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Student Organization Training

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1 Student Organization Training
Finance module 2- budgets Effective January, 2015

2 Learning objectives - 1 of 1
At the conclusion of this module you will: Understand the importance of budget requests Understand the sections of the Budget Request Form Understand the SGA time frame and steps necessary for budget approval Effective January, 2015

3 What is a Budget? - 1 of 1 A budget is a financial plan that helps student organizations accomplish their objectives. Student organizations may apply to the Student Government Association (SGA) for funding assistance . This module will discuss the budget process developed by the SGA. It is important for student organizations to adhere to this process to avoid delays with their request. Effective January, 2015

4 Budget Request Guidelines – 1 of 4
The SGA has limited funds to allocate to student organizations, therefore you are encouraged to start the process early and submit your request on time. The SGA will announce the budget deadlines as they are developed. It is important that you adhere to those deadlines. All requests must be in accordance with the objectives of the organization. Effective January, 2015

5 Budget request guidelines – 2 of 4
All events funded by the Student Government Association must be open to the entire campus community. Student organizations are encouraged to meet with the SGA VP of Finance or the Center for Student Involvement Office for assistance in completing the Budget Request Form. Effective January, 2015

6 Budget request guidelines – 3 of 4
Student fees will only be allocated for: Co-curricular and educational programs Cultural and social activities Student Government Association Publications and media Assistance to registered student organizations Community service programs Enhancement of the college and university environment Transportation, administration and insurance related to the implementation of these activities Other purposes as approved by the SGA Effective January, 2015

7 Budget request guidelines – 4 of 4
Student fees may not be used for: Partisan or nonpartisan political activity or to further the election or defeat of any candidate for public or political party office To pay a fee to a state of Connecticut employee in excess of $99 Expenditures that should be funded by academic or administrative departments Alcohol or any illegal substances. Effective January, 2015

8 Budget request form – 1 of 12
The Budget Request Form is a multi-sheet Excel workbook. The form must be completed in Excel. Electronically submit the entire EXCEL workbook to the SGA Vice President of Finance. Biggest tip to a successful budget proposal: Be thorough in your budget proposal. Complete all sections and explain each item being requested in detail. The more detail provided the easier it is for the SGA to understand why the item is being requested. The next series of slides will discuss the sections of the Budget Request Form. Effective January, 2015

9 Budget request form – 2 of 12
The first page of the Excel Workbook is the Summary Page : Information about the Student Organization Summary information from the entire excel workbook Effective January, 2015

10 Budget request form 3 of 12 1 2 3 1 – Enter the name of the Club/Organization as it is on file with the CSI Office 2 – Enter the information of each officer and the advisor, the address must be the WCSU address. If different titles are used, please note this on the lines. (i.e. ‘Editor and Chief’ instead of ‘President.’ 3 – Select which semester the budget is being requested for. Effective January, 2015

11 Budget request form – 4 of 12
Do not enter anything in this section. Excel will automatically complete this information based on what is entered in the subsequent worksheets. Effective January, 2015

12 Budget Request Form – 5 of 12
The next worksheets are where details of the budget request are entered. Budgets must be submitted in a programmatic, line item format as described below. Under each category, a detailed explanation must be provided as to how the monies will be spent. Definitions of each category are provided on the spreadsheet and specific lines are discussed in detail below them. You must use WHOLE dollar amounts when entering figures. If you have any questions contact the SGA VP of Finance, or the CSI Office. Effective January, 2015

13 Budget request form – 6 of 12
Guidelines All items for programs, costs for events, journals, Sodexo, facility costs through the university, etc. must have hard copy price quotes on or before being heard at your budget hearing. These quotes should be reflected in the budget. The SGA Budget Spreadsheet can be found at Programs and Activities Guidelines -$ Maximum for decorations $ for events that are held in the WS Campus Center full Ballroom -$ Maximum for giveaways per event -Facilities and/or staging fees must be reflected in the budget prior to the event, at the initial hearing. The Finance Committee will not approve any fees for these components, including but not limited to, facilities, staffing and staging, if not provided at the initial budget hearing. Printing and Promotions Guidelines -$ Maximum for Promotions/Giveaways -$ Maximum for a banner -Your club will only receive banner funding once every 5 years. Effective January, 2015

14 Budget request form – 6 of 12
All costs associated with the programs should be itemized, including speaker & performer fees, hotel and transportation costs, facility and equipment rental, food, printing and promotion and decoration expenses, etc. List each program separately. There is room on the budget worksheet for multiple programs. The only column you need to fill out is the “This Year Request” column. Effective January, 2015

15 Budget request form - 7 of 12
Travel Travel funds may only be requested if the club has a total of 3 programs planned at the time of budget request. –Complete all the information on the budget worksheet. Not all items will be applicable to all trips. All funding will be in accordance with Connecticut State travel policies. See the CSI Office for assistance. –Itemize each trip on a separate worksheet. After a trip is budgeted, the Trip Request form must be completed. See module 9 for more information. Effective January, 2015

16 Budget request form – 8 of 12
Any Travel that occurs with an overnight stay is considered Overnight/Conference Travel Overnight Travel 1 - Fill out the trips name, purpose and destination at the top. 2 – Fill out all trip expenditures, keep in mind: a. Estimate prices a little high, as they change over time b. On average baggage fees are $50.00 round trip per person. c. There will be a $25.00 fee for booking the tickets through the university d. MapQuest should be used for any mileage calculations 3 – The TOTAL column calculates automatically. 1 3 2 Effective January, 2015

17 Budget request form – 9 of 12
Field Trip Travel Any Travel that occurs over the course of one day (returns the same day it leaves) is considered Field Trip Travel 1 3 2 Fill out the trips name, purpose and destination at the top of the request (not shown, refer to slide 8) 1– Fill out all trip expenditures 2 – Under ‘Event Tickets’ list any attractions you’re attending (ex. Museum, Aquarium) and the admission to these venues. 3 – The TOTAL column calculates automatically Effective January, 2015

18 Budget request form – 10 of 12
3 2 The bottom of the Travel Request sheet tab of your Budget Request Form is shown above. 1. The ‘Total Requested’ Line will populate itself based on the expenses you entered on the other lines of the worksheet. 2. The Finance Committee will enter a percent that they approve, which will provide you with a total, as well, this will be approved through the Senate. 3. The “Ticket Information” Box on the right will automatically populate itself based on the difference between the trip total and the amount of funding SGA provides. This helps you decide the ticket price students should pay at the Box Office, which will then be deposited in your 815-Fundraising account. Effective January, 2015

19 Budget request form – 11 of 12
Operating Supplies and Expenses – The SGA will supply standard office supplies. Please provide a breakdown for office supplies on a separate sheet of paper. Indicate other types of office supplies, media items (books, magazines, recorded media, computer software, etc.) on the request worksheet. The only column you need to fill out is the “This Year Request” column. Effective January, 2015

20 Budget Request form – 11 of 12
Equipment, Repair, and Maintenance – List items requested, and their purpose. Itemize and service contracts List all maintenance or upgrades needed to current equipment. The only column you need to fill out is the “This Year Request” column. Effective January, 2015

21 Budget request form – 12 of 12
Printing and Promotion – Please describe any advertising, promotional material or general merchandise that the organization will create/order. Itemize all costs and indicate the frequency of each expense. Interest Meetings – The SGA will fund the cost of refreshments for one meeting per semester for up to $50.00 Effective January, 2015

22 Budget Request Process – 1 of 3
The steps to complete the budget request process are: - Complete the Budget Request Form - Submit the form electronically, via , to the SGA Vice President of Finance - Keep in mind that you also need to submit the Club Annual Report to the CSI Office in order to be eligible for budget meetings. - You will be scheduled to attend a meeting of the SGA Finance Committee to discuss the budget request. Finance Committee members will have the opportunity to ask questions of organization representatives. An organization representative must attend the hearing to justify the budget request. Effective January, 2015

23 Budget Request Process – 2 of 3
After your Budget Hearing, the Finance Committee will : Present the budget to the Senate for Approval The Senate will do one of the following: -Approve the budget -Return the budget to the Finance Committee for further discussion -Reject the budget request -After the Student Senate meeting, the SGA Vice President of Finance will notify organizations of the action. -Once the budget is approved, legislation must be typed and approved by the SGA President, SGA Advisor and the Vice President for Student Affairs. Effective January, 2015

24 Budget request form – 3 of 3
After all approvals are secured, the legislation goes to the Fiscal Administrative Assistant in the Cashier’s Office for the allocation to be posted to the student organization account in Fund 816 A student organization should anticipate and plan for the process to take up to 6 weeks depending on when the Finance Committee and Student Senate are scheduled to meet. No funds can be expended until all steps are completed. Effective January, 2015

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