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Closing the Leadership Gap: Add Women, Change Everything

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1 Closing the Leadership Gap: Add Women, Change Everything
Adapted from Closing the Leadership Gap: Add Women, Change Everything By Marie C. Wilson

2 The 5 A’s 5 A-words that bring opportunities to unleash your power as a leader. Embrace your “A Game” to successfully seek and serve in elected leadership. This slide could appear in phases – with 5 A’s each popping onto screen – probably better in Prezi-style formate.

3 The 5 A’s Authority Ambition Ability Authenticity Action

4 Authority Authority ≠ “The Man”
Own your expertise (career, household, motherhood, community leader, etc.) Your life experience, work, family, past accomplishments authorize you to talk about certain issues Name at least 3 things you are an authority on: Go! Artwork is photos of women doing various “expert” things – paying bills, health care, mechanic, teaching, feeding children, science – thinking new Getty images artwork

5 Ambition Redefine ambition from “desire for personal success” to “passion for justice” (or “fairness” or “safety” or “economic equality” or…) Ambition is how leaders get to lead Define your own political ambition and how you demonstrate that ambition Check out our Alum Videos to see what ambition looks like “Click here” links to alum video Artwork – woman climbing ladder – photos of women in action – testifying at legislative hearing, leading a rally, heading a march, holding a gavel, walking into White House or up Congress steps

6 Ability Women are just as able to lead as men
So-called “feminine skills” include: Collaborative style Community building Tendency to reach across lines of authority Focus on broader issues You also have specific skills built through work, family, volunteerism We have a worksheet to help name your abilities! “I have long demonstrated the ability to _______________________________” Artwork – women leading meetings, woman canvassing, photo of GOP/DEM Senators or House members together

7 Authenticity Celebrate the you that you are
Your authenticity – your genuine voice – makes you both unique and relatable No need to try to “sound like a politician” Your stories and experience – even your odd personality traits – are valuable Name what makes you an authentic leader Artwork?? Woman with children, woman in shelter, woman with elderly parents? Having trouble thinking of right images for this one.

8 Action Take action to define your own Authority, Ambition, Ability & Authenticity Positive, concrete steps toward achieving your political ambition Make sure you complete your VoteRunLead leadership profile Artwork – real alum photos – campaigning, election night victory, swearing-in, holding gavel

9 Action Write an action plan for yourself:
3 things you’ll do over next 6 months 5 things you’ll accomplish in next year When will you run for an elected office? Plan your actions accordingly Artwork – real alum photos – campaigning, election night victory, swearing-in, holding gavel

10 Bring Your ‘A’ Game! Join the VoteRunLead movement today!
Network with & support other women who proudly demonstrate our “A” Game. Contact VoteRunLead for political leadership training & personal coaching Tell us how you lead Go Run. You’re Ready. Words in RED link to corresponding parts of VRL website. VRL image – would be cool to have a moving image – like Vote comes in, then Run, then Lead.

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