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Motor number +066367+ located on the clutch housing.

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1 Motor number +066367+ located on the clutch housing

2 Engine – clutch side – you can see the black oil filler/dipstick (marked MIN-MAX 900ml SAE 40 or 30 oil)

3 Remove the cylinder head – there isn’t a gasket between it and the cast iron cylinder – I’ll show you why – Ken

4 Nasty surprise – silicone (never-never). That small groove allows air to exhaust from the engine through a tube and must not be blocked. Fills with carbon, the hole is plugged

5 More silicone on the cast iron cylinder, must be removed. That upper hole is the crankcase breather

6 Pull the cylinder and free the piston. You can see the gasket comes with the cylinder (sometimes) and you’ll need a new gasket.

7 Expose the newly installed piston. This is when you’d usually install a new piston and rings kit.

8 The cylinder walls have been nicely honed

9 Breather hole plugged with silicone

10 Stuffed and taped, ready for media blasting to clean

11 Stuff cloth in the holes and then tape over with Duct Tape

12 New gasket – stabilize the piston with something plastic to avoid scratches

13 Clean off the old gasket residue

14 A view of the honed cylinder walls

15 I use a mirror to check ring placement

16 There’s a small stop peg where the ring ends meet

17 Compress the rings with your fingers while installing the cylinder, pushing gently.

18 Cylinder installed, piston at TDC

19 Now it’s time to clean off the silicone – VERY BAD person who did this (probably didn’t know I’m sure)

20 Clean out the groove and the breather tube hole

21 Cylinder head mounted, time to install the new dynastarter

22 Factory puts tape on the half moon key so it doesn’t get lost

23 Raised shoulder is on the rear of the pulley

24 Pulley mounted on the half moon shaft key

25 24mm socket required

26 You’ll need to insert a small steel rod to hold the pulley while tightening the nut on the split washer

27 A new fan belt, original was cracked

28 Installing the fan belt

29 Feed the belt onto the pulley from the bottom then turn to the right and it’ll jump over the pulley and into place

30 You’ll need a pry bar to adjust tension on the belt. There should be no more than a 7mm flex in the belt

31 Lift the dynastarter gently with the pry bar

32 13mm wrench to tighten the top bolt first, then tighten the two bottom bolts.

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