going to count from 1 to 5. You will slowly float back to consciousness and allow your baby to stay and enjoy the calm waters of the womb.

10 Perinatal Loss Workshop~ This is an online workshop intended for parents who have lost a baby during pregnancy or after birth. It is a self paced, guided tour through the healing process to work through grief and bereavement issues. Working through these issues in this format is especially helpful in the early stages of grief when the shock and pain is still raw.

11 Lesson 1: The Realization- Accepting the Reality Losing a child is like losing part of you; it is something you can never forget, but the pain changes over time. It is possible to love and remember your child, and still go on with your life with that child as positive memory, still part of who you are Lesson 2: Tangible Pain- Expressing Your Feelings in a Healthy Way Healthy anger is good. It opens up communication and acknowledgement. It allows you to express what your mind and body are just acknowledging as reality. Lesson 3: What Can You Do?!- Keeping the Memory Alive The most important thing to know is that your baby will ALWAYS be in your heart. You have changed. No one is ever the same after conceiving and carrying a child. That is a gift your little one has given you. Lesson 4: Reaching out for Support- How and Where You may feel like you're the only one in the whole universe that ever experienced such a tragic and painful nightmare, but you're not alone. It is important to verbalize and share your tears, thoughts and feelings. Lesson 5: It's Okay to Smile! After coming to the realization that your little one is gone, getting out your anger, reaching for support and creating tangible memories, you'll realize that death is a part of life. Learn, grow, and heal.

12 Affirmations are important for the mind and soul, bringing peace and healing to your conscious and subconscious. Opening your mind and allowing yourself to reach a resolution takes work, practice and time, but there are always new sunrises after the sun sets. Here are some examples of affirmations we will learn in the Perinatal Loss workshop: I cherish each moment of my life. I am sharing my love with people. I am strong. I can grow from pain. I intend to live my life to the fullest: my time is precious. I will become open to new pathways and new relationships. I am learning. My baby has taught me a special lesson

13 To SEE MORE of these classes Sign Up Today!

14 Look for the magic, Listen to your heart, and follow your dreams! See you in class!

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