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WELCOME BACK MCDE! 1 st General Meeting Spring 2015.

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1 WELCOME BACK MCDE! 1 st General Meeting Spring 2015

2 Meet the Board! President: Deanna Clark Shadow: Sam Soprano Vice President: Sam Soprano Shadow: Marianne LaCalamito Secretary: Trina Cardamone Shadow: Mariana Vasquez Treasurer: Alyssa DiBello PR/Design Manager: Sam Cillo Shadow: Devan Tookmanian Show Committee Manager: Katelyn Ollhoff Community Service Manager: Devon McCaffrey Website Manager: Kristina Lanza

3 Emails Still not getting emails? Email to be added to our address book!

4 Recreational Classes Will not be in the show!!! One hour per week Different teacher and class each week Members who did not get the opportunity to choreograph Go to the classes that interest you Don’t have to be in the club to attend (bring your friends!) Fill out survey with time and class preferences Priority Points Look for future emails!

5 Bylaw Changes Priority Points become the responsibility of the Secretary Behind the Curtain become the responsibility of the Website Manager Graduate Students cannot choreograph but can participate in classes and the show Recreational Classes If there is enough interest

6 Spring Show 2015 “Serendipity” Saturday, April 18 th and Sunday, April 19 th Rehearsal Week begins Sunday, April 12th Next General Meeting Dates Thursday, April 9 th @ 9:30pm Thursday, April 23 rd @ 9:30pm

7 Spring 2015 Classes Classes will be posted on our website tomorrow morning! Sign ups are Saturday, January 31 st @ 1:00pm You will hear back from choreographers by Sunday @ 1:00pm Email the club account if you did not get into any dances! Classes will start Sunday, February 1 st Make sure you check where your class is! SC Dance Studio or Aerobic Studio

8 Priority Point Review 1 point: Comes from attending 75% of meetings AND dance classes We will be getting attendance from choreographers This means you can’t miss more than 2 classes/semester 2 nd point: Participating in 3 community service events, MCDE events, or committees Show committee, community service committee, Behind the Curtain, events, etc Recreational Classes

9 DVDs They’re coming we promise!! You’ll get an email when in their your mailboxes

10 Behind the Curtain Sign up with Kristina Lanza after the meeting if you would like to write for our blog! Write one or two articles in the semester Interview choreographers Go towards Community Service Point

11 Program Fundraiser Invite your Parents/Friends/Roommates to put lines in the program! $10 for 3 lines Add your parent’s email address as you swipe out

12 Apparel Sweatshirt Socks Show Shirt Car Sticker Look for prices! Apparel Sale Dates: March 5 th @ 5pm-7pm March 10 th @ 7pm-9pm March 11 th @ 11am-1pm

13 Community Service Class of 2016 Shoe Drive Thanks to all that participated! Polar Plunge: Saturday, February 21 st Sign up for our team ent=1119337&lis=1&kntae1119337=191BC93D8E084 41AA9C3785DFE7648EF&teamAction=join ent=1119337&lis=1&kntae1119337=191BC93D8E084 41AA9C3785DFE7648EF&teamAction=join Relay For Life Team Friday, April 17th Show Committees and Collection at the show Keep an eye out for more opportunities through out the semester!

14 Broadway Dance Center Michelle Barber and Kadee Jacobsen from BDC Saturday, March 28 th and Sunday, March 29 th Counts as MCDE Event for Priority Points

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