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Expository Essay Techniques

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1 Expository Essay Techniques
F.E.E.D. your R.O.S.E.s!!! “Roses are the reason, We pass the STAAR season!” Presentation by Sharon Key

2 Where to start-- When you get your prompt, mark out the boxed statement (it may be a quote) Mark out the “think about” statement Circle the prompt! This is the part that actually tells you what to write about! Underline the key words in your prompt, boxing words that really stand out as well. Write an expository essay explaining the effect of one new technology on people’s lives.

3 Before we get started. . . There are words to avoid when writing any formal essay. We’ll call them the “never evers”. After finishing the rough draft, go back and look for “never evers” and edit any sentences which contain them. So what are the “never evers”? Glad you asked!

4 Never ever use. . . you or your! You don’t want to sound “preachy”!
me, my, and I like, so, very, many, and a lot contractions, for example: don’t, can’t, won’t, wouldn’t, didn’t—write out the words instead! Slang (“gonna”, “ain’t”, etc.) Texting shortcuts—write out words like “and” Write out numbers under 100

5 Never evers continued. . . I believe. . . I think. . .
This essay is going to explain. . . I’m going to write about. . . In conclusion, . . . This essay has explained . . . You get the idea. Now let’s get on with what you CAN do!

6 What you need in your essay
Introductory paragraph Body Paragraph Conclusion So how do you get started? Glad you asked!

7 Thesis Statements Once you have your key words from your essay prompt underlined, start writing your thesis statement. Use the key words to start the sentence, then add two reasons. Use R.O.S.E. to help you develop your reasons. The more you really know about the reasons you choose, the better your essay will be, so select something you really know!

8 R.O.S.E. Read—think about what you’ve read
Observations—what have you observed in history, etc. Seen—what have you seen (live, in movies) Experiences—personal experiences

9 Restate your thesis - you’ll use this to write your conclusion
Now that you have your thesis statement, re-write it using different words. It just has to get the same message across. Example: The best pet to own is a dog. Dogs are the best!

10 Hook Now you’re ready to write your “hook”
The hook gets the reader’s attention. How do you write a hook? Try writing a TRUISM.

11 What is a truism? Truisms are a truth about life. It is a truth that is shared by humans all over the world no matter what culture or generation. It is a statement that everyone can relate to.

12 What do I Write? The goal with Truisms is that you make a connection to your life experiences. MAKE A CONNECTION and WRITE ABOUT IT!!

13 Examples of truisms. Our families help make us who we are.
A new friend can change a person's life. Watch this Prezi:

14 Kernel Now you have the kernel of your essay! I. Hook II. Thesis Statement A. Reason 1 B. Reason 2 III. Restated thesis statement

15 F.E.E.D. Now it’s time to feed your body paragraphs! You have to provide examples, facts, and details. Use F.E.E.D. to help you brainstorm! Facts Examples Experiences Details

16 Put it all together! Now it’s time to put your essay together! Remember the order it all goes in: Introductory paragraph A. Hook B. Thesis statement with reason 1 and reason 2 Body Paragraph Conclusion—this is where you’ll use your restated thesis statement.

17 Now what? Now it’s time to read your rough draft. You need to look for errors such as repetition of the same word, fragments, too many short sentences, misspelled words. Use a thesaurus to improve the vocabulary used in your essay. Try reading your essay backwards to find spelling errors. Make sure you don’t have unnecessary information in your essay. Look for any “never evers”! Mark all of your corrections!

18 Write your final draft!! Now write your final draft on the composition lined box provided. Your goal is to use all or most of the lines, but not to have unimportant information in your paper. Your paper must have substance!

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