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Strategic Plan for Excellence 1 Denton Santarelli, Ed.D. Department Name.

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1 Strategic Plan for Excellence 1 Denton Santarelli, Ed.D. Department Name

2 Current plan set to expire in 2016 Presented timeline to Board in Jan. 2013 Convened Strategic Plan Steering Committee Solicited Feedback from all Stakeholders Process 2

3 3

4 4 Timeline January 24Governing Board Presentation February 1-February 22Advertise for Steering Committee Membership March 1Select Steering Committee March 6Steering Committee Meeting April 2Steering Committee Meeting April 3Parent Organization Presidents’ Input April 5-May 31Site Council Input April 16Superintendents’ Student Advisory Input April 25-26Elementary Student Council Input – PLUS Days June 5Steering Committee Meeting August 14Steering Committee Meeting August 2821 st Century Community Education Forum ElectronicSteering Committee Reviews Input from Forum September 10Present Final Strategic Plan to Governing Board

5 Strategic Plan Steering Committee 5 NameProfession/Work LocationNameProfession/Work Location Christine LopezliraPrincipalRobert YoungProFinancial Ross ClemensAdministrator for IMTCaroline RuizBusiness Services Linda ThompsonK-12 AdministratorMark MoffattLiberty High School Teacher Matt SchenkAssistant PrincipalMary SchuettSundance Elementary Patti BeltramCTE DirectorDawn KennedySundance Elementary Phil StanfieldPrincipal Nicolle PayneParent Joel WakefieldAssistant PrincipalJonathan DaltonParent Lynn BrodiePrincipalJames DeckerParent Louanne GolecTitle 1 TeacherJames KistnerParent Renee Crawford4th grade TeacherNatalie NailorArizona State University Anne BabinaInstructional CoachJoshua MartinezSunrise Mountain Graduate Bridget Stockwell5th grade teacherJulie SmockCommunity Member Aimee Cunningham1st grade teacherTracy LivingstonGoverning Board Member Hal BorhauerGoverning Board Member

6 Mission 6 Empower Every Student to Fulfill Their Potential Leader: Christine Lopezlira Centennial High School Principal To provide each student with an excellent education that includes the academic, life and social skills to become a productive and responsible citizen.

7 Vision 7 Every Student, Every Day, Prepared to Shape Tomorrow Leader: Matt Schenk Santa Fe Elementary Assistant Principal Every Student, Every Day, Prepared to Meet Tomorrow

8 Values 8 People Excellence Opportunity Respect Innovation Achievement Leader: Lynn Brodie Heritage Elementary Principal People Equity Outreach Respect Integrity Achievement

9 Strategic Areas 9 Leader: Linda Palles Thompson K-12 Administrator


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