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Welcome to Math 8 2014-2015.

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1 Welcome to Math 8

2 Some things you may not know about the subject…
Math is a tool, what you learn in math class is how to use a tool. Ancient people invented math to help them survive and succeed in life. The language is unique. Like anything else, we need to develop vocabulary to help us use math. The math you learned in the past, you will use again. The math you learn this year, you will use again. Anyone can learn math, if they have the right mindset.

3 Why doesn’t it make sense?
Much of what you learn in junior high math is just the basics, the ABC’s of algebra. It may feel completely random at times. However, I promise you’ll use EVERYTHING you learn this year again. Putting your personal best into this class will keep doors open for you. Don’t shut doors before you know what’s on the other side!

4 What supplies do you need?
pencils eraser (about $15) spiral notebook 2 pocket folder calculator – TI-34II (optional) agenda – every day! 

5 How can you or your parents get in touch with me?
My name: Mrs. Montgomery My My conference period: 10:30 – 11:00 am My phone number: Our Website:

6 How will you be graded? 70% assessments
Weighted averages 70% assessments progress checks, quizzes, tests, vocabulary 30% participation homework and activities

7 A word about assessments
You will know at least 5 days in advance of end of unit assessments. Quizzes and other assessments may be short notice. You will be successful on all assessments if you are organized in your work and in your folder, if you complete your notes and assignments, and if you seek help when needed.

8 Will be offered occasionally please do not rely on it!
Extra Credit Will be offered occasionally please do not rely on it!

9 What resources are available to help you?
Blackboard Assignments and worksheets Extra help through links to the internet Overview and Vocabulary for each unit Remind 101 Please refer to your handout for instructions This is for you and your parents Before and After School TBD

10 The hardest work has already been done for you!
REMEMBER! You are learning an ancient language! The hardest work has already been done for you! Here are some of the amcients you will learn from in Math 8 in the 21st Century…

11 points, lines, constructions
Euclid Born: about 325 BC Died: about 265 BC in Alexandria, Egypt Wrote The Elements Studied geometry points, lines, constructions

12 Pythagoras Born: about 569 BC in Samos, Ionia (Greek) Died: about 475 BC  Studied properties of numbers such as even and odd numbers, triangular numbers, perfect numbers etc. Also created the Pythagorean theorem

13 Descartes Applied algebra to geometry. His work had a great influence on both mathematicians and philosophers.

14 Do you have questions? Please make this a great year for everyone….
Most of the time other people have the same question you do. If no one asks, many people remain confused. It is important to respect each other and don’t make someone feel bad about speaking up. Please make this a great year for everyone…. ask questions!

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