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YouTube Video SEO An Introduction to

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1 YouTube Video SEO An Introduction to By @Amnsaad

2 Session Outlines Overview about YouTube (5 Min) Creating a YouTube Channel (10 Min) Optimizing Your YouTube Channel (10 Min) How YouTube Ranks Videos (10 Min) Optimizing Your Videos to Rank on YouTube and Google Search (15 Min) Q&A (10 Min)

3 Overview about YouTube

4 Creating a YouTube Channel You must have a Google account in order to create a YouTube channel. Don’t use your personal email if you intend to create a channel for a business or a brand you are working with. -Channel Name – Most likely you’ll write your brand name or your primary Keywords your business is around. -Channel Logo – should be in high resolution -Channel Description – This gives YouTube more information about what’s your channel is about. -Features Channels - Add Your other channels at the sidebar for more exposure. -Social Links – Link your other social media profiles and your website as well. -Channel Navigation – Change the channel style

5 Optimizing Your YouTube Channel Your channel is somehow affecting the ranking of your videos, the more efforts you put on optimizing it, the more views you’ll get for your videos. -Creator Studio Dashboard – is where you can get an overview about the performance of your channel. Video manager – to manage, edit or delete your videos, create playlists and creating a live streaming. Community – to manage, approve or remove comments and managing channel subscribers. Channel – where you can control you’re the channel settings ( Analytics – Gives you all the data you need to know about the performance of your videos, traffic sources, subscribers, views, devices, likes, dislikes, comments, viewers demographics and many others metrics. Create – You can create videos using YouTube music library and your uploaded videos.

6 How YouTube Ranks Videos It’s no doubt that YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engines, It has a ranking algorithm similar to Google search, but a bit simple and the following are the most important ranking factors I believe that YouTube relies on them most to determine rankings: 1- Video Title 2- Video Description 3- Video Interactions (Likes, views, comments, shares, subscribers rate against views) 4- Channel Strength 5- Inbound Links / Embeds 6- Video Length 7- Others (Video file name, Age of channel, total videos views and many more) More in depth factors can be found in this infographic =>

7 Optimizing Your Videos to Rank on YouTube and Google Search What topics are people interested to watch? You don’t want to record a video that no one is interested to watch, right? Video Keywords are the keywords that Google intends to show videos results on SERPs How to, Tutorials and Reviews are some examples. Then a Keyword Research is the way to find out what people are looking to watch, these tools will help you understand What keywords YouTube’s or Google’s searchers use Google Keyword Planner : SEOchat Keywords Suggest Tool : This tool will scrape YouTube Search Auto-Suggest for any keywords you enter SerpStats : This is an extremely useful tool that help you find questions searchers intend to ask based on Google Search

8 Optimizing Your Videos to Rank on YouTube and Google Search You have found the perfect Keyword or keywords? What to do next? Record a video and let’s go viral ;) Google search only shows around 55-60 characters from your video title But in YouTube search, it shows 130 characters, so if the keyword has high search volume, optimizing the title for Google search as well seems a good idea Video Title Have the keywords at the beginning Promising Appealing Testing ★ ► or CAPS Check best performance titles “search filters”

9 Optimizing Your Videos to Rank on YouTube and Google Search Video Description Long is better “Tell what is all about” The 1 st 110 character should entice users to click on the results, Get Higher CTR. Have a link to your website/SM links. Have the Keyword and its variation at the 1 st two lines before “Show More”

10 Optimizing Your Videos to Rank on YouTube and Google Search Video Tags Not a big deal on rankings Helps to show your videos on related Videos sidebar

11 Optimizing Your Videos to Rank on YouTube and Google Search

12 Video Thumbnails Video Annotations Increase CTR High resolution image Close up faces Foreground stands out of the background. Custom Thumbnails A great way to have the viewers’ attention whether to invite them to subscribe or to visit your playlists or site. More About Annotations

13 General YouTube Tips For The Pros Advanced Unique tagging Search Commands : movie, long, hd, channel, month, mix, -, intitle:””,

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