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Communities that Care Lynn.  CTC 's mission is to promote a safe, healthy, and substance-abuse free environment that supports positive youth, family,

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1 Communities that Care Lynn

2  CTC 's mission is to promote a safe, healthy, and substance-abuse free environment that supports positive youth, family, and community development. Mission

3 Partners  Project COPE  Girls Incorporated of Lynn  Office of Representative Steven Walsh  City of Lynn  Northeast Center for Healthy Communities  Gordon College  Lynn Public Schools  Family and Children's Services of Greater Lynn  Social Capital, Inc. Lynn  Lynn Police Department  Lynn Housing Authority  Straight Ahead Ministries  North Shore Community College  Children's Law Center of MA  and several others

4 CTC Executive Committee Team Leaders: SCI & City Hall-Health Dept. Neighborhood & Community Development Team Leaders: Project Cope Mngr & Lynn Schools Family Support Team Leaders: Gordon College & Rep. Walsh’s Office Media/ Marketing Team Leaders: Girls Inc Prevention Coor. & Lynn Police Environmental Strategies

5 Funding  Massachusetts Department of Public Health  SAMHSA  Executive Office of Public Safety  The Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation  American Re-Fuel  North Shore Magnetic Imaging  Youth Serve America-Bubel/Aiken Foundation

6 CTC’s Accomplishments 2006-2007

7 Family Support

8 CASA Start  CASA START is a evidence based case- management program geared toward preventing substance abuse and other related behaviors in 25 youth ages 8-13 who present a minimum or two school risk factors, 1 family risk factor, and 1 personal risk factor. The intensive program includes one on one meetings with youth, families, recreational activities, mentoring, tutoring, and community policing. Over the past year, CASA Start youth and their families have seen several measured successes.

9 Strengthening Families  This is an evidence-based model designed for parents who are in recovery or dealing with substance abuse. This 14 week parenting program serves parents and elementary school aged children simultaneously, proving opportunities for both parents and children to learn new skills and practice them as a family unit.

10 Resource Directory  CTC 's has gone through the process of collecting data & working with a printer & designer to produce an updated Lynn Service Directory Guide. This bi-lingual (English/Spanish) directory will go to print in July 2007 and will be distributed to agencies, city hall, social workers, families, and through community events.

11 Summer Scene Directory  CTC Worked with the Lynn Item and the Mayor’s office to create a summer activity resource directory for children, teens, and their families.

12 Community Development

13 Mini-Grant Program  To support community development & to bring cohesiveness and attachment to the downtown area, CTC announced the release of proposals for four neighborhood mini-grants. During the summer, several applications were submitted and in October 2006, four winners were announced. Projects supported by the mini-grants include a community service time sharing project, youth violence prevention, minority cultural awareness, and neighborhood beautification.

14 Neighborhood & Downtown Clean-ups  SCI Lynn worked with neighborhood groups & CTC’s youth council, Part of the Solution, to host a citywide clean-up and celebration on April 28 th. The clean-up brought out over 300 Lynn adults and youth. This group secured donations for clean- up supplies to be used for future neighborhood clean-ups.

15 Heroin/Oxycontin Workgroup  Monthly workgroup to develop and implement strategies to reduce the increasing rates of overdoses evident among young adults (18 to 26 years age). Workgroup has looked at and started to implement best practices for intervention and prevention as well as enhancing family support (help parents of young adults navigate the complicated substance abuse treatment system.)

16 Environmental Strategies Part of the Solution Youth Council

17 About Part of the Solution Part of the Solution is the youth advisory council to the Communities that Care Coalition. Part of the Solution is comprised of 25 Lynn teens from different backgrounds who care about making Lynn a great place to live. The purpose of our group is to help reduce alcohol and drug abuse in the city and to make our neighborhoods safe places.

18 Sticker Shock Campaign  Sticker SHOCK Campaign: Part of the Solution Youth put over 1000 stickers on alcohol, beer, and wine at Lynn liquor stores to remind adults that it is illegal to provide alcohol for people under 21

19 Compliance Checks & Shoulder Tap Surveys  Part of the Solution teamed up with the Lynn Police, and Chelsea A.S.A.P. youth to perform compliance checks (sending someone under 21, without an I.D., to attempt to purchase alcohol) at liquor stores and bars. During the past year, CTC has organized three separate compliance checks- each with a higher rate of compliance. On Tuesday June 19 th, 2007 the teams visited 44 establishments & there was a 98% rate of compliance.

20 Shoulder Tap Surveys  P.O.S. teamed up Lynn police and Chelsea A.S.A.P. youth. The youth stood out side liquor stores and asked adults to buy alcohol for them even though they were under 21. Teens then gave either ’thank you’ cards for No responses and Warning cards for Yes responses. Of the 95 adults surveyed 14 said yes. P.O.S. is commited to educating adults of the laws of providing alcohol to minors. P.O.S. will be working with the LPD in July to perform another round of shoulder tap surveys.


22 Be Part of the Solution: Respect our Parks  Organized Park Cleanups: P.O.S. youth have organized several successful park clean up days  The Replacement of City Basketball Hoops: P.O.S. noticed that many Lynn parks were going unused because the basketball hoops had been taken down. This was causing overcrowding at other parks. Teens are working with city councilors to get the hoops replaced.


24 Part of the Solution Awarded National Grant  P.O.S. members applied for and were awarded with the Youth Serve America Bubel/Aiken grant (1 of only 12 in the country). This grant supported Part of the Solution’s efforts in providing Lynn youth with more positive alternative activities in the city.

25 Respect our Parks 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament P.O.S. organized a basketball tournament at Bennett St. park to celebrate the new basketball hoops and show that teens can be part of the solution. P.O.S. members designed t-shirts and solicited donations for food and prizes. The tournament attracted over 200 teens, parents, neighbors, and city officials.

26 Youth & the Media  Produced Public Service Announcements: P.O.S. media team members created their own media campaign targeted towards preventing 14-16 year olds from starting to drink. Teens wrote, filmed, and produced 3 PSA’s incorporating four different languages. These have been aired on LynnCam, at public events, and have been viewed by hundreds on

27 MEDIA Group

28 CTC Wiki Communities That Care Coalition (CTC) CTC 's mission is to promote a safe, healthy, and substance abuse free environment that supports positive youth, family, and community development. More about CTC's mission, structure, & history Examples of Coalition Work Lynn Resource Directory Meeting Schedule and Upcoming Events

29 Goals for the upcoming year…  Strengthen Coalition & Collaboration  Diversify Coalition Membership  Continue to look at different funding sources  Expand Media Campaign- Youth & Adults  Promote the use of the CTC Wiki to coalition members  Explore and implement new projects i.e. “Town Hall Meeting on Cough Syrup Abuse”  Continue to strengthen ongoing projects

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