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Studying For Finals Is it That Time Already? By: Raneshia Byers.

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1 Studying For Finals Is it That Time Already? By: Raneshia Byers

2 Procrastination Procrastination, why was this word ever put into our vocabulary? Pro: Acting in place of, supporting Crastination: Delaying things until later Do you support the act of delaying things until later? PROCRASTINATION IS NOT YOUR FRIEND……. There is still time 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

3 Motivation What motivates you? The grade at the end of the semester? Does music gets you going? Some have to have all of their favorite snacks. A positive group of study buddies? A (tangible) reward in the end?

4 Pre-Studying Humans tend to do what they tell themselves to do. Can you believe that? Let’s all say this together, repeat after me: Studying is necessary. I want to be successful, therefore I am going to Study

5 Pre-Studying How long is it going to take me to study? When do I have time to study? List everything: Eat Sleep Attending class (still need to go) Everyday Routines (hygene) TV, Social Media (CUT BACK)

6 Pre-Studying Get everything, to decrease the amount of distractions. Be prepared to study. Think about everything that you need: pens, paper, notes, books, handouts, previous quiz, exam, etc.

7 Pre-Studying Atmosphere-What type of atmosphere do you prefer to study in? Quiet? Background noise? Understand this please, especially freshman this should be taken seriously because you do not want to waste time. Depending on the atmosphere you provide for yourself, is going to be a direct reflection of your ability to recall for the exam.

8 Learning

9 CREATE STUDY CARDS You probably are familiar with flashcards from elementary school. These types of cards are quite useful in college. You can create cards to study important terms and concepts, formulas, and even quotes from reading assignments.

10 REVIEW Test, Quizzes, and homework assignments: Many comprehensive final exams include some of the same questions from the tests and quizzes taken throughout the term. Therefore, it's important to review the questions and answers from these tests and quizzes.

11 FORM A STUDY GROUP Study groups can be great resource when studying for finals. You and your study partners can help each other with difficult concepts or problems You can compare notes, and help each other identify the correct answers from past quizzes and tests. Each student can bring in two practice questions and the group can work together to answer the questions and review the accompanying material. BE CAREFUL-Make sure the group stays on track and you have accurate information.

12 EXPLAIN THE COURSE MATERIAL TO A FRIEND OR ROOMMATE Friends and roommates can be helpful in preparing for exams. A simple way to review for an exam and check you understanding of the material is to practice explaining the concepts to a friend or roommate. If you are able to explain a concept or formula to a friend, chances are you understand the material and will be able to address the information on an exam.

13 10 Things To Remember On The Day Of Your Exam 1. ARRIVE EARLY. Know the location and time of your exam. Arrive early to get enough time to settle down before the exam starts. 2. BE AWAKE FOR THE TEST. Get a good night’s sleep, shower, chew gum, or have a caffeinated drink. 3. EAT A SMALL BREAKFAST. It’ll be more difficult to concentrate if you’re hungry. Don’t eat anything that may upset your stomach. 4. BRING EXTRA WRITING UTENSILS. You never know when your pencil is going to break or your pen is going to run out of ink. 5. BRING ALL ESSENTIAL TEST MATERIALS. Calculator, Notes (if allowed), etc. 6. GO TO THE BATHROOM. Self-explanatory. This is another precaution to minimize distractions during the test. 7. WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHES. You’ll want to be comfortable taking the test 8. BRING ANY NECESSITIES. Bring a water bottle, tissues, cough drops, etc. 9. LOOK OVER YOUR NOTES. Review important information again before the test to refresh your memory. 10. IT’S JUST A TEST. Remember that you studied hard and have confidence in yourself.

14 Handout s/final%20tips%20newsletter.pdf

15 Keep Calm: Finals Will Be Over Soon It will all be OVER SOON! You can have this fact to look forward to. You are about to go home and can spend as much time as you want to with friends, family, on social media websites, watch tv and get a home cooked meal. Last but not least: YOU WILL DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN NEXT SEMESTER.

16 References University of Central Florida: Clues to Concentration Handout tudying.html tudying.html

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