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Tulsa Achieves Student Training For

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1 Tulsa Achieves Student Training For

2 Login and Password

3 Dashboard

4 Tour of Homepage

5 Your Activities Tab

6 Track Hours Button This button is a quick way for you to track hours. When you select the button, you will see a pop up where you can select either an existing activity that you have either signed up or tracked hours for or enter a brand new activity that is not in the system.

7 Tracking Hours

8 Select Existing Activity When you select an existing activity and click continue, you are presented with a second modal that allows you to enter a date, total number of hours volunteered, and answer any necessary hour tracking questions.

9 Add New Activity When you select ADD NEW ACTIVITY, you will be directed to search for any nonprofit or school in the U.S. through VolunteerMatch. Enter the organization name and location. If you’re searching for a school, select the “This is a School” checkbox then click “Search”. If you find the organization you worked with, select the organization by clicking “Track Hours”. Then, enter the opportunity and volunteering information and click “Save”.

10 Add New Activity Cont.

11 Fill out the Organization Information

12 Fill out the required information and hit Save

13 Still can’t find the organization? You can still track hours!

14 Fill out required information and Save

15 Verifying hours- You will receive an email informing you of eligibility From Email address: Subject: You are eligible to apply for Tulsa Achieves Service hours verification Hello Lori, You are now eligible to apply for VolunteerRewards. Don't miss this opportunity! To apply, please visit: View the full program policies here: Once you submit your application, a request is sent to the nonprofit organizations to verify your volunteered hours.

16 Verifying Hours Process Click the Rewards button on your Dashboard

17 Verify and Click Continue

18 Last chance to Edit! Verify TA student and graduation year and Submit

19 Application Submission Confirmation

20 You’ll also receive an email confirmation From Email address: Subject line: Your Application Has Been Received Hello Lori, Thank you for your Tulsa Achieves service hours application, submitted on March 12, 2013. A request is now being sent to the nonprofit organizations to verify your volunteer hours. To check the status, please visit your Application Dashboard: Sincerely,

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