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2014 Fall Enrichment Clusters

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1 2014 Fall Enrichment Clusters
Luella Elementary 2014 Fall Enrichment Clusters

2 Enrichment Cluster Information
Fall Enrichment Clusters will meet on Mondays from 1:30 – 2:15 PM beginning October 13th and ending on December 15th. Please choose three clusters, circle them on your cluster registration form, have your parent sign it, and return it to your teacher as soon as possible. You will receive notification of which one of the three clusters you have been registered for on October 3rd. If the cluster has a supply fee do not send the money until the first meeting on October 13th.

3 Kinder Construction Facilitators: Mrs. Parris & Mrs. Ashby Grade: K
Do you love to build? Then you are in the right place! Discover famous buildings. Explore Duplos, wooden blocks and other construction materials as you design skyscrapers, bridges and houses.

4 World of Shapes Facilitators: Ms. Fluker & Mrs. Martin Grade: K
Enter the “World of Shapes” and create original art projects using 2-D and 3-D shapes in this hands-on cluster.

5 Imagination Station Facilitators: Mrs. Thompson & Mrs. Bonner Grade: K
Do you enjoy using your imagination to explore ideas and then creating something new to share with others? This cluster is for you! From puppet shows to palaces, if you can dream it, you can do it!

6 Listen and Draw Facilitators: Mrs. Conkle & Mrs. Fleck Grades: K & 1
Find the artist inside as you develop fine motor skills and learn to draw. You’ll be amazed at what you can do when you “listen and draw!”

7 Cheerleading Facilitators: Mrs. Busby and Mrs. May Grades: K – 2
Do you like to be active and talk loud? Learn how to channel those skills and be part of a cheerleading squad. Cheerleading improves coordination and physical strength, besides being F- U- N. What’s that spell? Fun!

8 Drama Facilitators: Mrs. O’Leary & Ms. Lee Grades: 1 & 2
Do you enjoy performing skits, puppet shows and reader’s theaters? Then you’ll have a great time in this cluster!

9 Piecing It Together Facilitators: Mrs. Adams & Ms. Brannan
Grades: 1 & 2 Challenge your puzzle skills with all types of puzzles and even make your own! Have fun working with others as you “piece it together.”

10 Wii Dance Facilitators: Ms. Warren & Mrs. Vincent Grades: 1 & 2
Dancing is not only great exercise, it’s lots of fun, too! This cluster is perfect for you, if you love to move and learn new dances while getting fit.

11 Make It – Take It – Learn It
Facilitator: Ms. Mays Grades: 1 & 2 Create your own learning manipulatives in this unique cluster. You will have a chance to make hands-on games and tools, take them home, and use them to help you learn!

12 Liter-ART-ure Facilitator: Ms. Bins Grades: 1 & 2
If you love stories and art, then this is the perfect cluster for you! Each week you’ll read a story and then complete a very special art project that goes with the story.

13 Lego Engineers Facilitators: Mrs. Jefferson & Mrs. Gossett
Grades: 1 & 2 Ever dream of being an architect? Here’s your chance to experiment with the basics of building and construction projects. Work with others and learn with Legos! Supply fee:  $5.00

14 Super Signers Facilitator: Mrs. Stokes Grade: 2 & 3
How do people communicate without using their voice? In this cluster, you will learn American Sign Language through both words and song. Enjoy letting your hands do the talking!

15 Meaningful Miles Facilitator: Mrs. Youmans Grades: 2 – 3
Make a difference for the homeless in our community. For each mile you walk during this cluster, a sponsor will donate money to the Meaningful Miles organization. Your encouragement will mean a great deal to the needy.

16 Type it Up! Facilitators: Mrs. Milner & Mrs. Taylor Grades: 2 & 3
Wouldn’t life be easier if you could keyboard quickly and accurately? You can! “Type It Up” will teach you to keyboard if you are a beginner and help you to become even faster if you are experienced.

17 Decoupage Designers Facilitators: Mrs. Acree & Mrs. James
Grades: 2 - 4 Decoupage, from the French word découper, means to cut out, and is a craft that involves pasting cut-outs to an object and then covering them with several coats of varnish. Decoupage is a fun and easy way to decorate just about any object. The creative possibilities are endless! Supply fee: $5.00

18 How Does Your Garden Grow?
Facilitators: Ms. Little & Mrs. Kralick Grades: 2 - 4 Do you have a green thumb and like to play in the dirt? Would you like to grow your own food? In this cluster you’ll find out how, as you plant hydroponic vegetables and an herb garden. Supply fee:  $5.00

19 Memory Makers Facilitator: Mrs. Lawson Grades: 2 - 4
Do you have some memories that you want to remember forever? Let’s create a unique way to share our memories! In this cluster you will use paper, stickers, stamps, and more to preserve your photos in a unique way. Supply fee: $5.00

20 K-Piano Facilitator: Mr. Wilson, Mr. Antron Grades: 2 - 5
Are you ready to learn to play the piano in a technology driven, interactive group lesson format? Then this cluster is for you. You’re going to love it!

21 The Knights of Chess Facilitators: Mrs. Stargell & Mr. Wood
Grades: 2 – 5 Sharpen your strategy and thinking skills by learning to play the ancient game of Chess. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished player, there will be someone at your level to challenge.

22 Puzzle Mania Facilitator: Mrs. Wilkes Grades: 3 - 5
Challenge your logical and critical thinking skills in this cluster. Learn how to turn a puzzle into a piece of artwork.

23 Instruments & Song Facilitator: Mrs. Kenney Grades: 3 – 5
Practice playing the maracas, xylophone, tambourine, and other instruments in this exciting cluster. You will learn to properly perform as a group of musicians.

24 Word Wizards Facilitator: Ms. Brooks Grades: 3 – 5
Is Scrabble one of your favorite games? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to play. Either way, you’ll have fun and become a word wizard in this cluster!

25 Game On! Facilitator: Ms. Bird Grades: 3 – 5
Explore the world of games in this exciting cluster! You will learn about different types of games from around the world along with their history. You will even get to create your own games!

26 Reading Bowl & Jr. Reading Bowl
Facilitator: Mrs. Freeman Grades: 3 – 5 Are you a member of the Reading Bowl team?  Are you interested in being a member of the Reading Bowl team?  In this cluster we will practice for the Reading Bowl competition and have quiet time to read.

27 Domino World Facilitator: Ms. Turner Grades: 3 – 5
People all over the world play dominoes in different ways. Each week we’ll learn about another country’s culture and learn to play dominoes their way. Of course we’ll learn American style too. You will even get to create your own version of dominoes!

28 Strong for Life Facilitators: Mrs. Robenalt & Mrs. Holzman
Grades: 3 – 5 This cluster will focus on being healthy and staying strong for life through healthy eating and exercise. While there is no fee for this cluster, you will be asked to bring food items to create healthy snack recipes. (Please let us know of any food allergies.)

29 Super Solvers Facilitator: Ms. Roe Grades: 3 – 5
Do you love to solve mazes, brainteasers, riddles, crossword, word search and sudoku puzzles? Then this cluster will be a perfect match for you! Have fun while you give your brain a workout doing all types of puzzles. You’ll even have a chance to create your own!

30 Walk Across America Facilitators: Mrs. Quick & Mrs. Odle Grades: 4 & 5
Join us in our walk across the states! We’ll plan our route from the Atlantic to the Pacific, add up all the miles we walk each week and plot our location on the map. How far can we go? Walkers wanted!

31 Triple Touch Volleyball
Facilitator: Mrs. VanTone-Foles Grades: 4 & 5 Here’s your chance to learn all about the game of volleyball. This cluster will focus on teamwork and the skills needed to become a great volleyball star!

32 Line Up…Get Down Facilitator: Ms. M. Davis Grades: 4 & 5
Ever wish you knew the steps so that you could join in the line dance, instead of watching? Here’s your chance! In this cluster, you’ll learn all the moves to dances like the Electric Slide and the Wobble. It’s time to line up and get down!

33 Ultimate Frisbee Facilitator: Coach Worsham Grades: 4 & 5
What is Ultimate Frisbee? It’s like football with a Frisbee! Ultimate is one of the fastest growing team sports in America. It’s a fun, exciting way to stay fit.

34 Math Challenge 24 Facilitator: Mrs. Wagner Grades: 4 & 5
Do you love mental math? Come challenge yourself to get even faster at solving problems in the Math Challenge 24 cluster. You will enjoy developing your problem solving skills in friendly competition with others. You may even decide to try out for the Luella competition team!

35 Hip Hop Dance Group Facilitator: Dr. Montgomery & Mrs. Bryant
Grades: 4 & 5 Do you have some great dance moves? Do you love to perform? Come work on a dance routine that will be Talent Show worthy.

36 Jewelry Creations Facilitator: Dr. Arrington & Ms. Hayes
Grades: 4 & 5 Females Do you love glitter and sparkle? Are you creative with fashion? Join the jewelry design cluster and create unique pieces of wearable art while participating in thought provoking discussions! Supply fee: $5.00

37 Luella Show Stoppers Facilitator: Ms. E. Davis Grades: 4 & 5
Do you enjoy using your hands and feet to create rhythmic beats? The Luella Show Stoppers Step Team is the perfect place to develop that talent. Work with a team to create a precision performance and be ready for the Talent Show!

38 Yoga for Kids Facilitator: Mrs. Whitmire Grades: 4 & 5
Do you like to exercise in a calm, peaceful environment? Then this cluster is perfect for you! Learn the basics of yoga, stretch your body, and learn to truly relax.

39 Stylish Stitches Facilitator: Mrs. Miller Grades: 4 & 5
Do you want to explore a new craft and make beautiful fabric designs? Then consider signing up for this cluster. You will learn to embroider! Supply Fee: $5.00

40 Enrichment Cluster News Team
Facilitator: Dr. Schreiber Grade: 5 Be part of a reporting team that goes on location to visit other clusters. You will learn to write a script, direct, be a reporter, and run a video camera. Stand by to roll…

41 Flight Academy Facilitator: Ms. Winters Grade: 5
Do you want to be a pilot? Get your start here! You will learn about the history of flight, Bernoulli’s Principle and Newton’s Third Law. You will use flight simulators to experience piloting your own plane.

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