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Learning Objective To know that there was ‘Humanity amidst insanity‘ in the 1947 partition of India.

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1 Learning Objective To know that there was ‘Humanity amidst insanity‘ in the 1947 partition of India

2 Put the title ‘Humanity amidst Insanity' and write down five questions that you could ask about this picture

3 You now need to look at the sources on your paper and follow the instructions on them. Study the sources and try to think of interesting questions to ask. Look at the differences in the sources. If you have paper three try to think of an event or a series of events that could showcase these achievements

4 Group one

5 Group 1 Ahmad Salim a Muslim talks about stories his father told him about partition My grandfather was protecting a Sikh mother, father and their infant daughter in his house. Despite being socially boycotted and threatened by other villagers he did this. For some reason the Sikh family left the house and their bodies were found in a field the next day. When my grandfather heard this news he couldn’t take it and died of a heart attack. However my father told me how Sikhs and Hindus were migrating to India in trucks from our village which some Muslim hoodlums wanted to attack. “There were Muslim soldiers in the area who ordered the hoodlums not to attack the Lorries, but they ignored them, as the soldiers opened fire in order to maintain security a Muslim was killed. This proves that some Muslim soldiers were performing their duty with up most dedication. For them their duty of maintaining law and order took precedence over religion” Think of two questions to ask about this source and two about the picture. Write them neatly next to the source

6 Group 2

7 This is part of her story My four year old daughter was stabbed in an attack and I thought she was dead, some how we were separated hiding in some fields. A Sikh found me hiding in the fields and took me to his home where he sheltered and fed me. He and his family were so kind to me, before handing me over to the Pakistani army who took me to Pakistan. My daughter had miraculously be found and saved by a Catholic priest who cared for her before handing her over to the Pakistani army. They took her to the hospital where my husband eventually found her. “After more than six decades I still remember the kind and humane behaviour of those people. Our family was reunited because of the kindness of two non-Muslim Indians.” Write down three questions that you would like to ask any of the people featured in this extract.

8 Group 3 An extract from the book ‘Humanity amidst insanity’ ‘Thousands of people were killed in the communal frenzy that accompanied the partition of British India in 1947.However, there is a need to acknowledge that in such barbarism there were people who helped and protected the followers of other religions. They rose above fanaticism and bigotry and served humanity. Their courageous deeds should be recognised to reinforce our faith in goodness of mankind and love of humanity. Their noble deeds should be an inspiration for building the bridges of cooperation and friendship across India and Pakistan’ How do you think these peoples achievements should be used to help bring India and Pakistan closer together? Write down three ways in which these achievements could be brought to a wider audience.

9 Plenary Now using the answers from group 3 or you may have another idea write down a short paragraph explaining the event that you have chosen to celebrate that there was ‘Humanity amidst Insanity’ “Today ladies and Gentleman we are at the launch of ……… help us celebrate the achievements of the thousands of Indians and Pakistanis who helped their fellow human beings at the time of partiton.We have chosen this event/film etc because”

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