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AMA Council Orientation American Marketing Association June 2012.

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1 AMA Council Orientation American Marketing Association June 2012

2 22 Organization Background AMA Brand and Key Offerings AMA Council Information

3 Organization Background

4 4 Board of Directors International Headquarters Steering Committees/ Taskforces CouncilsChapters Other Volunteer Groups Alliances/ Partnerships

5 5 Chair: Ken Bernhardt Georgia State U Chair: Andrew Abela Catholic U Chair: Rick Dow Midas Corp Chair: Dave Reibstein U of Pennsylvania Board Chair Immediate Past Chair Chair-Elect Secretary-Treasurer AMA CEO Board of Directors 15 members Executive Committee (OCOB) 5 members Audit & Finance Committee 9 members Ethics Committee 6 members Governance Committee 4 members Nominating Committee 10 members

6 6 Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer Accounting, Finance, Human Resources Chief Technology Officer Information Technology Customer Service Publishing Chief Marketing Officer Marketing & Communications Sales & Sponsorship MarketingPower Website Senior Director Professional Development Meeting Services Volunteer Relations

7 +120 IH National/Local Conferences/ Workshops Face2Face/Virtual Segment Specific Magazines/ Targeted Newsletters Print/ Electronic Industry Gold Standard Thought Leadership Content/ Resources Career Mgmt Community Groups 9k Students Advisor Support Academics Marketers Researchers 78 Professional 325 Collegiate Many Loyal Volunteers IH Staff Partners Largest/Scale High Awareness Trusted 7 AMA Brand People Resources Chapter Network Cross- Discipline Membership Future Marketers Strategy/Tactics /Topical Multiple Formats & Channels Webcasts Podcasts Marketing Content Marketing Academic Journals Marketing Publications PD Offerings

8 8 10 members Professional Chapters President: Karen Stone, Maritz Research IH Liaison: Megan Backes, Professional Chapters Manager Role: Empower local chapter leaders to delivery value, engage professionals and enhance overall AMA member experience 10 members Collegiate Chapters President: Scott Swanson, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire IH Liaison: Kyle Hernandez, Collegiate Chapters Manager Role: Provide AMA collegiate chapter members and their faculty with best professional development opportunities available 12 members Academic President: Mark Houston, Texas Christian University IH Liaisons: Carol Arnold, Senior Director Professional Development and Bill Stanton, Councils Manager Role: Improve value proposition for its academic members and non-members 8 members Marketing Insights President: Doug Bowman, Emory University IH Liaisons: Carol Arnold, Senior Director Professional Development and Bill Stanton, Councils Manager Role: Provide gateway to insights and analytics topics, facilitate industry view for researchers and marketers

9 9 Chapters Professional Chapters # chapters: 78 Structure: IOC, Council Support IH Activities: Chapter Excellence Awards, Leadership Summit, Regional Retreats, Membership Campaign Collegiate Chapters # chapters: 325 Structure: On-campus clubs, Council support IH Activities: Collegiate Conference, broad variety of marketing competitions Advisor Awards


11 * Excludes Collegiate Competitors Overview of AMA’s competitive set viewed in a broad contextual perspective: “the marketing information, knowledge and dissemination industry”. This leads to categorization of competitors more closely aligned with AMA’s business model and product/service offerings Categories of CompetitorsExamples*Broad Assessment Online Content Providers Search engines, content providers, e.g. Marketingsherpa, Marketingprofs Powerful on-line content specialists; large subscription base; (mostly) single-minded focus Conference Producers/ Professional Development IIR, ANA Business model tends toward focus on premium pricing and emphasis on securing significant sponsorship dollars Vertical/Niche Associations PRSA, PMA, WOMMA, DMA, BMA, MRA, AMS, ACR, INFORMS Specialty niches allow for audience/content delivery focus to meet “narrow” need states Broad/General AssociationsAManA, SMEI, AMA Strength in large membership numbers and resources Networking/Job GroupsMENG, Ladders, Execunet Excellent sources for both networking and career opportunity identification Marketing Knowledge & Content Providers Conference Board, ISBM, MSI, CEB, Exec-Ed High quality content/knowledge sources 11

12 AMA Brand and Key Offerings

13 13 Mission (To Do) The AMA is a professional association for individuals and organizations leading the practice, teaching and development of marketing knowledge worldwide. Our principal roles are: Connecting: Serving as a forum to connect like minded individuals to foster knowledge sharing and relationship building Informing: Providing information resources, marketing knowledge, tools and training Advancing: Promoting and supporting marketing practice and thought leadership Brand Positioning (To Say) The American Marketing Association is an essential marketing resource providing connections to the global marketing community and access to a vast body of knowledge, training and thought leadership. No other organization provides more ways to help marketers stay ahead and be more successful. Vision (To Be) To be the leading global marketing resource and network where the best marketing talent gathers to advance themselves and the profession of marketing worldwide. Brand Essence (To Feel) I count on the AMA as the most credible marketing resource where I can keep my knowledge and skills relevant throughout my career. AMA is always there to connect me with the people and resources I need.

14 14 No other organization has more ways to help marketing professionals stay ahead and excel. The American Marketing Association is the only association enabling marketers and future marketers to become part of a large cross-discipline community to learn, network and be inspired and to take advantage of unsurpassed breadth of offerings and resources for helping marketers develop their knowledge and skills, achieve results and be successful.

15 15 The community of professionals involved in marketing across numerous institutions, industries and company sizes in the B-to-B and B-to-C business segments, and undergraduate students pursuing a professional interest in marketing. Marketing Community MarketersResearchers Marketing Services Specialists AcademicsStudents Target Markets: Segments Summary

16 16 Marketing Practitioners (16k)  Largest segment  Mainly individuals with 5+ years of marketing experience  Wide variety of industries both B2B and B2C Manufacturing, health care, financial services, non-profit, professional services, technology, consumer goods, others  Wide breadth of functional responsibilities: Marcom, brand management, advertising, PR, DM/CRM, e-commerce, sales management, etc. Market Researchers (2k)  Generally senior, experienced research professionals  Client and service side Marketing Academics (3k)  Generally more senior academics from both research and teaching institutions.  Doctoral program for younger individuals just coming to their academic careers Collegiate (9k)  Students across 325 campuses with collegiate chapters  Mostly small-medium sized schools

17 17 Industry% Educational Services9.15% Healthcare7.47% Marketing Research5.69% Professional Serv/Marketing Mgmt5.12% Financial Services/Insurance4.30% Advertising4.20% High Tech3.69% Nonprofit3.63% Manufacturing2.05% Publishing/Broadcast/Internet/Media1.45% Retail1.37% Telecom1.15% Other14.76% Job Title% Manager13.04% Director12.06% Head of Business6.99% Vice President5.81% Educator3.51% Coordinator3.10% Consultant2.53% Account Executive1.88% CMO1.04% Other8.35% Job Function% Marcom15.31% Research11.23% Education5.65% Brand Management5.18% Sales Management3.43% Advertising3.37% Online/Interactive2.44% Strategy/Planning2.41% Higher Ed Marketing2.24% Direct Marketing2.15% Events/Exhibits1.60% Product Development1.36% PR1.27% Customer Service1.25% Other9.73% *Percentages are based on data provided by members. Not all members complete profile information therefore percentages do not equal 100%

18 18 Need States: I need…AMA Provides Knowledge A trusted resource for a body of marketing information which will help me keep current with the marketing industry Vetted resources of marketing information: trends, best practices, strategies, industry insight, innovations, etc. which will help marketers keep abreast of the marketing industry Training Career training and skill development opportunities that will enable me to progress within my present organization and stay current with marketplace in order to develop in my profession Multiple access points of training resources such as workshops, eLearning and webinars which will provide marketers with additional skills and experience to grow within the discipline Thought Leadership Exposure to leading edge thinking to expand my marketing framework in order to drive innovative business solutions Access to leading edge marketing/business thinking by providing contact points for innovative leaders to stimulate discussion and challenge marketers to think more deeply, broadly, and perhaps, differently, about their business People Connections A forum to connect to like minded people in order to collaborate, create and share opportunities both for personal advancement and business problem solving In-person and on-line avenues for members and participants to establish professional contacts, share ideas, ask questions, and compare business issues & solutions Tools A source which has tools, templates, reference materials or processes to help me with my daily work Tactical support for members to complete their assignments For Marketers: templates, checklists, reference materials and examples of good practices. For Academics: teaching tools, such as syllabus, case studies, reference materials

19 19 ConnectingInformingAdvancing Events  5,000+ paid attendees annually Social Media  AMA Connect  Facebook  LinkedIn  YouTube  Twitter Local Chapters  78 Professional Chapters  325 Collegiate Chapters ELMAR - Virtual Community for Academics Volunteer Opportunities Local and National  Reference Library  Multi-Media Gallery  Resource Directory  Dictionary  AMA Marketer’s Toolkit  Content Partners Online Events  Webcasts 150+ annually  AMA VirtualXchange Events  AMA TV  Podcasts In Person Events  Multiple access: National/ local, in-person, virtual (online), hybrid  Multiple formats: Conferences, Workshops, Training Series, etc. (60+ events annually)  International Collegiate Conference & Career Fair Publications  Eight Magazines/Journals  Eight e-Newsletters AMA Career and Job Resource Center  Job Board  Academic Placement  Ask the Expert  College2Career Self-Directed Education  Professional Certified Marketer  E-learning (in development)

20 20 Over 5,000 paid attendees attend more than 60 in-person professional development events with programs organized across three content formats Conferences Boot Camps Training Series

21 21 Career LevelMarketerResearcherAcademicCollegiate ENTRY Assistant Associate Coordinator  Boot Camps  Marketing Workshop  Boot Camps  Doctoral Consortium  International Collegiate Conference (undergraduate) INTERMEDIATE Manager Senior Manager Director  Training Series  Marketing Workshop  Nonprofit Marketing  Symposium for Higher Education  Brand Manage Camp  Training Series  ART Forum  ARM  Marketing Research Conference  Advanced School of Marketing Research  Summer Ed  Winter Ed  Public Policy SENIOR VP CMO Professor  Training Series  Nonprofit Conference  Symposium for Higher Education  Training Series  ART Forum  Marketing Research Conference  Advanced School of Marketing Research  Summer Ed  Winter Ed  Public Policy Events: Member Segment/Career Level

22 22 About the AMA Webcast Program  150+ webcasts annually, free to all attendees  AMA is the leader in delivering marketing webcasts, surpassing all others in frequency and diversity of topics.  Webcasts allow attendees to deepening their marketing expertise when time and budgets do not allow them to attend in-person conferences  Events are archived and available on-demand only for AMA members after 30 days  Webcasts produce in cooperation with leading resource and solution partners (sponsored) Background  AMA has been producing webcasts since 2002  AMA has produced over 900 webcasts  Over 875,000 people have registered for an AMA webcast AMA Virtual Events About AMA Virtual Events  Highly interactive, free online conferences featuring leading names in marketing on a variety of today's most trending topics.  Events are either stand alone, or on-line extensions of AMA in person events  Full day conferences with broad topics and wide appeal; includes exhibit hall and networking lounges  Half-day events on more narrow topics with targeted audiences; no exhibit hall, but does include networking lounge Background  AMA has been producing virtual events since February, 2010  Nine events produced so far; 4 additional events scheduled for FY2012  Over 31,000 people have registered for AMA virtual events

23 23 About the AMA PCM Program AMA PCM ® credential is a symbol of professional excellence which demonstrates that the bearer has mastered core marketing knowledge & principles and is committed to continuing improvement in the field of marketing In order to achieve AMA PCM ® status, marketers must satisfy education and professional experience requirements and pass a comprehensive exam covering key areas of marketing In order to maintain AMA PCM ® status, must accumulate Continuing Education Units in the years following the exam To maintain credential, must re-take exam six years following initial certification Background Original AMA PCM ® program launched ten years ago Technology now allows for security features to insure validity of online delivery Shifted to online delivery of exam to improve access and convenience for our members Updated program includes emphasis on study packages and pre- test preparation AMA On-Line Courseware New Area to be developed in 2012/2013 eLearning

24 24 Nearly 250,000 printed copies of publications mailed annually across three formats in addition to eight e-Newsletters PublicationsMarketing NewsMagazinesJournalsE-newsletters

25 25  Target audience: AMA members  Editorial aim:  To be a destination for marketing insight, analysis, foresight, growth strategies and current news  Subscribers: 20,000+  Frequency: 16x a year (monthly plus four additional issues)  Key content areas:  Exclusive editorial features on marketing tactics/trends/strategies  Case studies, company profiles  Knowledge Base section: recurring focus on key marketing topics such as metrics/automation, direct marketing, marketing research, etc.  Columns by industry experts (branding, digital, strategy, C-level insights)  Comprehensive directories Publications: Marketing News

26 26 Marketing ManagementMarketing ResearchMarketing Health Services Target Audience Mid- to senior-level marketers Managers of research activities Senior-level healthcare marketers Editorial Aim Focuses on thought leadership, strategic issues and practical solutions that marketing managers face on a daily basis, including: leadership, ethics, brand management, global marketing, etc. Provides researchers and managers with in-depth analysis of research applications, methodologies and management concerns. Helps senior-level healthcare marketers stay viable in a competitive marketplace by offering strategic solutions through case studies and expert commentary. Editor Gordon Wyner Millward Brown Chuck Chakrapani Ryerson University Rhoda Weiss industry consultant Member Subscribers 9,0002,5001,500 Frequency4x Submissions Contributed and invited articles Publications: Magazines

27 27 Journal of Marketing Journal of Marketing Research Journal of International Marketing Journal of Public Policy & Marketing Editor Gary L. Frazier U of Southern Cal Robert Meyer U of Penn David Griffith Michigan State U David W. Stewart U of California, Riverside Member Subscribers 7,0003,8001,300900 Frequency6x 4x2x Process Peer reviewed, double blind Submissions/ Acceptance Rate 577 9.7% 467 12% 158 8% 132 16% Citation Index  Top-cited journal in all of business and economics.  Top 10 most cited journals in business & economics  One of only a few journals on international marketing  Highest Immediacy Index of all business journals Publications: Journals

28 28 AMA e-NewslettersPrimary AudienceFrequencyAd Spots MarketingPower TodayAll marketersWeekly4 Marketing News ExclusivesAll marketing practitionersBi-weekly3 Marketing AcademicsAcademicsSemi-annual3 Marketing Thought Leaders CMOs and Senior-Level Marketers Monthly3 Marketing ResearchersResearchersBi-Monthly3 Career UpdateAll marketersMonthly3 Professional Development Digest All marketersMonthlyHouse-only B2B MarketingB2B marketersMonthly3 Publications: e-Newsletters

29 29 Website:

30 30 HomeAbout AMA Resource Library Events Career Management Community  Job Board  Academic Placement  Self-Directed Education  Hiring Tips & Strategies  Career Tips & Strategies  Ask the Expert  AMA Connect  Professional Chapters  Find a Chapter  Collegiate Chapters  SIGs  Blogs  Volunteer Opportunities  Academic Resource Center  What’s New  Event Faculty  Event FAQ  Registration Info  Virtual Events  All Events  What’s New  Publications  Reference Section  Multi-Media Gallery  Resource Directory  Dictionary  Content Partners  Slideshow  Weekly Poll  My Marketing Kit  Articles, Events, News Website:  Board of Directors  Membership Ctr  Ethics Statement  History  Awards  Definition of Marketing  AMA Foundation  Volunteer leads  Sponsorship & Advertising  Perk Partners  Press Releases

31 31 Concept The Marketer’s Toolkit – an American Marketing Association Member’s Only Resource An online resource offering a comprehensive collection of up-to-date interactive tools, templates and resources in a single location. AMA will create and/or aggregate the best resources and provide connections to other marketers, to help members execute their jobs more efficiently. Key Features/Benefits  Interactive Tools  Analysis Tools  Primers & Guides  Templates & Samples Member Value Opportunity Exclusivity: The tools in The Marketer’s Toolkit will be exclusive to AMA members with preview of offering to entice nonmembers.

32 32 Overall Strategy: Organize Tool Kit offerings by topic (e.g. online marketing, social media, branding, etc.) each containing 3 logical and easy-to-access content sections: Interactive Tools, Step-by-Step Guides, and Templates & Samples. Interactive Tools Tools for measuring & analyzing marketing performance Marketing & Branding Essentials Step-by-Step Guides Tutorials & practical guidelines Templates/Samples Examples & interactive templates of common documents & reports Social Media Essentials Website Development Essentials Interactive Tools Tools for measuring & analyzing marketing performance Interactive Tools Tools for measuring & analyzing marketing performance Step-by-Step Guides Tutorials & practical guidelines Step-by-Step Guides Tutorials & practical guidelines Templates/Samples Examples & interactive templates of common documents & reports Templates/Samples Examples & interactive templates of common documents & reports

33 33  An internet TV show with new episodes every 2 weeks  Features the latest in industry trends, marketing insights and relevant career information delivered in a short, entertaining, fast-paced format  Draws segment content from AMA publications, events, content partners and/or Career and Job Resource Center  Debuted on August 22, 2011  Includes sponsorship opportunities  Archive shows available on-demand 

34 34 Concept A resource that will guide marketers through a well-orchestrated job search or path to a job promotion as well as help them get off to a good start in a new position. CJRC offers online job board, career transition content, short courses to aid in all aspects of job search along with an interactive component to help marketers get advice from others about career choices. For those seeking marketing talent, the career resource will offer a resume bank and the ability to post jobs. Key Features/Benefits  Extensive job board for all levels (internships to senior positions)  Access to career coach/career mentor  Resume writing/review service  Internship matchmaker  Salary surveys  Position description database  Ability to interact with fellow job seekers or those who just went through the process for tips and advice  Resume bank Member Value Opportunity Ideas  Gating: Job board open to all, but members get 5-day members-only preview of new job postings  Exclusivity: Most career content for members-only  Pricing: Special pricing for members on career affinity benefits and partnerships (e.g. career coaching, resume writing/review service, internship matchmaker)  Pricing: Member’s company gets discounted job postings

35 35 Employers Small/medium size companies or organizations with less mature marketing departments Large companies in specific target industries (high tech, finance, healthcare, retail, etc.) Climbers Marketing professionals that are looking to build and enhance their marketing knowledge and skills so that they can advance in their careers Seekers Marketing professionals that are seeking a career opportunity Content Career & Employer Hot Topics & How To’s, AMA Career Book Corner, Marketing Positions Information, Marketing Department Structures, Marketing Professionals Profiles Tools AMA Marketing Career Network Job Board, AMA Academic Placement Program, Training Program Guide, Salary Survey/Calculator, Relocation, Misc. Calculators, Career Resource Listings, Helpful Links Connections AMA Online Career/Employer Communities, “Ask the Expert”, Multilevel Mentoring, Career Meet Ups, Regional Career Fairs, Online Career Fairs, AMA International Collegiate Conference and Career Fair Marketers/ Specialists ResearchersAcademicsCollegiate Overall Strategy

36 36 AMA Connect (6,200 registered users) www. AMA’s unique social media outlet specifically for marketing professionals. Public and Private Groups are the hub around which community members connect with each other, create, access and respond to content and get connected with other marketing professionals via forums, blogs, wikis, file libraries Facebook (16,600 fans) LinkedIn (6,100 – members only) YouTube Twitter (16,000 followers)

37  Brand Mgmt  Interactive Mktg  Mktg Research  Mkt Strategy  Retailing  Internat’l Mktg  Marcom  Sales Mgmt  Teaching  Consumer Behavior  PR  Advertising  Direct Mktg  CRM  “Watercooler” XT Marketing Academics CMOs Doctoral Students  Healthcare  Nonprofit  Higher Ed Mktg  Services  B2B Marketing  B2C Marketing  Academia PROFESSIONAL CHAPTERS Individual professional chapter groups COLLEGIATE CHAPTERS Individual collegiate chapter groups Career Development Job Search Content Organization Marketing Topic Marketing Role Marketing Sector ChaptersCareer

38 AMA Council Information

39 39 Roles and Responsibilities Role and Responsibilities The current Councils are responsible for representing the interests of their constituencies within the AMA, developing concepts for, and assisting in the implementation of programs to enhance the value of AMA membership to their constituencies. The specific constituencies represented by the councils are indicated below: In addition, the Professional Chapters and Collegiate Chapters Councils are responsible for oversight of activities undertaken by their chapters and the Academic Council has oversight of Academic SIG activities. CouncilConstituency Academic Council  AMA members of the Academic Division Collegiate Chapters Council  Collegiate Chapters  AMA student members of Collegiate Chapters Marketing Research Council  AMA Members who gather and/or apply research and analytic information Professional Chapters Council  Professional Chapters  AMA member of Professional Chapters

40 40 The Councils should be limited to no more than twelve people that meet at least twice a year including the President, President-Elect, and Past-President. The Executive Committee should meet, by telephone, at least quarterly. AMA- authorized travel expenses will be reimbursed by the AMA. All members of the Professional Chapter Council must have been past chapter presidents. The terms for members of the Council, other than the President, President-Elect, and Past-President, should be limited to one-year terms, limited to three consecutive years. Appointments to the Council are made by the Chairperson and must be approved by OCOB. Recommended Structure

41 41 Each Council is required to submit an annual plan. The annual plan should consist of the following elements:  Long-term goals of the Council. These are measurable goals that the Council strives to achieve in a three year horizon  Objectives for the coming year with requested budget. Typically, the Council’s annual plan will focus on a few (two to four) critical activities for the coming year. The potential value provided by the planned activities and the accomplishments of the Council toward realizing its goals and objectives will be used by the Finance Committee to determine the Council budget for the coming year.  An assessment of the Council’s performance during the previous year in terms of realizing the Council’s long-term goals and previous year’s objectives.  Analysis of the financial performance with respect to the previous year’s budget.  Revisions, if any, to the Council’s long-term goals. Annual Plan

42 42 July 2012 through June 2013  Execute the programs developed during the budget planning process for the fiscal year.  Meet as a Council (in-person or via conference call) at least twice during the fiscal year. January & February 2013  Council President-Elect prepares plan for Council activities for next fiscal year (FY14) and submits budget proposal to AMA IH. April 2013  Each Council identifies potential candidates for FY14 appointments to their Council and submits names and qualifications to OCOB for approval.  Budget submissions adjusted as necessary. May 2013  Council President and President Elect prepare Board meeting presentation which includes an assessment of the performance against the annual objectives and the planned activities and goals for the upcoming fiscal year. June 2013  Board meeting presentations and dinner with the AMA Board of Directors and the Council president and President-Elect.

43 Mission Statement  Empower local chapter leaders to deliver value, engage professionals and enhance the overall AMA member experience. Purpose of the Professional Chapters Council  Strengthen professional chapters through the chapter leadership.  Develop and manage programs to enhance the overall effectiveness of chapter management and chapters.  Serve as an advocate for the professional members to IH and the AMA Board. Responsibilities  Each PCC member acts as a team member and/or as a project manager for one or more PCC projects. Projects change as the needs of the chapter leaders change. Project length may vary from 3-6 months to 1 year or longer. Every effort is made to match skills and areas of passion to the projects that can benefit most from those skills. Projects:  Board in a Box  Chapter Excellence Awards  Chapter Mentoring and Guidance  Leadership Summit  Midyear Retreats  Topical Leadership Conference Calls  Volunteer of the Year  Additional planned each year 43

44 Mission Statement  Be seen as the preeminent student marketing organization by offering increased value to members. Purpose of the Collegiate Chapters Council  Strengthen collegiate chapters through motivating the chapter advisor and chapter leadership.  Develop and manage competitions which will strengthen the understanding of marketing principals and activities among the collegiate membership to better prepare them for a career in marketing.  Serve as an advocate for the collegiate members to IH and the AMA Board. Responsibilities  Each CCC member acts as a team member and/or as a project manager for one or more CCC projects. Projects and competitions are adapted as the needs of the marketing industries evolve. Every effort is made to match skills and areas of passion to the projects that can benefit most from those skills. Projects:  Collegiate Conference  Case Competition  Annual Reports and Chapter Plans  Other conference competitions  Regional Conferences  Ambassador Program  Membership Recruitment  Lifetime Achievement, Hugh G. Wales Faculty Advisor and Student Marketer of the Year Awards 44

45 Mission Statement  To lead, encourage, support and recognize the development, dissemination and utilization of marketing knowledge and thought. Purpose of the Academic Council  To improve the value proposition of AMA for its academic members and non-members.  To ensure the reflection of the diversity of the broader academic constituency.  To serve as an advocate for the academic and doctoral members to IH and the AMA Board.  To provide insights from an academic perspective to IH as AMA expands globally. Responsibilities  Each Academic Council member is assigned to a committee group to provide leadership on a specific topic. Additionally, all Academic Council members assist in providing general support, and in identifying host universities, for the Doctoral Consortium. Projects:  Doctoral Committee  Events Committee  SIG Committee  Member Value Committee  Global Task Force 45

46 Mission Statement  Ensure the AMA provides content and programming that meets the needs of marketing professionals involved in the collection and application of analytics and information Purpose of the Marketing Insights Council  Serve as an advocate for their constituency to IH and the AMA Board.  Identify Thought Leaders from the industry as candidates for chairing various conferences.  Facilitate an industry view of AMA offerings for researchers and marketers Responsibilities  Each MIC member acts as a team member and/or as a project manager for one or more MIC projects. Every effort is made to match skills and areas of passion to the projects that can benefit most from those skills. Projects/Conferences:  Applied Research Methods (ARM)  Advanced Research Techniques Forum (ART)  Annual Research Conference/RASS  Annual awards 46

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