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Clay Peek 864-228-2635 office.

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1 Clay Peek 864-228-2635 office

2 Ok, now you understand the opportunity … You “Get It” … but you haven’t taken sufficient action to “get into the game” yet. Right? Confused? I understand – there are a few “Moving Parts” to deal with! There are a lot of steps, tools and training to access, so … Let’s check off a few boxes …

3  Now that the dawn of opportunity has shined upon you … you’ve awakened to the this new market!  The first steps are: A. Contracting B. Certification C. Access the Tools D. Do the Training

4  Do you know which products you need to sell?  Have you completed the “surancebay” electronic links for contracting online?  Have you completed the “paper” contracts?  Have you sent in a current E/O cert, your state “resident” license (and/or non resident licenses) and a void check? NOTHING HAPPENS UNTIL YOU DO! Do you need to get E/O, non resident appointment licenses, agency licensing? Terri Schlarb can help!

5  Have you watched the “IPAD/Laptop Technology Overview” webinar on our home page?  Do you want to “Combo Sell?”  Do you realize the movie theater makes more on the Popcorn, Diet Coke and Candy sales than they do on movie tickets?  Want to sell more & make more? …

6  Go to the “contracting” link on the home page, and see #5  Sign and return the PPI Tech Agreement  Click on the link to “Request Technology Tool”  It will take a few days – then you can access the quoting and combo selling tools

7  CMS cert is required – and we require a copy of the completed cert.  2 parts –Course/Test & ID  Some health companies have a separate cert training specific to (and in addition to) the CMS class For Example: BCBS/Blue Choice of SC, Consumer’s Choice DO have a cert For Example: Humana One and Coventry One does not

8  YOU have to drive this process.  Save your password and login  Send us copies of completed certs  BUT – before you do the CMS cert – you should watch our “Health Reform 101” class  Email Katey Gray for access to “Advanced Health Reform Training” – if you’re fully appointed  Have ALL documents open – printed!  2 chances!  Use for questions!

9  Go to “The Health Reform Site”  “Register” and create your own password and login  Email if you’ve done all of the contracting & returned the PPI Tech Agreement … and then request access to the “Advanced Training” portion of “The Health Reform Site.”  Once she verifies that you’ve done all of the required contracting – then, your already established password/login will allow you into the secured site.

10  MARKETING! – Here, you’ll learn how to sell 25 – 50 apps a week (some of the “Secret Sauce”)  You’ll learn how to sell individual health to groups that Do or Do Not have a health plan (more of the “Secret Sauce”)  Ancillary plan overview  State specific training  3 rd Party Administration (TPA) tools/training

11  The Backbone of our “Combo” sales are: Assurity Life – SI Critical Illness American General – Accidental Injury Central United Life/CUL – GI “Gap” Plan (These 3 are on the quoting software)  Other Ancillary Plans you’ll want are: Americo – Quick to Issue & Pay Term Life SLAICO – SI Limited Health Plans (& huge portfolio of products) Medico – Dental/Vision/Hearing DVH Plans (and more)

12  You’ll find some health plan specific data to help you sell. Maps, brochures, rates, certification info, home office access info, etc.  Watch the Ancillary plan specific webinars  These plans provide great value for your clients!  They also provide you with cash flow!

13  Once you’re appointed, certified, trained…  GO! Launch your marketing!  How? Get a legal pad … and …  Start talking with your FRAN’s Friends, Relatives, Associates, Neighbors, church or acquaintances, etc.  Build a big block of people to see, once you’re contracted, certified, and ready to sell  Get 25 -100 appointments pre set for your personal sales launch!

14  Once you have your licensing, cert, training and tools complete – start selling!  Go to the 25 people you’ve set up for your initial appointments …  Start the process of enrollment with them  They’ll be patient with you as you “crawl” through the initial stages of the learning curve.  ASK for REFERRALS – they’ll give them gladly!

15  Get through the process! You’ll learn “how to enroll” on the or insurance company websites  The more you do it, the better you get.  Your 2 nd and 3 rd layer of referrals will come to you quickly  Your phone will start to ring! They’ll start coming to you!

16  Soon you will become very confident with the enrollment process – and it will be easy for you!  You’ll be a “Health Reform” Pro!  Then you’ll feel very confident in “walking and talking” to those you don’t know.

17  OEP – Until March 31, Sell to those without health plans!  LOCK IN/OUT … April 1 – Nov 15, 2014. you can only market to those who qualify for an SEP. (Group Health Plan)  AEP Nov 15 – Jan 15 Reopens sales to those without insurance  STACK prospects during Lock Out for the coming AEP! Get 500-1000 lined up!

18  Next … with additional training, you’ll feel confident to start the biggest opportunity of all … marketing to groups.  These courses will help: Marketing to groups without insurance Marketing to groups with health insurance/Are Benefits Beneficial?! Live Class & Webinar in late March/April Prepare for April 1Selling!!

19  Awaken – contracting, certification, tools and training  Premarketing – set up 25 -100 appointments – legal pad  Crawl – sell to those you know  Walk – confidently market broadly  Run – GROUP marketing – ALL YEAR LONG  STACK - AEP and beyond. STACK sales for Nov 15 – Jan 1, 2015

20  This is your new beginning  This is your big chance  Let PEEK PERFORMANCE help make this the opportunity of a lifetime.   Your office is your enemy!  Training is from 5-9 (Nights & Weekends!)  Working is for 9-5

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