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In 1840, the Kiderlen family were passed the rights to produce wine and vinegar in Baden- Wuerttemberg. Since then, Johannes Kiderlen has passed down.

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2 In 1840, the Kiderlen family were passed the rights to produce wine and vinegar in Baden- Wuerttemberg. Since then, Johannes Kiderlen has passed down his knowledge about wines and vinegars from generation to generation. He founded VOM FASS AG in 1995. His passion was to produce the finest quality of products the region has to offer. VF has with stood the test of time and for over 30 years, continues through his legacy to offer high- quality specialty vinegars, oils and spices. VOM FASS has grown from your local retailer in a small city in Germany to an enterprise with global presence and reach. Our Story Johannes Kiderlen, Founder of VOM FASS

3 Welcome to the world of VOM FASS. Translating literally as "from the cask," VOM FASS offers a truly novel experience for all who love to enjoy the finest and most flavorful products from around the globe. VOM FASS offers exclusive cask- aged vinegars, exquisite oils, exclusive liqueurs and spirits. We take pride in selling all our products in a variety of quantities and dispensing them into any of our traditional and elegant bottles. Each bottle is inscribed with a special message, or simply with details of their contents and, upon request, beautifully wrapped - compliments of VOM FASS. As always, our customers are encouraged to return with their bottles for a refill! Our award-winning offerings, combined with our knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff, allow VOM FASS to offer an exceptional product range and quality of service with a personal touch. Selling straight from the cask to the customer also brings back that relationship originally found when customers used to buy directly from the producer, giving you greater flexibility and choice. Today, we are the premier leader and retailer of exclusive vinegars, fresh oils, select wines and exquisite spirits and liqueurs, directly from the cask. We are happy to share our exceptional products with customer’s everyday worldwide. About Us

4 Our mission is to provide our customers with a Mediterranean way of sampling and savoring the finest, premium quality artisanal products, directly from the cask – with a commitment to uncompromising levels of customer satisfaction. Regionalism and sustainability are key components of our company’s philosophy. VF continues to focus on the region to produce the freshest products. We continue to produce the products in our own traditional ways in combination with the latest technologies. It has always been, and will always be about quality and taste. We have always believed in providing the best products possible. Mission & Philosophy Conference, Training & Production facilities

5 Our World VOM FASS is more than just the unique idea of selling world-class oils, delicious vinegars and gourmet spices. It is a one stop shop and primary provider for health & quality-conscious gourmets, well-travelled palates and food lovers who value exquisite products, sold in customer selected quantities and filled in beautiful bottles. Our products never sit on a shelf and are filled fresh everyday to give you the best taste. Our unique process preserves the freshness of our products. Since 1994, VOM FASS has been one of the fastest growing franchises in Germany and is consistently ranked among the best. In 2010 & 2012, we were the #1 Franchise system in Germany. Mr. Kiderlen & his wife (2nd & 3rd from the right)

6 The VOM FASS EXPERIENCE Look Upon visiting, you’ll be treated to a treasure trove of oaken casks, glass balloons, and stoneware crocks and amphora that will pique your interest, each filled with an amazing fruit vinegar, an exquisite oil, a select wine, an exclusive liqueur, or an incredible choice of fine and rare spirits. Taste Once you’ve caught your breath and had a chance to explore the wide variety of options, our knowledgeable and experienced staff members are on hand to treat you to as many tastes as you desire! Our team will also offer wonderful pairings, product history, and cooking suggestions and product uses you may have never heard of but can’t wait to try. Lastly, they will help you find the perfect bottle in which to store or ship your chosen selection. Enjoy Once home, our products are perfect for creating exquisite dishes, sharing with friends and colleagues, enhancing a healthy lifestyle, and experiencing the simple joy that tasting a fine spirit or wine provides. And, because many of our products are sold in refillable glass bottles, you can begin your experience again just as soon you enjoy the last drop − although after just one taste, we’re certain you’ll never want that to happen again!

7 Our Products & Producers Support local producers We take pride in developing strong and close relationships with all of supplier from around the world which we have worked with for over 25 years. Our products are locally grown and produced using natural processes, gentle harvesting and suitable product storage. We only source our products from their origins. We provide products that are high-quality, fresh & natural with no preservatives using sustainable agriculture. Participate & Promote Fair Trade Products Ethically sourcing the finest products and paying fair wages. Sustainability It’s our commitment to doing business in ways that are good to the earth and good to each other. We plant new trees to protect the environment. We reduce our environmental footprint through water conservation, energy, green construction and recycling. We promote green practices through use of green retailing, ecological practices and sustainable agriculture.

8 Product Assortment Exquisite Vinegars & Oils We have our own vinegar & oil manufactory International presence Finest fruits – 100% natural Sustainable farming No preservatives Exceptional taste Select Wine, Liqueurs & Spirits Cask-aged spirits Rare finds Exclusive products for VOM FASS only Gourmet Specialties From organic chips to pesto, chutney, chocolate & more. Exclusive & quality foods that complement our oil, vinegar and spice assortment.

9 Today, we have over 280 stores in 28 countries. Our Mediterranean inspired store concept is offered as Stand alone shops, Shop in shops and corners/shelves. Explore Our World

10 Our World Class Training Programs & Support Teams Your success is our success! Our training programs are designed to ensure our franchise partners are knowledgeable about the fine offerings and their uses. VF Headquarters world- class support teams will be available to you once you become a franchisee. Our franchise support system features: oAdvertising & Marketing oPurchasing cooperative oOperations oShop Development oRetail Operations & Training oField support, and much more! Our Products VOM FASS is the leading supplier of exquisite high-quality oils, vinegar and spices. Custom Products Operations Excellence It’s our goal to ensure that a customer’s VOM FASS experience is equally outstanding whether in Dubai, Hong Kong or Texas. Why Choose VOM FASS?

11 The joy of sharing our enthusiasm for exquisite food, the pride in nurturing and building a successful enterprise, and ultimately, the satisfaction of holding the keys to financial success in your own hands - these are just a few of the reasons why individuals have chosen to begin their journey with us. What VOM FASS has to offer is a unique retail concept that is vastly different with its quality and experience than anything in the market. As a (Master) Franchise, you will have the opportunity to take customers on a tour of culture, exceptional flavors, healthy eating and living– all in the comfort of YOUR OWN store! A Unique Franchise Opportunity Become our partner.

12 Fouad El-Khazen Tel: +973 3905 1111 Contact Information

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