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Top 10 Inventions (Technological Advancements) that changed the world Dr. Tal Lavian UC Berkeley.

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1 Top 10 Inventions (Technological Advancements) that changed the world Dr. Tal Lavian UC Berkeley Engineering, CET 1

2 10….PRINTING PRESS The printing press made it possible to possible for the mass spread of books. The printing press was an agent of change because it made the mass production of books possible – circulating information and ideas farther than anyone at the time could have imagined. The printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15 th century. 1. Summary 4. 10.

3 9. Refrigeration What and why: Refrigerators have significantly impacted the availability and storage of food, prolonging the storage of foods, especially fresh food. This increases our breadth for food choices, our diets, and our eating habits. When: The early 20 th century. Chemical refrigerants became widespread in the 1920s. Source: st/10-inventions-changed-world/ liances/refrigerators/images/thum g

4 IEOR 190G: Patent Engineering 8. First Commercial Lightbulb @ 2015 ERIC QUACH. All rights reserved. 4 Thomas Edison 1879 Lightbulb transmit electricity through a wire with high resistance. Patent filed for light bulb categorized as “a carbon filament or strip coiled and connected to platina contact wires”. Paved way for infrastructure that provided electricity to every house and business. Today there are several choices of light bulbs available, from incandescent to fluorescent to LED.

5 Steam Engine  First patented by Jerónimo de Ayanz y Beaumont in 1606.  Popularized with introduction of rotary motion by James Watt in 1781.  Spurred Industrial Revolution, leading to massive increases in productivity.  Leads to global population and resource consumption explosion of the 19 th and 20 th centuries.  Supplanted by the Internal Combustion Engine and Electric Motor for rotary power generation in early and mid 20 th century. Sources: 1)Garcia, Nicholas (2007). Mas alla de la Leyenda Negra. Valencia: Universidad de Valencia. pp. 443–454. Translated by University of Valencia. 2)Hills, Richard L. (1989). Power from Steam: A history of the stationary steam engine. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 7

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8 4. Personal Computer An modification to mainframes and microcomputers that allowed these computational devices to enter family and individual use. Improved data storage, processing, and transmission capabilities, bringing more power and convenience to individuals. Almost ubiquitous in developed nations, with many variants (e.g. smartphones, tablets) becoming popular in developing nations as well. Pictured: IBM PC (

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10 2. MOBILE PHONES In the past decade, mobile phones have rapidly changed today’s society. Mobile phones made information and communication even more accessible, and changed rapidly changed society and economic structures. Now, many companies are built around mobile devices – such as mobile applications. Cell phones have also shaped the nature of relationships and the way people relate to one another. They have also influenced journalism, child development, and many other aspects of life. Mobile phones were invented by the Bell Laboratories in 1946. 1. Summary 2.3. 8.

11 1. The Internet Connects billions of users worldwide (social networking and emails), starts public movements and campaigns Allows access to articles, videos, research papers, music, and more! Allows sharing of data between friends over long distances, allows expanded search for job opportunities Many businesses are based solely upon the Internet May purchase services or items online, may advertise store sales

12 Internet27Assembly Line1Laptop 1 telephone21Battery1Mac / Windows OS 1 Airplane17Bicycle1MAGNIFYING GLASSES 1 Computer13Birth Control1Man-made satellites 1 WHEEL12Boats and Ships1Mass production of medicines 1 Automobile12Car1Medicine/Surgery 1 Engine12Cement1Microscale 3D Printing 1 Lightbulb11CHOCOLATE1Microwave Oven 1 Refrigerator11Clock1Mobile Devices 1 Printing Press11Cloud1Modular machinery/ Assembly line 1 Electricity10Compound Microscope1MRIs, CT Scans, & X-rays technologies in Medicine 1 Camera7Compressed Pills1Music 1 Agriculture6Contact lens with blood sugar level tracker1NAIL 1 Compass6Contraception1Navigation Bracelet for the Blind 1 Television4Control of Fire1Nuclear Fission 1 iPhone3De-emulsifying Agents1Optical Lenses 1 Paper3Defibrillator1Photography 1 Penicillin3Domestication1Power Generation 1 Radio3Electric Cars1Prosthetic Limbs 1 Transistor3Electric circuits1Railroads 1 X-Ray Imaging / X-RAYS3ELECTRIC LIGHT1Rifle 1 alphabet2Electrical Lighting1Rocket 1 Anesthesia2Electrostatic Telegraph1Satellites 1 Contraceptives2Email1Sliced Bread 1 Currency2Facebook1Spaceflight 1 GPS2Facial Recognition Security1Spinning Jenny 1 Irrigation2Factory Model Assembly Line1Steel 1 Metalwork2Fiat Currency1Stone Tools 1 Plumbing2Fire1Suspension Bridges 1 Toilet2Firearm1Telecommunications 1 Turing machine2Gears1Tesla Electric Car 1 Vaccination2Genetic Engineering1Titleist ProV1 Golf Ball 1 Google2Glass1Touch screen 1 Semiconductor2Global Capital Markets, GCM1Train 1 Sewage2Global Positioning System1Vaccines/Antibiotics 1 Telegraph2Global Positioning System/Satellites1Wrist Watch 1 Money2Henry Ford’s Assembly Line1Writing Utensils 1 3D Printer1Hormonal Birth Control1 Abacus1Integrated Circuit1 Artificial Intelligence1Integrated Circuit Chips1

13 Students’ Top 10 inventions

14 Students’ Top 11-30 inventions

15 Students’ Top 31-40 inventions

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