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Dreams Rule at Northwest Middle School. Welcome To Sixth Grade!

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1 Dreams Rule at Northwest Middle School

2 Welcome To Sixth Grade!

3 Building your dreams starts right now, right here… Just imagine what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it! The skies the limit and we’re here to take you there!

4 6 th Grade Teachers are divided up by teams. Our team is Team Pacesetters. Pacesetters Daily Schedule 9:00-9:45 – Encore I 9:45-11:13 – Core I / AA 11:13-11:55 – Lunch w/ core I and AA 11:57-1:22 – Core II 1:25-2:10 – Encore II 2:15-3:50 – Core III 3:50 – Dismissal

5 The foundations of a dream can start with a team! 3 rd Annual, 6 th Grade, Overnight Field Trip Betsy-Jeff Penn 4-H Camp-Reidsville, NC Morris’ Homeroom attends Wednesday, October 5 th through Thursday, October 6th “Soaring through Spaces” Life Skills Program builds leaders and understanding of group dynamics through fun, outdoor activities.

6 Be a Part of the Dream Team! Parent Chaperones are Needed for this fun trip! However, a limited amount of chaperones are allowed to attend. In order to be a chaperone, GCS requires a background check completed on each adult. If you are interested, please see the chaperone forms on the desk outside. Information will be sent home on the first day of school! Be on the look out!

7 Physical Education Uniforms Cost - $11.00 Shirt - $5.00 Shorts - $6.00 Uniforms will be sold the first week of school Aug. 25 th – 31st during your child’s Physical Education class. Payment can be made with cash or checks (make payable to NWMS) DREAM FOR FITNESS

8 Tap into the Dream Mrs. Miller is best contacted via email at:  You may use the contact form on the website or email me directly. Check my website: Check out my Wikispace page:

9 What is on my website? Homework is posted daily Upcoming projects and tests Classroom resources A link to my Wikispace page And more! Check it out!

10 You mean, dreams have cubbies? There are no 6 th grade lockers. We use cubbies instead. Please do not bring valuables to school. They can not be locked up securely in our rooms. Please make sure your binder can fit into the cubby. Check the supply list on the website.

11 Great Attitude! Schedule Backpack that can hang on a hook Binder with paper and pencil Snack/Lunch Understanding of how you’ll be getting home You may bring your supplies to get organized if you would like. You will be assigned a cubby in your AA. The First Day: What to Bring The Dream Begins

12 Arrival: No nightmares here! Students will be dropped off and will enter the gym Your child will sit quietly by AA. Teachers will collect their students by AA for the first couple of days. Your child will be escorted to elective classes for the first few days

13 Dismissal: Tomorrow brings a new day and a new dream Students will walk as a class to the top of the hill along with Mrs.Miller. Car riders will watch and wait for their ride. Teachers will help all students find their busses. No bus leaves until all students are on board. Busses are usually parked in the same location.

14 Day 2: The dream continues Great Attitude Parent’s Homework signed and completed Binders for classes, organized and ready Pencil, Pen, Paper, eraser Scissor, glue stick, ruler, colored pencils, crayons, composition books, highlighters all organized in your binder! Additional Classroom supplies Calculator-MARKED IN INDELIBLE INK

15 Help Reinforce Classroom Dreams A Wishing Tree (located on the front board) contains our classroom wishes for the upcoming few months if you could help us keep our classroom equipped. Anytime of the year, we welcome dry erase markers, individually wrapped candy, and paper. The need is always great.

16 A Dream Deferred Any absence must be documented by a parent note. Absences without a note are considered unexcused. Please send a note with your student on the day they return. We do not send assignments in advance for vacations, funerals or illness. Students are responsible for checking the absent work folder and the website for work missed during their absence.

17 More Important Info Please bring an excuse anytime you are absent or tardy from a doctor. Inform us of any contagious symptoms. Medicine is dispersed at the office only with approved forms. (This includes over the counter products) TDap Booster must be received before the beginning of school.

18 What will you dream to be?

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