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Public Speaking Surabhi Computers, Wai. What is Communication? zNonverbal Communication -body language -eye contact.

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1 Public Speaking Surabhi Computers, Wai

2 What is Communication? zNonverbal Communication -body language -eye contact

3 Importance of Communication zClass Presentations zField Research zBusiness Communications zPublic Speaking

4 Fear of Public Speaking zPopulation xNo.1 fear=Public Speaking xFear No.2=Death zStage fright -In spotlight -unprepared -inexperienced

5 Effective Communication zPreparation zPractice zPresence

6 4 P’s to Avoid Pure Terror! zPrepare zPractice zPAUSE zPamper

7 Effective Communication zPreparation yresearch-non-research yformat-speak on what you know -Notes- outline main points -note cards vs. full sized paper

8 Sample Speech Outline I. Introduction xThesis II. Body xsupport arguments III. Conclusion xreview

9 Effective Communication zPractice - practice makes perfect - revision - get time right

10 Effective Communication zPresence -nervousness- fright is common -Body language -voice tone -gestures -eye contact -positive attitude

11 Things You Shouldn’t Do zRead directly from notes zRead directly from screen zTurn back on audience zSlouch, hands in pockets zNo um, ah, you know’s zNo nervous gestures zTalk too fast, zTalk too quietly


13 Things You Should Do zEye contact zCan glance at notes zAppropriate gestures zRhetorical questions to involve audience

14 Confidence zYou know your topic zYou know your material zYou’ve done this before zOther scaredy-cats will be awestruck zYou CAN do this, and you’ll be great

15 If Something Goes Wrong zDon’t panic, improvise! yPause for a drink of water to regroup yExcuse yourself and adjust your equipment ySpend a moment as if deep in thought, then begin again “spontaneously” once you’ve found your place yAsk if there are any questions yBreak for an activity

16 Ten Successful Tips Control the “Butterflies” zKnow the room- become familiar with the place of presentation zKnow the audience- greet or chat with the audience before hand. It’s easier to speak to friends than to strangers zKnow your material-increased nervousness is due to un- preparedness

17 Control the “Butterflies” zRelaxation- relax entire body by stretching and breathing so as to ease the tension zVisualize giving your speech- Visualize yourself giving your speech from start to finish. By visualizing yourself successful, you will be successful

18 Control the “Butterflies” zPeople want you to succeed-the audience is there to see you succeed not to fail zDon’t apologize-by mentioning your nervousness or apologizing, you’ll only be calling the audience’s attention to mistakes

19 Control the “Butterflies” zConcentrate on your message-not the medium. Focus on the message you are trying to convey and not on your anxieties zTurn nervousness into positive energy-nervousness increases adrenaline, transform it into vitality and enthusiasm

20 Control the “Butterflies” zGain experience-experience builds confidence, which is key to effective public speaking

21 Practice takes you from this..

22 To this….

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