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Intelligence. Presenter: Mike Henry February, 2015 7550 W. Yale Avenue, Suite B204 Denver, CO 80227 (303) 922-5600.

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1 Intelligence

2 Presenter: Mike Henry February, W. Yale Avenue, Suite B204 Denver, CO (303)

3 Intelligence K EEPING IN T OUCH WITH Y OUR A UDIENCE Grow audience to qualify for Corporation For Public Broadcasting (CPB) grants CPB only gives money to stations with a minimum audience threshold Recently, the bar was raised on the amount of NFFS required to be eligible for the CSG program It went from $100,000 to $300,000 Putting CSG monies out of reach of many smaller stations Provide programming in tune with your audiences’ preferences Use programming strategies, ratings, and research to reach your station’s audience potential

4 Intelligence How many are already receiving CPB’s CSG grants? How many are trying for CPB’s CSG grants?

5 Intelligence V ERTICAL & H ORIZONTAL I NTEGRATION If you like this show, you’ll likely enjoy this show If you like this show.. …you’ll likely enjoy this show

6 Intelligence How many use the concept of horizontal programming? How many use the concept of vertical programming? How many try to integrate both vertical and horizontal programming concepts?

7 Intelligence C ONSENSUS T HROUGH C HANGE M ANAGEMENT Don’t rush it Create a structure for change management Identify and bring in internal thought leaders

8 Intelligence R ATINGS R ESOURCES Provides: Daypart ratings results e.g. Mon-Fri 6-10 a.m. Demographic ratings results e.g. Women or Men Public stations can subscribe to the ratings via the Radio Research Consortium (RRC) Can Provide: Ethnic data e.g. Latino and African-American breakouts *Nielsen Software packages also can break down Latinos by Spanish speaking dominant Latino households English speaking dominant Latino households

9 Intelligence How many subscribe to Nielsen ratings through the Radio Research Consortium (RRC)?

10 Intelligence R ATINGS R ESOURCES When examining custom dayparts, try to use a 4-rating average in diary measured markets and 6-months for Portable People Meter (PPM) One-book ratings fluctuate dramatically Nielsen software packages allow stations to examine custom time periods e.g. Mondays 10a-Noon Software packages are an additional cost above subscribing to the ratings An alternative ratings service is Eastlan Ratings. Offers telephone-based rating services for smaller markets

11 Intelligence How many use Eastlan ratings? How many subscribe to PD Advantage or Tapscan ratings software?

12 Intelligence S TATION D ATABASE R ESEARCH Sending a survey to your subscribers can provide feedback Design survey to measure issues about which you want more information Data processing software like Survey Monkey can help you get process the results Outside vendors could help in this process

13 Intelligence How many conduct in-house database research? How many employ an outside vendor to do custom audience research for their station? What kind of research do you do in-house?

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