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Final Exam Project & Ignite Presentation By Professor Raley.

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1 Final Exam Project & Ignite Presentation By Professor Raley

2 Your Final Exam May 8th @ 8:00am (Not my fault!!) Create an Android Project of your choice Create and give a mini Ignite Presentation Demo your app Use Git and GitHub

3 Important info about Final Project Worth 15% of your total grade No more homework! Project is due May 8 th @ 5:00am. That gives you 3 weeks and ~3 days to complete your project.

4 What is the Final Project?

5 Android Project Worth 80% of final exam grade. Create an Android application of your choosing Find something that you’re excited about!!! Games, Cooking, Music, Computers, Zombies, etc.

6 Demonstrate basic understanding of Android UI and skills learned in class/homework. Final application needs to be tested and free of errors/crashes/etc. If you’re app crashes and prevents me from grading it, you’re grade will suffer accordingly. Android Project Requirements

7 KISS Keep It Simple Stupid

8 Everyone needs to use Git and GitHub for their project “Check in early and check in often” I’ll use GitHub to see your project’s progress and for grading. I’ll also grade how well you use Git. Are the commit messages meaningful? Worth 10% of final example grade. Git & GitHub

9 Presentation worth 10% of final exam grade For your presentation, assume your application runs perfectly! Project Presentation

10 You’ll be making a 10 slide Ignite Presentation Each slide will automatically progress after 15 seconds That’s 150 seconds long That’s 2.5 minutes You only have time for an elevator speech Project Presentation

11 Talking Points 1.What is your project? (1-2 slides) 2.Technology / implementation details / challenges (~6 slides) 3.What techniques/technology/components did you use that we didn’t talk about in class. (~2 slides) Presentation

12 Ignite can be difficult Create a talking script for each slide Practice your script with the presentation running Don’t wait until the last minute to practice!! Ignite Tips

13 Both your presentation and ppt should be professional in nature. Professional != BORING!!! Feel free to use the template I’ve created or make your own Professional Presentation

14 How well and how clear did you explain your app? Is it evident you learned anything during the process of making your app? Professionalism Presentation Skills Ignite Grading

15 Practice your presentation!!! Keep good pace with your presentation. Don’t go to fast or too slow and get out of sync with presentation. Speak loud and proud Presentation Skills

16 Due May 8 th @ 5:00am. Upload the following to Blackboard: 1.Android Application Eclipse Project 2.Your TESTED Application apk 3.Your.ppt presentation Final Deliverable

17 Sign up for a 10 minute one on one meeting I’ll post a sign-up sheet You don’t have to dress up Other details

18 Day of Exam Show up early (but expect to things to run late) The 10 minutes will consist of – 2.5 minute ignite presentation – 2.5 minute demo – 5 minute Q/A

19 Last week of class will be open lab sessions I’ll hold a one (maybe two) lab sessions during dead week. In/Out of Class Lab Sessions

20 Not allowed I want to see what you can do by yourself Groups of 2

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