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10.1 Circles and Circumference

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1 10.1 Circles and Circumference
What you’ll learn: To identify and use parts of circles. To solve problems involving the circumference of a circle.

2 Vocabulary Circle – the set of all points in a plane equidistant from a given point called the center of the circle. Symbol: Named by the center Radius – the distance from the center to the circle (all radii in a circle are equal) Chord – a segment that connects 2 point on a circle. Diameter – a chord that goes through the center. Circumference – the distance around a circle. Formula: C=πd and C=2πr. A B C D E F

3 Use the figure to answer the questions.
Name the circle Name a radius of the circle. Name a chord of the circle Name a diameter of the circle. A B C D E

4 The diameters of X, Y, and Z are 22 mm, 16mm, and 10mm respectively
Find EZ Find XF E X Y F Z G

5 Find C if r=13 cm Find C if d=6 in 3. Find d and r to the nearest hundredth if C=65.4 feet.

6 Find the exact circumference of K.
C=πd C=6π K

7 Homework p even

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