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STUDENT CONSERVATION ASSOCIATION Sandy Recovery-Large Scale Conservation Initiative.

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1 STUDENT CONSERVATION ASSOCIATION Sandy Recovery-Large Scale Conservation Initiative

2 SCA – The National Youth Conservation Organization STUDENT CONSERVATION ASSOCIATION THESCA.ORG Who We Are SCA is the national leader in youth service and stewardship. Since 1957, we’ve put more than 75,000 young people to work in America’ parks and public lands. Our Members  Youth and Young Adults age 15-25+  160,000 new recruits annually  4,228 placements in 2014  Nearly 1 in 2 self-identify as a person of color Our Partners  600+ Project Sites Nationwide  National, State and City Parks  US Forest and Wildlife Refuges  BLM Sites  Federal, State, Municipal public land agencies and non-profits  700+ Colleges and Universities  Leading Corporations and Foundations Where We Work

3 Responding to a Crisis-Superstorm Sandy  Significant and unanticipated damage  Historic structures  Visitor Centers  Park Offices  Wildlife habitats  Trails and beaches  Tons and tons of sand  Looming summer season STUDENT CONSERVATION ASSOCIATION THESCA.ORG

4 Getting the work done  Long standing partnership with Gateway NRA. Proven and trusted partner  Ability to mobilize local youth quickly  Agency champions- SCA alum in key NPS positions  Experience with large programs and recovery initiatives- Yellowstone Fires, Mt. Rainier floods  Leveraging private and corporate dollars

5 21CSC in Action  Putting local youth to work- more than 100 jobs for young people each year  Multi-year commitment keeps members vested  Public private partnerships  Engaging diverse and underrepresented populations STUDENT CONSERVATION ASSOCIATION THESCA.ORG

6 Engaging Communities- SCA ConSERVE NYC Launched on the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy with the goal of mobilizing 1000 community volunteers in 12 months  Building resiliency in NYC’s Parks and Green Spaces  Events held across all 5 boroughs  1100 Volunteers– 75% under the age of 25  4,620 hours of conservation service  Accessible events STUDENT CONSERVATION ASSOCIATION THESCA.ORG

7 Looking to the future  Building on a solid program foundation  Continued youth programming STUDENT CONSERVATION ASSOCIATION THESCA.ORG

8 SCA Snapshot STUDENT CONSERVATION ASSOCIATION THESCA.ORG SCA RECRUITING BY THE NUMBERS  160,000 young people reached by SCA Recruiters each year  150 schools visited by SCA Recruiters annually  25,233 referral contacts on college and university campuses  20,500 annual applicants to SCA  788 colleges and universities placing students and alumni in SCA’s young adult programs DIVERSITY SCA has a strong commitment to changing the face of conservation leadership in the United States.

9 Student Conservation Association National Office 4245 N. Fairfax Drive Suite 825 Arlington, VA 22203 703.524.2441

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