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Kristen L. Yanity CMP555 University of Phoenix M ULTIMEDIA P ROJECT P ART I LESSON PLAN.

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1 Kristen L. Yanity CMP555 University of Phoenix M ULTIMEDIA P ROJECT P ART I LESSON PLAN

2 Objective: Students learn that formulating questions is crucial to collecting the data necessary to design a building. Guiding Question: What questions would be important to pose before beginning architectural design?

3 Number of Students 21 studentsLevel7th graderGender13 girls8 boysAge Range 12-13 years old Exceptionalities 1 504 Processing Deficiency 5 ESL Cultural and Ethnic Diversity 13 White 3 African American 3 Hispanic2 ThaiLearning StylesVisualTactileKinesthetic.

4 October 2011, Morehead City Middle School, 7th grade math class. Audience Write a proportion to model a word problem. Solve problems using percent proportion or equivalent ratios. Use proportions to express relationships between corresponding parts of similar figures. Use proportional reasoning to solve problems related to similar and congruent polygons. Identify proportional parts of similar figures using rulers and protractors. Behavior Complete study guide through lecture, discussion, videos, and Internet research, viewing photographs related to architecture, making projects from triangles in architecture, doing this in groups of three. Condition Students will be able to correctly identify and classify at least 8 of the 10 triangles found throughout the pictures. Degree

5 Video The ABC’s of ArchitectureThe ABC’s of Architecture PowerPoint Presentation Definitions and examples of triangles and related vocabulary. Use the PowerPoint presentation as an introduction to the lesson plan and as a review for standardized test preparation. Study Guide Triangles in Architecture. ABC’s of Architecture Movie Guide Six application problems based on lecture, study guide, Internet research, and two video clips.

6 Non Projected Interactive Media: Photographs of bridges and buildings Colored strips of card stock Round-head paper fasteners Plastic drinking straws Masking tape

7 PowerPoint on triangles and proportional reasoning Introduction Allow the students to explore through technology Exploration Work in groups of three to complete open-ended questions Collaborate Show the photographs of the structures. Ask for observations. Observation Lead the discussion to the use of polygons and particularly to the use of triangles. Question Complete six application problems. Application

8 Show the polygons and describe them. Different displays of triangles and polygons. Prompt students for observations. Apply new knowledge to performance tasks. Solicit various explanations.

9 Evaluate Media Components Suggestions from students Suggestions from peer teachers Evaluate Instructor Performance Student evaluation performance checklist Student attitude scale

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