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Baldrige - Much More than an Award… focus, align, and accelerate your performance excellence efforts using the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.

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1 Baldrige - Much More than an Award… focus, align, and accelerate your performance excellence efforts using the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence Paul Grizzell April 7, 2011

2 ©2011 Core Values Partners, Inc. Core Values Partners Baldrige Process Awareness Assessment Application Advancement

3 ©2011 Core Values Partners, Inc. What is Baldrige? Baldrige is an outcome-focused, evidence-based management model based on the characteristics of high- performing organizations.

4 ©2011 Core Values Partners, Inc. Why Baldrige? Focusing Energy & Resources Vision Alignment Mission Vision Mission Baldrige Performance Excellence Assessment

5 ©2011 Core Values Partners, Inc. Focus on the Future Managing for Innovation Agility Management by Fact Focus on Results and Creating Value Systems Perspective The Baldrige Framework Visionary Leadership Patient-Focused Excellence Organizational and Personal Learning Valuing Workforce Members & Partners Societal Responsibility and Community Health Results Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management Drivers Customer Focus Strategic Planning Strategic Planning Leadership Operations Focus Operations Focus Workforce Focus Workforce Focus Core Work Organizational Profile Environment, Relationships, and Challenges

6 ©2011 Core Values Partners, Inc. Process “What do we do and how do we do it?” Baldrige Application Components Organization Profile “What’s important?” Results “Were we successful?” linkage and alignment across your organization Baldrige Core Values

7 What does a senior leader care about…and how does Baldrige support it?

8 ©2011 Core Values Partners, Inc. Leader Challenges Improve core processes Improve customer satisfaction Improve compliance Improve employee training and development Improve communication Improve supplier management Improve measurement Improve employee selection Improve morale Improve decision making Improve support processes Improve reward & recognition Improve leadership Improve recruiting Improve planning Improve results Improve ethics Improve competitiveness Improve benchmarking Improve quality Improve accuracy Improve cycle time Improve goal-setting Improve supplier performance Improve knowledge management Improve use of data Improve complaint management Improve productivity Improve ROI Improve employee turnover Improve margins Improve clinical outcomes Improve employee satisfaction Improve outcomes

9 ©2011 Core Values Partners, Inc. “I see the Baldrige process as a powerful set of mechanisms for disciplined people engaged in disciplined thought and taking disciplined action to create great organizations that produce exceptional results.” Jim Collins, author of Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap...and Others Don’t and How the Mighty Fall: And Why Some Companies Never Give In

10 ©2011 Core Values Partners, Inc. Why Baldrige? The Baldrige process can help… …hold your organization accountable …sustain your organization …align your organization …improve your organization …recruit to your organization …reward and recognize your organization …you get better…faster!

11 ©2011 Core Values Partners, Inc. 2010-10 Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence Scoring CategoryPoints 1. Leadership120 2. Strategic Planning 85 3. Customer Focus 85 4. Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management 90 5. Workforce Focus 85 6. Operations Focus 85 7. Business Results450 Total1,000 This score measures the performance excellence maturity of your organization.

12 ©2011 Core Values Partners, Inc. “Opportunities for Improvement” versus “Weaknesses” BadGood Wrong StrengthWeakness Right Weaknesses

13 ©2011 Core Values Partners, Inc. Progress on performance excellence journey Organizational maturity …the organization does not have a strategic planning process… …the organization does not have a method to gather supplier input to be used in the strategic planning process “Opportunities for Improvement” versus “Weaknesses” Opportunities for Improvement

14 ©2011 Core Values Partners, Inc. Overall purposes of improvement efforts Threshold Quality – JC, FDA, other regulatory requirements Quality required to be “in the game” Baldrige - PDSA - Six Sigma - Lean Never-ending quest for excellence Increase competitive advantage

15 ©2011 Core Values Partners, Inc. Reality of a typical Baldrige journey… Honeymoon Reality Sets In Uncomfortable Gap Commitment and Consistency Year 1Year 2Year 3

16 ©2011 Core Values Partners, Inc. 2010 Baldrige Award Recipients MEDRAD – Warrendale, PA – (Mfg.) Nestle Purina Pet Care – St. Louis, MO – (Mfg.) Freese and Nichols, Inc. – Ft. Worth, TX – small business K&N Management – Austin, TX – small business Studer Group – Gulf Breeze, FL – small business Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital – Downer’s Grove, IL – health care Montgomery County Public Schools – Rockville, MD - education

17 ©2011 Core Values Partners, Inc. Key learnings from this week’s Quest for Excellence Conference Strong themes throughout the conference: High ethical principles and transparency Asking the why question Sense of community Innovation Importance of alignment and choice of metrics Clear alignment from workforce to customer to metrics

18 ©2011 Core Values Partners, Inc. How do I learn more about Baldrige recipients? Go to Baldrige website at Go to Award Recipients tab at top of page Go to Award Recipients Information Available are: Contacts Profile Award Application Summary

19 ©2011 Core Values Partners, Inc. What does Baldrige do? Baldrige helps us formalize the informal. Frank Sardone President and CEO Bronson Healthcare Group

20 ©2011 Core Values Partners, Inc. Why Baldrige? A systematic management model based on characteristics of high-performing companies Based on a set of core values Strong focus on results Non-prescriptive Flexible in adaptation to uniqueness of organizations A proven model that will help you move forward on your organizational performance excellence journey

21 ©2011 Core Values Partners, Inc. Next steps for you in committing to a MN Council for Quality journey 1. Understand and engage with the Baldrige Core Values 2. Develop an Organizational Profile 3. Identify assessment method to advance performance excellence

22 ©2011 Core Values Partners, Inc. What are we working toward? “Perfection is unattainable, but if we chase Perfection, we can catch Excellence.” Vince Lombardi

23 ©2011 Core Values Partners, Inc. Thanks for your time…. Paul Grizzell President Office 651.735.7716 Cell 651.792.5149 Email Website Twitter: pgrizzell LinkedIn: Paul Grizzell

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