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1 Moodle Guide for Students Go to > Moodle link is under main page, Quick Direct URL:

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1 1 Moodle Guide for Students Go to > Moodle link is under main page, Quick Direct URL: Moodle Login Page 2. Click this to login 1. Fill in

2 2 Main Page, Basic View (inlogged user) To edit your personal profile, click your name Changing the language of Moodle, notice: this does not change language of course materials and teacher can force language inside the course. List of courses you have logged in Seeking courses: click here Do not subscribe (order) this news forum, if you do not want messages to your eMail. This includes only general info about Moodle updates ect from main user. Allways use this to logout If you have problems with Moodle, send eMail to user support.

3 3 Editing of your personal profile When you click your name in Main Page, you’ll get to this view: To edit your profile, click here You cannot change these in Moodle recommended settings Profile Settings, Picture 1 This setting is most important, use ’No, don’t…’

4 4 Profile Settings, Pictures 2 & 3 example of selections You need to have some text here! Settings above are compulsory Settings below are voluntary Remember to click either of these buttons to save changes! Picture is voluntary, but recommended: use real & clear picture of your face. Notice: yellow balls with questionmarks are helps, in this case the help is for adding your picture.

5 5 Seeking Courses, Picture 1 & 2 When you click ’All courses’ (in Main Page, see from slide 2), you’ll get to this view If you know only the name of the course or issue, write it here and click ’Search courses’ -button. If you know the right category and name of the course, you can seek the course direct from category list, names of categories are links. TIP: easiest way to move back inside Moodle is to use this path, which is always visible in this bar

6 6 Seeking Courses, Picture 3 Search result view You’ll get list of courses, which include text you inserted to search bar New search from here NOTICE: when you login to some course 1. time, you normally need to have course key from teacher You’ll get into the course login by clicking the name

7 7 Example: Course login When the course starts, teachers normally send the key via eMail to those who has enrolled to course via winha or give it to you during first lessons. You’ll need the key only 1. time, after that course will appear to your course list named My courses (see slide 2) and you’ll get into the course by clicking the name of the course.

8 8 Example: Basic Course View This is the most common course view used in Moodle, notice that teachers can change the view, so not all the Moodle courses are just alike. A. People: Under this link is list of other students and teachers inside the course. B.Activities: easiest way to check the materials, assingments ect. inside the course is to use these links. C.Administration: here you can check the grades of the assingments and you can go to edit your profile also from here, unenrolling means that you logout form the course here in Moodle D.Topic Outline: either weekly based or issue based modules of course materials, teachers can hide part of the materials and unhide them later on during the course. From here you’ll get to other courses Topic block is usually stable You can hide – unhide topics by clicking the boxes A. B. D. C.

9 9 Returning assingment files to Moodle is easy and similar with inserting an attachment to eMail message. Two possible ways how teachers may ask you to return assingment files to Moodle: Returnfolder and Assingment, single file Teachers can allow updating the file or deny it. 1. 4. 3. 2. 1. 4. 5. 3. Step 2 is similar in both cases. ReturnfolderAssignment

10 10 Journals = short assignments, answers direct to Moodle click this to start write here click this to send the answer 2. 1. 3. Teachers can allow editing or deny it.

11 11 News & Discussions Forums If you need instructions about Forums, go to Moodle and see the instruction there. 1. click here the link Forums 2. Cilck the help button 3. You’ll come to this page

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