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Www.youngsietar.org1 Young Society of Intercultural Education, Training and Research.

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1 www.youngsietar.org1 Young Society of Intercultural Education, Training and Research

2 www.youngsietar.org2 Young SIETAR How Did It All Start? Founded in 1994 by an enthusiastic group of people who shared the same vision of creating an organization that allows for young interculturalists to grow and learn from each other. First milestone in 1997 when the first annual Young SIETAR congress was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with approx. 60 participants from around the world. Since then, the organization has been growing constantly, comprising more than 200 members today. The tradition of hosting an annual congress has been continued over the years and more events have been added to the agenda of the organization.

3 www.youngsietar.org3 Young SIETAR Our Mission Statement We are dedicated to being informed citizens of our respective countries. We feel we have a global responsibility to give people around the world who are looking to us for leadership the tools to cross cultural boundaries. We believe that tomorrow’s answers for global understanding must begin today. They must begin with us. We feel we are responsible for promoting intercultural exchange among young people throughout the world. We hope to help bringing people closer together in the constantly changing world of today. We acknowledge the need to be profound in how we live our lives and are more than willing to tackle the challenge this intriguing planet brings us.

4 www.youngsietar.org4 Young SIETAR Our Goals (1/2) Educate a new generation of intercultural talents. Foster exchange of intercultural knowledge and experience. Bring together young people who share a common interest in the intercultural field. Build a bridge between newcomers and experienced professionals. Foster co-operation between the different intercultural disciplines. Introduce new methods and research approaches.

5 www.youngsietar.org5 Young SIETAR Our Goals (2/2) Provide a forum of interaction between students and young professionals to grow and learn from each other. Provide a technical platform for virtual communication (e- groups, mailing lists, etc.). Provide tools to cross cultural boundaries. Bring people closer together in the constantly changing world of today. Promote our vision and ideas in the world. Allow for personal networking in the field.

6 www.youngsietar.org6 Young SIETAR Governing Board (1/2) The goal of the Young SIETAR Governing Board is to: Hold together the whole organization and provide a basis for continuity within the organization. Enable healthy and steady growth. Run the organization and ensure a perfect administration. Develop a balanced offer of content oriented projects for members. Attract new members. Present a strong unity (facing external bodies). Discuss and overcome problems, challenges and find solutions to them. Establish a well working internal communication and info sharing system.

7 www.youngsietar.org7 Young SIETAR Governing Board (2/2) President: Alexandra Kotlebova Secretary & Vice President: Claudia Zysk Treasurer: Anne-Claire Frank Director of Mentorship: Stephanie Quappe Director of Marketing: Nina Bielau Director of Communications: Claudia Jordan Director of Research: Caroline Weppler Webmaster: Alexandra Kotlebova (acting) Who is on the Governing Board of Young SIETAR?

8 www.youngsietar.org8 Young SIETAR What Do We Offer? (1/2) Membership with Young SIETAR offers a variety of advantages: Become a member of the Young SIETAR virtual newsgroup and mailing list Benefit from the possibility to exchange thoughts, ideas and insights with other members Enjoy reading the Young Sietarian, our newsletter Be up-to-date with our event announcements Benefit from discounts on Young Sietar Events (annual congress, workshops etc.) and on SIETAR events (SIETAR Europa Congress, SIETAR USA Conference etc.) Enlarge your personal network in the field Participate in the Mentorship Programme and find our very own personal mentor Make friends all over the world

9 www.youngsietar.org9 Young SIETAR What Do We Offer? (2/2) Get active within the organization and participate in one or more of the various e-projects Learn how to effectively work in a virtual environment (e- groups) Check out job opportunities Gain access to the password protected “members-only” section (to be launched soon) … Many more…. The Young SIETAR membership fee amounts to 25 Euros per year (10 Euros for people from Eastern Europe, Africa & Middle East). To register, fill in the registration form on

10 www.youngsietar.org10 Young SIETAR Who Are Our Members? Young SIETAR is proud to be a truly international organization. We currently count more than 200 members coming from such various countries as: Canada, USA, Germany, France, Scotland, Poland, The Netherlands, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Romania, Estonia, Belgium, Mexico, Bulgaria, Turkey, Sweden, Latvia, Finland, India, Korea, Australia, Singapore, Israel, United Arab Emirates, China, Ecuador, Brazil, Yugoslavia, Ghana and Lithuania........

11 www.youngsietar.org11 Young SIETAR How We Work… Young SIETAR is a member-run organization that entirely depends on the voluntary contribution of its member to its administration and development Any member can actively take part in the every-day work of the organization and be part in one of our project teams (or even launch a special project). But our members can also just simply enjoy the discussions on our mailing list, read the newsletter and/or attend the congress or events.

12 www.youngsietar.org12 Young SIETAR Projects To Get Involved In Here is an overview of projects groups: Annual International Congress Workshops Newsletter – The Young Sietarian Mentorship Programme Intercultural Database Marketing Research Sponsorship Internal Website Finances

13 www.youngsietar.org13 Young SIETAR Past Annual Congresses (1/2) 7th YS Congress October 2005 / Croatia “New Trends in Interculturalism: From Research and Training to Peacebuilding and beyond” 6 th YS Congress October 2004 / Germany "21st century -The electronic age of intercultural communication/ relations“ 5 th YS Congress 2003/ Slovakia "The Intercultural Link to the Future“

14 www.youngsietar.org14 Young SIETAR Past Annual Congresses (2/2) 4 th YS Congress 2002 / Romania "Exploring the Intercultural Maze: Looking at Identities in a Changing World” 3 rd YS Congress 2000 / Poland "Intercultural Challenge in the Heart of Europe“ 2 nd YS Congress 1999 / Belgium "Intercultural Competence as a relevant skill of our time“ 1 st YS Congress 1997 / Netherlands "When Cultures Connect"

15 www.youngsietar.org15 Young SIETAR Workshops Examples Young SIETAR Strategy Workshop (2004 & 2005) Young SIETAR Research Workshop (2005) Young SIETAR Day USA (2004) „Basics of International Teambuilding” (2003) Intercultural Conflict Resolution” (2002), Passau Train the Trainer” (2002), Leiden Young SIETAR Pre-Congress Workshop SIETAR Europa Congress (2000) Information about future workshops:

16 www.youngsietar.org16 Young SIETAR Additional Information… Please check our homepage:

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