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OCdt D. Colosie Powerpoint created by OCdt D. Colosie Last Presented: 29 December 2012.

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1 OCdt D. Colosie Powerpoint created by OCdt D. Colosie Last Presented: 29 December 2012

2 WHAT ARE BOARDS? 3 rd stage of application process Application, then Exam, then Boards Think of it like a job interview Interview with 3 people asking questions on various topics The course you’re applying for Aviation related topics Current Events Etc

3 WHY DO WE DO BOARDS? Chance for the board to get to know you and for you to “sell” your knowledge, along with a chance for the board to look at your dress, deportment, and overall personality.

4 HOW IT WORKS Arrival – make sure you check in with the staff on the day. You will be waiting for your turn – it is based on 1 st come 1 st served. Show up at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time. PLEASE WAIT QUIETLY. The air cadet league representative will call your name when the person before you enters the room and you will be directed to wait outside the door of the room.

5 HOW IT WORKS When you are directed to enter the room, do so as if you were entering an office. Stop at attention at the doorway, and if any of the board members are commissioned officers, salute sharply. If the board members direct you to “come in,” come in and stand behind the chair. Only sit down when directed to do so. **listen carefully, they may say come in and sit down, or just come in. **Keep in mind that the board is not there to trick you!** **They want to help you succeed.**

6 WHO ARE THE MEMBERS OF THE BOARD? Usually, the board will be comprised of 2 Air Cadet League of Canada representatives, and one CIC Officer. The CIC Officer for GPS and PPS courses is typically one of the following: LCol Appels, Maj Stewart, Capt Carter. **Always call everyone by Sir or Ma’am, even if they** **aren’t in uniform**


8 Questions from the board The first few questions from the board will usually be a few basic things to help you relax. These will be things like “What squadron are you from?” “How old are you?” “What do you do outside of cadets?” *****Just relax and be yourself!!!*****

9 Questions from the board After the questions to help you relax, the chair of the board will explain what is going to happen. They will tell you things like they are going to be writing some notes, and asking you questions. Basic things to let you know there will be no surprises coming at you. Again, they are not there to trick you, surprise you, or try to make you fail. They are there to try to help you succeed!

10 Questions from the board Generally, questioning will start with attitude and motivation towards cadets. Why you like air cadets, how you are involved in cadets, how you are involved in the community, etc. Don’t be too modest!! If you are in the band, drill team, range team, first aid team, and effective speaking, tell them so! Don’t just say “I’m in band” and neglect all the rest of the stuff. Even tell them things like “I visit the old folks home on the weekends and help out around there”

11 Questions from the board You might also be asked why it is important to join air cadets... Answer with what you might tell someone interested in joining at your squadron.

12 Questions to the board Next will be current events questions Keep in mind this can be events from January 1 st to December 31 st 2012 – Canada and International news. The magazine “Macleans: a year in review” is an excellent resource for answers to these questions. There will be roughly between 7 and 11 questions on this.

13 Questions from the board Current events questions typically include: Minimum 1 sports related question Minimum 1 political question (BC, Canada, or International, never a local town/municipality) Minimum 1 to do with the Canadian Military ** Note that the Chief of Defense Staff has changed, this will probably be asked! It is no longer General Walt Natynczyk, it is now General Tom Lawson Minimum 1 on aviation and/or Canadian aircraft/aerospace. You may also need to know the names of the prime minister of Canada, and premier of BC.

14 Questions from the board Then they will move on to air cadet info questions Know the motto! Know the aims! A question I had on my glider board was something along the lines of “Describe the partnership between the DND and the ACLC”. And they wanted me to list things that each partner was responsible for For example: Who owns the aircraft that we fly in the program? Is it the DND, National ACLC, or Provincial ACLC?

15 Questions from the board And finally we get to the motivation towards the course section Aviation related questions that are taken directly from the FTGU. Also know things like the types of aircraft we fly in the ACGP


17 Dress and Deportment The last 5 points are based on your dress and deportment. Iron and polish for sure this day, and make sure you are stain and lint free. Make sure your badges are correctly placed, and make sure you have the badges you are supposed to have on. Hem your pants, get a hair cut, and if you need to shave for this day. Also remember to check things like is your tie straight before you go in, and NO painted nails! *** Quite often only 0.25 of a point separates those*** ***who get the course, and those who don’t***

18 General Points When you dismiss, salute as well if there is anyone in uniform on the board During the board session, combine polite professionalism with a friendly and open nature. Be both sharp and friendly at the same time. During your interview, your best tool to success is simply positivity. Think you’ll do well, and you will!

19 Open Floor Time Any questions about boards at all?

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