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Presents a new concept in Life Style Monitoring +.

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1 presents a new concept in Life Style Monitoring +

2 What is the C are A ssessment T ool? The CAT is a life style monitoring system that can be utilised for a variety of assessment scenarios: Dementia – understanding individual daily life patterns Hospital discharge – support care plan development Learning Disability – improve resource allocation Night time cover requirements

3 How does the C are A ssessment T ool work? Using PIR’s (passive infra red) and door contacts daily activities can be recorded to give a clearer understanding of the needs of the person being monitored. The sensors record each event and transmits the data in “real time” via the GSM Router to the CAT web server. Using a secured log in all the data can be analysed with a simple to use activity table.

4 So, what’s new about this? The CAT has the unique capability of allowing you to create a bespoke system to best represent the way the data will be presented on the web server Each sensor can be named, e.g. Bedroom 1 or Front door (outer) useful for Multi User as you can identify Joe’s Epilepsy, Mary’s Enuresis Existing Telecare sensors can be used. Timings can be set to monitor varied time slots each day or night Up to 16 sensors can be used depending on what you want to monitor. Log in and out facility for Carers – logs times for support plan review Ability to check status of GSM signal, power supply Ability to change settings remotely.

5 Hey! Don’t go – there’s more!

6 +

7 So, what is CAT+? The CAT+ is the next level of activity monitoring designed to be used in a Supported Living environment. The CAT+ can be used to understand what support is needed for residents of a supported living property by collecting data about activity levels particularly at night which may lead to a reduction of waking nights. To get accurate data that give a complete picture you may need to monitor health conditions – Epilepsy, Incontinence, bed leaving or wandering in high risk areas. You will also want to alert the on site Carers that these incidents have occurred!

8 So, how does CAT+ work? The CAT+ is the only integrated system that can record activity levels and alert carers that an incident has occurred and needs a response - at the same time! The CAT+ consists of unique transmitters that can be linked to existing sensors such as Care Alarms, Epilepsy sensors (Alert It and Emfit), Enuresis sheets, and bed sensors – either pressure mats or PIR’s. These unique transmitters will alert the carer via a pager and record the incident on the web server, allowing Care Managers to analyse all events and the response.

9 An actual example? Manchester City Council is using the CAT to review its Supported Living properties and this example is just one of the results the CAT has achieved: 3 Residents – waking night CAT- 1 Epilepsy sensor – CAT monitoring & alerting to the carers - 2 Enuresis sensors – CAT monitoring & alerting to the carers - 2 Door contacts CAT monitoring only - 1 PIR CAT monitoring only Cost: £1,536 + VAT Outcome: Reduced waking night to sleeping night – saving: £30,325

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