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MARKET UNDERSTANDING  The Indian recruitment market is worth Rs 10,000 crores per annum and growing at around 30% to 40% per year.  Placement service.

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2 MARKET UNDERSTANDING  The Indian recruitment market is worth Rs 10,000 crores per annum and growing at around 30% to 40% per year.  Placement service handle 60-70% of the Indian recruitment market.

3 SERVICES @ APS  Recruitment Solutions  APS Walk-in Card  APS Professional CV  APS Monthly Walk-in Plan (For Institutes).  Online Job Postings  Online Payment Facility

4 WHO ARE WE  One of the largest Recruitment Company of India since 2006.  Covering entire nation through largest franchisee network.  All India network available for various corporates as a single roof Solution.

5 WHERE WE ARE  Best Search ranking over Google among Recruitment Companies.  Presence at Delhi, Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) Gwalior (MP), Pune (Maharashtra), Kolkata (WB), Lucknow (UP), Guwahati (Assam)  Web :

6 WHY DO COMPANIES CHOOSE APS  Better scrutinized candidates.  Value for money.  Commitment means commitment.  Replacement period fulfilled each time, if required.  Professional approach.  Largest Network throughout India.

7 WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE FRANCHISEE  Opportunity to earn over Rs. 9 L/A and this for even a person with very basic qualification or no experience but only passion to succeed in life.  Any Individual with a minimal business acumen can earn more than Rs. 9 L/A and the residual income possibilities from this business are immense.

8 PREREQUISITE FOR PERSON  Capital of Rs. 50,000 to 1 Lac depending upon chosen city.  Self-motivated, having a dynamic personality and flair for meeting & interacting with people.  Team player, good communicator and self-disciplined with acumen for setting up efficient systems.  Able to work full time.  Passionate about doing something useful and getting recognition in the community.  Professionals and first-time entrepreneurs are preferred, preferably with a Sales or HR background and experience.

9 PREREQUISITES  Minimum 1 computer.  1 Printer (B&W).  Internet connection.  Commercial office space.  By accepting the Franchisee T&C of APS.  Franchisee Fee of Rs. 50,000 as one time investment for one year.

10 ONLY CONDITION FOR FRANCHISEES  This is a serious business opportunity. We want serious & committed people to take this up. We shall be providing training, training kits plus support to help our franchisee to their goals, hence the one time fee is charged. It's like a small investment for starting your own business.

11 APS SUPPORT  Professional Training to let you do your business confidently and enjoy your work.  Customized Solutions for you.  One specific region to handle (of companies & candidates)  Existing customers of APS will be shared, if they will have any vacancies in your provided region.  Thousands of mailers to suitable job-seekers from Head Office (through job portals) about vacancies available in your region.

12 YOU'LL GET  Work with a professional team with high standards of business ethics, who will give personal attention and hand holding in the initial period.  Utilize an existing, successful brand and proven methodology.  Start up training and full technical and operational support.  Continuous interaction and guidance on all aspects of running the business including business development, execution, finance, HR issues etc.

13 YOU'LL GET  Use of our Brand Name APS Placement Service Pvt. Ltd. for all corporate communications. – No need to form a company.  Only Recruitment Company to provide Online Transaction facility on website through Credit Card/Debit Card/Fund Transfer – No need to have Payment Gateway.  Use of Company’s Letter Head for all office documentation. – No Need to spend on Logo, Designing etc.  Complete Operational Training to the Franchisee Staff. – Expert Training to staff so that faults due to inexperience can be avoided.  All Software/programs to run business in a well mannered shape. - Nothing required to run business like Tally, Conference Solution etc.

14 YOU'LL GET  Jobseeker’s Database from Various Job Portals for All India. - No need to spend Lacs on Data portals.  Unlimited Job Posting on APS Company’s Website and Job Portal – No need to pay for job Posting.  Bulk mailing facility to job seekers for any vacancy from Head Office - No Need to pay to bulk mailing softwares.  Proper expert guidance on each and daily activity to avoid any loss due to inexperience of trade. – Sole Benefit  All online promotion of franchisee from Head Office – No need to invest single penny on online promotions or on SEO.

15 YOU'LL GET  Social connectivity like job posting and sharing with Facebook, linked- in, twitter etc. – No need to maintain various accounts on FB, Twitter, Linked-in.  No need of maintenance of Account. Head Office will maintain all record of payment. – No need to invest on Tally or on invoice softwares.  No Invoicing headache. – All Automatic.  Payment to franchisee on every 7th of each month.

16 HOW'LL YOU MAKE MONEY  Rs. 300 for registration of each candidate. In which, candidates will get regular mails for vacancies available at APS & one APS registration card (Plastic card like ATM). Validity of this card will be 1 year.  Rs. 300 for Professional CV making, where CV will be formatted by the expert of APS sitting at Head office.  80% of each billing will be awarded to the franchisee owner on 7th of every month, subsequent collection of payment. (Vacancy should be from the same region, provided to franchisee owner.)

17 HOW'LL YOU MAKE MONEY  Now, you can calculate on an average as below :  50 registered candidates : 50x300 = 15000  25 professional CVs : 25x300 = 7500  If you provide placement to min 10 candidates in a month with an average salary of Rs. 10,000 only : 8x10000 = Rs. 80,000

18 HOW'LL YOU MAKE MONEY  If on an average, you make Rs. 22,500 by cash & Rs. 80,000 by billing without any growth (in worst case), you get minimum income of [(22,500+80,000)x12]%80 = 9,84,000 P.A. or 9,84000/12 = 82,000 P.M.

19 SAVINGS....  No payment to job portals for database for entire year (Approx saving of Rs. 1.0 L on various portals)  Job Posting feature on job portals and website (Saving of around 40,000 PA)  APS own job portal with online payment facility.  Bulk job posting facility to jobseekers.  Expert guidance to save further money in operations.  Bulk mailing facility from HO for your office in your area for various vacancies.

20 WEB STRENGTHS...  High Web ranking in India (in top 15,000 websites of India) as per  More then 3,000 clicks per month.  High reach via online network of linkedin, orkut, twitter, APS Toolbar, Google buzz etc.  More then 2,000 jobseekers are getting vacancies when posted on APS website. Please visit follower section on website.  Now, no more competition with consultants we recently beaten in reach. As per

21 Now, It is the time when YOU took the decision & join APS as franchisee owner.

22 Join Us & Grow with US

23 1850, III Floor, Multani Mohalla, Rani Bagh, New Delhi - 34 Contact : 09582319618, 08882033591– Ms Lakshana Sharma Web : E-Mail : Franchisee – Pune (Maharashtra), Gwalior (MP), Kolkata (WB), Jamshedpur (Jharkhand), Guwahati (Assam), Lucknow (UP)

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