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Physical and Chemical Properties

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1 Physical and Chemical Properties

2 Lesson Objectives I can distinguish between physical and chemical properties of matter.

3 Lesson Outline To view a Power Point presentation
Complete students notes and learn a song. Do 2 group activities that will practice the skill objective. Play class physical and chemical BINGO Choose 1 from 4 independent activities and complete for a grade.

4 Physical and Chemical Change Song Sung by Michael Offutt Produced by Evelyn Turcios
Change, it’s everywhere you go Change, it may be fast or slow Change, you can’t deny it but at least you can learn to classify it Put a can of cola in the freezer, the water in the cola turns to ice, it pushes on the can and explodes. Clean it up that mess is not so nice. Now ice seems different than water but its true identity is the same, What do you say when you see this kind of thing, you call it a physical change. Light a match and start a candle burning, see how it gives off heat and light. Don’t stick your finger in that hot wax, people who do that aren’t too bright. The wax is doing more than melting, it’s atoms move around and rearrange, Co2 and water are produced when it burns, you call that chemical change. So what kind of change is iron rusting or when a leaf turns from green to red, What’s going on when you grind a rock to dust or when you grow an hair on your head What kind of change is paper burning or when you hammer metal into foil, what happens when you put Alka Seltzer tablet on your tongue or when you make a pot of water boil

5 What are physical changes?
Physical changes are changes in the way matter looks. A physical change can also take place when matter changes from one state to another state. Changes in size and shape are physical changes. Can you think of ways that you can physically change a sheet of paper?

6 Here are some ways you can physically change a sheet of paper:
Cutting Tearing Shredding Folding Painting Writing on Gluing

7 Characteristics of Physical Properties
Vapor pressure Color Texture State of matter Create no new substance Density Electrical conductivity Solubility Adsorption to a surface Hardness Melting point Boiling point

8 What are chemical changes?
Chemical changes are the opposite of physical changes. Chemical changes take place when matter changes to a different kind of matter. Can you think of one item on the table that could be changed chemically?

9 Here are some examples of chemical changes:
An Iodine test will turn food black, if it contains starch Alka Seltzer Bubbles in water

10 Signs of Chemical Properties
gas bubbles color change - leaves turning colors in the fall, rust appearing disappearance of color – fading fabric heat or light A new substance is made Can not be reversed

11 Quick Review What is a physical change?
A physical change is a change in the size, shape, state, or appearance of matter. What is a chemical change? A chemical change causes matter to become a new kind of matter.

12 You are now ready to play
“Name That Change!” How To Play For each item, you will need to tell whether a physical or a chemical change has taken place!

13 physical

14 chemical

15 physical

16 physical

17 chemical

18 physical

19 Congratulations! You have successfully played “Name That Change!”

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