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2014 UNC Dance Marathon Welcome Dancers!! 2014 UNC Dance Marathon

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1 2014 UNC Dance Marathon
Welcome Dancers!! 2014 UNC Dance Marathon

2 Begins: March 21st at 7:30pm Ends: March 22nd at 7:30pm
This fairytale begins.. Begins: March 21st at 7:30pm Ends: March 22nd at 7:30pm

3 Map of Fetzer Gym

4 Check In at the Marathon
Check in is organized by last name 6:00pm for last names beginning with A-K 6:10pm for last names beginning with L-R 6:20pm for last names beginning with S-Z You’ll receive a wristband at check in that you need to keep on for the entire marathon Will have dietary restrictions on it, if applicable, and hospital hallway access markings!

5 Logistics of Check In When you get to Fetzer Gym, you’ll check in with Operations members (red Hercules shirts) They will let you know if you need to pay If you need to pay you will be lead to the BAM table in Hospital Hallway If you’ve paid, you’ll walk into CFCU gym A! Check in at the table with your team number on it If you don’t know your dancer team, first go to the table in the middle of the gym to figure it out Go to the Book Shelf and drop off your stuff Head to Gym B and find your morale captain (they’ll have your color t-shirt on a flag)

6 Wristbands Have two H’s on them for the number of times you can enter the visitors section and hang out with your friends who are coming to support you! Wristbands are required to receive meals (aka don’t take it off) You will be dismissed for meals by your team color, 6 major color groups! HH

7 What to Bring Toothbrush Deodorant Clean shirt Flip flops and sneakers
You’ll want to change your shoes so your feet can breathe Dr. Scholls inserts are a great idea too Warm clothing for going outside Medications Chap Stick, mints, gum Hairbrush Video!

8 What NOT to Bring Valuables Bling Uncomfortable shoes Animals

9 Cell Phones & Social Media
Tweet #UNCDM2014 let’s get it trending! Update your Facebook with pictures and statuses about the marathon Check out UNC-DM Facebook and for the official profile and cover photo Text your friends and family that it’s not too late to donate & attend fundraising pushes! Don’t constantly carry it around with you and check the time-you’ll want to enjoy the marathon! for song requests, voting on competitions and more!

10 Special Dietary Needs We feed you a snack or meal about every 3 hours
If you are a vegetarian, there is an individual meal line just for you If you have other allergies that require special dietary needs, we will have coolers for you to store food that you can access during meals. If this is the case, please Chelsea Krivanek at

11 Meals & Food! Try to eat dinner beforehand!
First meal isn’t until later (9pm) so it will help to have a full stomach for the first few hours! 6 meals so we will be feeding you, but brings your favorite snacks for extra energy/in case you aren’t in the mood for what is being served!

12 Emergency Plan If the fire alarm goes off
Remain calm Exit through the nearest door Look to the Operations Committee and Overall Committee for directions (will be wearing red t-shirts and blue polos) Meet at Hooker Fields If the power goes out, backup generators will immediately turn on the emergency lights

13 Wondering How You’ll Spend Your
24 Hour Stand For the Kids? Bhangra Elite Step Show W A T C H Clef Hangers Diversions Don’t Forget the Lyrics Minute to Win It C O M P E T E Popular Dance Competition DM DJ Throwdown D A N C E Make Balloon Animals with Jest for Fun Henna Artists! Locks of Love I N T E R A C T Zumba Sign a t-shirt for your kid co-captain Knockout Tournament Ninja P L A Y Jenga Dancer Bingo

14 Mail Drop From 2:45am-3:45am in the CDS Gym (Gym B)
Every dancer has at least one piece of mail from your morale captain! May have mail from family or friends You’ll be allowed to pick up merchandise that was ordered by friends and family for you in the first racquet ball court at various times, and order merch for yourself & friends!

15 Color Wars There will be Color War competitions at the marathon and you will compete with other teams that fall in the same color family as your own! Some competitions will call for a team representative to compete on behalf of your team. The winner gets a special experience with Chancellor Folt! Tell who’s winning

16 Dancer Incentives You will receive your marathon raffle tickets at check in which you can use to try and win awesome prizes in our drawing, the more you raised the more tickets you get! Marathon-Centric Prizes $300: Skip The Line Pass $500: Rave on Stage $750: Bring a Friend to the Marathon $1,000: Shower at the marathon Expect an with directions for collecting your incentive if you’ve reached an incentive level on Tuesday 3/18

17 Senior Hour 5am-6am on Saturday March 22nd Special senior sunglasses!
Seniors can dance on stage during their hour Recognize 4th year dancers and they’ll get to do a line dance on stage Senior dancers will lead everyone out to Kenan Walk *Must have a senior team bracelet to redeem prizes (team 32 or 33). Send your slide with pictures of you at the marathon to if you want to be included in the Senior slide show!

18 Change for Change Bring your spare change to the marathon!
Each color group with have a painted jug on the tables in KCC corner and Hospital Hallway Every person at the marathon can participate including motivators, visitors, volunteers and dancers so get everyone to donate to your team! Scored as part of the Color Wars competition.

19 Kid Co-Captains Each team has a kid co-captain that has benefited from the work we do in the N.C. Children’s Hospital! To get to know your kid co-captain, check out the video about their story! Will receive information from your morale captain! Check out kid co-captain videos and more about UNC Dance Marathon on our Youtube channel

20 Fundraising: T Minus 4 Days!
If you haven’t raised your money yet send out the link to your TeamRaisers page to your friends and family! Get creative-bake sale, host a dinner for your friends, and any other crazy idea you might have! If you’ve already raised some or all of your money, bring it by the UNC-DM office! Can come by anytime 10am-5pm Monday-Thursday 3508D in the Union annex (across the glass bridge on the second floor of the Union) You can also bring your money to the marathon to turn in during check in Envelope on door to seal and label and slide under the door.

21 Dancer Money If family or friends have given checks… Checks can be made out to UNC Dance Marathon Have donors write your name in the memo line Questions? Ask our Business Management chair Evan Sherwood

22 Merchandise! Merch Store will be open during the marathon so bring your debit/credit card, cash or check! We will sell out of Merch so act quickly!

23 Get excited!!! Questions? Find a member of the Executive Board wearing a blue polo! any and all questions to Chelsea at

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