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Companies that offer a Matching Gift Benefit Have Doubled.

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1 Companies that offer a Matching Gift Benefit Have Doubled

2 Reminder Strategies for Growing Matching Gift Revenues For Donor Stewardship For Increased Revenue

3 Matching Gifts Specialist, 8 years Gifts in Kind Specialist 8 years Gift Processor, 4 years Training Manager, Guam Hilton International Eligibility Specialist, Social Services Small business owner Linda Stark Matching Gifts Specialist California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo

4 What you need to know about me!  Matching Gifts Specialist for 10 years – direct hands-on experience  #1 in the CSU system last year !  Embedded in gift processing  Complete & verify matching gift applications  Post/record gifts accompanied by matching application  Send matching reminder & acknowledgement letters  Research employment  Coordinate and advise matching activities with annual fund & fund raisers  Provide matching training for new staff and annual fund callers  Plan matching marketing strategies and implementation  Provide reports to campus entities

5 Let me tell you what I don’t know-the condensed version!  Your organizational structure-who’s responsible for matching, decision-makers, recent/proposed changes  Available resources: financial, staff, employment data, software  Current matching strategies-marketing, public relations, matching gift page, tools  Program history-revenue up or down, recent staff or organization changes, level or knowledge

6 Let’s look at our program through Fiscal 2014

7 201220132014 Amount$363,133342,793$409,335 Count111511551132 Annual Fund$188,784$180,650$139,273 Non-Annual Fund$174,348$162,142$270,062 Average gift$325$296$361 Advancement officers more aware of matching opportunities Results of marketing matching to on-campus constituents as part of donor stewardship and additional revenue stream

8 Failure to send reminder letters is money down the drain Approximately 25%, or $102,333 in matching dollars was stimulated by reminder letters. If you’re not sending reminders, your donors are losing opportunities If you are not sending reminders, your programs are losing money

9  Thank donors for their original gift.  Tell them matching is an employee benefit that costs them nothing.  Include their employer’s name.  Ask them to research their spouse matching eligibility.  Provide the link to E-Match Donor Link.  List gift dates, amounts, and programs.  Include your organization name & tax/EIN number.  Add your contact information Constructing an Effective Reminder Letter

10 Reminder Letter Mailing Schedule  Monthly- Send for prior month’s gifts so no deadlines will be missed.  Quarterly -Send second reminder.  Semi Annually -Send 3 rd reminder.  If no response- research donor employment data.  Check matching deadlines.  Send end of November to catch 12/31 deadlines.  The more you ask, the more you’ll get Reminder Letter Mailing Schedule

11 Simple Gestures Create Goodwill  Your personal touch may be the first the donor has experienced, and can help determine your organization’s relationship with the donor.  Creating a positive experience with your donor tends to create loyalty.  Going the extra mile will distinguish you from the rest of the pack. Responses to Reminder Letters “ Thanks for taking care of the paperwork, it made it much easier for me to pursue.” “Thanks for your help.” “Thank you for following up with me. Your time and effort are very much appreciated.” Hi - I mailed it today so you should see it shortly. I included the matching gift person's name and fax number with the matching gift form. Hunt me down if you need anything from me. Thanks again. Simple gestures create goodwill

12 Phrases to Avoid  “Please check with your employer to see if your gift can be matched”  “Ask your personnel office about your employer’s matching gift policy”  “To initiate the process, employees must fill out a form available from the human resources department”

13 Matching Reminder E-Mail  If you have already requested a match for the gift below, we are double grateful. If you have not applied for your matching gift, did you know that you can direct extra funding to your favorite programs? This is at no cost to yourself, by using your Boeing matching gift employee benefit.  Its as simple as going to, enter your employer name in the search field, and follow the link to your matching gift application. Your spouse may also be eligible for matching. In addition to the gift information, you may need the Organization Name : Cal Poly Foundation Tax/EIN : 20-4927897 Address : San Luis Obispo CA 93407 Gift Date Gift AmountAllocation 7/29/14 $500.00 Aerospace Engineering

14 Letters and E-mails Send both! E-Mail Reminders  Quicker donor response.  Many donors prefer e-mail contact.  Alternating with letters provides maximum outreach Letters Not all donors prefer electronic communication. Don’t always have current e- mail addresses. Alternate with e-mail contact.

15 Finding Matching Gift Eligible Donors/Alumni  EMPLOYER FIND  For Those Donors/Alumni when you do not have employment information  Finds 30—50% of a file  Then we screen the results and look for matching gift companies  Automatch (5-12%)

16 Finding Matching Gift Eligible Donors/Alumni  Automatch – when you know the employer information  5-12% will work for a matching gift company  Over and above what you currently are aware of

17 Finding Matching Gift Eligible Donors/Alumni  Employer Find Example  10,000 record file is screened using Employer Find  We find 30% of the employment information or 3,000 donors  5-12% of the 3000 will work for a matching gift company  That EQUALS 300 Matching Gift Eligible Donors  You pay only if we find employer information .50 cents per hit  You have the recurring revenue of the matching gift once  Secured

18 Drive your donors to E-Match Donor Link  Gives donors the capability of doing their own matching eligibility research.  Gives donors direct access to their matching applications  Reduces your administrative time & effort.  Allows donors to proceed at their own pace.  Reduces mailing of reminder letters.  Quicker donor response means most applications will be completed within program deadlines. Driving Donors to E-Match Donor Link


20 Takes donors directly to employer’s matching gift program or online link. Gives donors the capability of researching gift eligibility, so you don’t have to do it. Easy to use, helps overcome donor reluctance to complete their matching application.

21 E-match Donor: Link- what the donor sees Link to application Link to program guidelines Application procedure Contact Information E-Match Donor Experience

22  Added to pledge coupons.  Added to e-communications.  Added to print newsletters & magazines.  Added to gift receipts.  Add to online giving page. Marketing E-Match Donor Link

23 OFFICIAL GIFT RECEIPT 7/22/2010 $200.00Parent Fund 7/22/2010 $300.00Aerospace Engineering Department For recognition purposes, your name(s) may appear in University publications as: Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Sample Please email if you would like it listed Your employer might match this gift! Find out at

24 Cal Poly Magazine Matching Gift Article Double Your Money Don’t Miss Fall Enrollment in Your Companies’ Matching Gift Program John Doe (Civil Engineering, 1980), a gas transmission planner with PG&E, has a regular contribution deducted from his paycheck every month. The employer automatically matches his contribution and makes the donation of the total amount quarterly. “It’s a simple, painless way to donate,” said Doe. “I used to make inconsistent contributions but this is so much easier,” Doe continued. “And it’s like giving away free money if you’re not taking advantage of your companies’ matching contribution.” To find out if your employer has a matching gifts program or for help establishing a matching gift, go to:

25 Included in: Pledge coupon mailings Donor packets Mail Solicitations Mailed as a postcard to donors linked to an employer with a matching gift program. Placed in newsletters and magazines.

26 2 More Ways to Show Your Pride Include Cal Poly in your will. You may designate a specific amount or percentage of your estate to support the program you are already making gifts to. This type of future gift can be accomplished by adding as little as one sentence in your will. Double your gift through the matching gift program. If your company has a matching gift plan, your gift to Cal Poly could be doubled. Some companies also match gifts made by a spouse or retiree. To find out if your employer is one of the 1,700 companies that matches gifts, visit: Planned Giving Brochure

27 CENG Fall Matching Reminder E-Mail  These days, we all wish we could make money go a little farther, especially when it comes to supporting your special Cal Poly Engineering program or department. Well, without digging deeper, there is a way to give your gift a "bounce." It just so happens that PG & E provides a matching gift program for their employees. You can take advantage of this benefit by signing up for PG&E's payroll deduction program. Payroll deductions make it simple to support Cal Poly. And as an added bonus, your company automatically matches your gift which can make a huge impact! 

28 Pledge Coupons HEP Development Educational Series

29 Online Giving Page E-match Donor link Matching Gift Information Many employers sponsor matching gift programs to match any charitable contributions made by their employees. Find out if your company participates in a matching gift program.

30 If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.  Reminder letters will increase your matching gifts revenue.  Reminder letters will enhance donor stewardship.  Reminder letters help your donors to make best use of resources.  Driving donors to E-match Donor Link is a passive but effective strategy.  Once strategies are put into place, maintenance & expenses are minimal.

31 Thank You  Questions  Call either:  Linda Stark   805-756-2713  John Wright   410-849-2461

32 Frequently Asked Questions  Q. Is there a Guide available for Matching Gifts. HEPdata’s “16 Steps to Matching Gift Success” is posted on the wall in many matching gift offices. You can obtain a free copy gifts-success/ gifts-success/  Q. Can I get a copy of the presentation?  A. Yes, check the Learning Center on HEPdata’s website. A recording of the webinar should also be present.  The webinars are great for training new staff as well as being full of ideas on how to grow matching gift revenues. There are over 30 webinars available for matching gift education and training.

33 Frequently Asked Questions  Q. How can we find more matching gift eligible alumni or donors?  A. HEPdata’s Employer Find can find 30-50% of the employers of your donors or alumni. 5-12% of them typically on average work for a matching gift company.

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