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BAHASA INGGRIS Bacaan : Brosur Unsur Bahasa : Conditional type 1

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1 BAHASA INGGRIS Bacaan : Brosur Unsur Bahasa : Conditional type 1
Penggunaan Bahasa : Giving advice


3 Wouldn’t it be a pleasure to have your own house on the beach to get away to at the weekends.
But it would really have to be perfect to be worthwhile wouldn’t it? A nice, secure, but informal bungalow for a start, right on the beach with loungers, barbecue pit, the whole works!

4 Then the beach – gently curving, safe bathing for children, absolutely no jet skis or stuff like that Of course to top it all: no noisy neighbors, just a regular bunch of like – minded people to share a peaceful weekends with.

5 Impossible? Well no! It’s actually been around for 20 years and it’s still the secret retreat for many expats who’ve come to love it as a second home. What more details of how to get your house at Sambolo? Contact us now, …

6 What is the name of the Bungalow offered?
Informal bungalow A second home Own house Sambolo Beach Bungalow

7 2. How is the situation in that place?
Noisy Informal Gently Quiet

8 3. The bungalow is a perfect place to …
enjoy many kinds of water facilities get along with other beach lovers have secret retreat take a rest

9 4. “…just a regular bunch of like – minded people to share a peaceful weekends with”. (paragraph 4)
From the sentence above we know that in that place we will find some people who has the same …that is to get away from the bustle city. a. View b. Purpose c. Way of life d. secret

10 5. “’s still the secret retreat for many
expats…” (paragraph 5) The underlined word means a place for a … living short stay period of quiet and rest run away

11 Make Apartment your family home

12 Apartment Casablanca offers 5 – star luxury and facilities, including a playground and the beach pool to keep your children happy.

13 As for parents, Apartment Casablanca is only minutes away from the Central Business District. Safety is ensured by state-of-the-art security system and low profile guards. There is a wide selection of comfortable and spacious apartment for sale or lease.

14 The location of the apartment is ...from the Central Business District.
far near next to behind

15 2. The word “spacious” in the last paragraph means …
narrow roomy cozy quiet

16 3. From the last sentences we get the information that the apartment can be bought or …
sold rented visited occupied

17 Unsur Bahasa Conditional Sentence Type 1
untuk menyatakan kejadian yang mungkin akan terjadi jika syaratnya terpenuhi

18 Pola Kalimat Subject + Will + Verb1, If Subject Simple Present Tense

19 Contoh kalimat I will visit you if I have time
She will visit you if she has time I will be happy if you are here He will come if he is not tired Father will be angry if I don’t study The teacher will give another assignment if she doesn’t submit the paper on time

20 Pengandaian Andrian : I think I have left my
dictionary at your room. Have you seen it? Rinto : No, but I will look, if I find it, I …it to you a. will give b. would give c. am give d. gave

21 2. Mimi : Please come to my house
tonight! Iwan : Yes. If it …I will come to your house. a. don’t rain b. doesn’t rain c. didn’t rain d. won’t rain

22 3. Riri : Will you come to Ani’s party?
Lia : I am not sure. I will come if my father ...permission. a. give b. gives c. gave d. is giving

23 4. Lani : Don’t tell her secret to anyone.
If you do it she …angry Yani : Of course not will be would be will is

24 5. Cici : Can you come to the meeting
tomorrow? Aji : I ‘ll try, What time? Cici : At 9. I will be very grateful if … a. You comes on time b. You come on time c. You came on time d. You are coming

25 6. Lucy : The flowers are very beautiful
Susan: Yes, so I will be very angry if someone …them without my permission. Pick Picks Picked Is picking

26 Language Function Asking For Advice Do you think I should …?
Should I …? What should I do to …? I’d like some advice on/about …

27 What would you do if you were me?
Well, I would appreciate your advice on how to deal with … Could I ask for advice on/about …?

28 Giving Advice I think you should … If I were you , I’d … It might be an idea to … I would … if I were you You’d better … Well, my advice would be … Why don’t you …

29 Garage Mechanic : I think this car
needs a new engine. Man : …sell it. Garage Mechanic : It’s difficult to say. What is your opinion about it Are you I must sell it Can you sell it for me please Do you think I ought to

30 2. Sally : This fish smell a bit funny.
I think it is not fresh anymore. Frieda : …take it back? Can I Will I Could I Should I

31 3. Tessa : I lost my engagement ring.
What do you think I should do? Leslie : …tell to your fiancé about it. You prefer You’d better I would rather I force you

32 4. Stranger : Excuse me, how far is the
post office from here? Man : It’s not too far. …I will walk. You must It is possible c. If I were you d. If I don’t make a mistake

33 5. Man 1 : Oh It’s already 10 pm. I have
missed the last train to my town. Man 2 : …stay here one more day. It might be an idea It is my idea Can you Might you

34 6. Man : Jim offered me to join in
his company. Woman : …accept it. It is a good company. a. Can’t you b. What if you c. How come d. Why don’t you

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