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Office of Program Development and Funding Electronic Grants Management System Tutorial #6: Using eSignatures.

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1 Office of Program Development and Funding Electronic Grants Management System Tutorial #6: Using eSignatures

2 Submitting an Application Although most of the GMS process remains the same, there are two areas that have changed for those submitting applications – Adding a Signatory Contact – Accepting Certified Assurances for Federal Awards

3 Adding a Signatory Contact With the implementation of eSignatures, any signatory Contact assigned to the application must first be a registered Signatory user of the GMS system. As before, the Grantee User (person submitting the application) assigns at least three contacts to an application: Primary, Fiscal and Signatory

4 Adding your Primary and Fiscal contacts remains the same.

5 However, if you attempt to add as Signatory any person who has not registered as a Signatory in the GMS System, you will receive an error message. You will need to have your Signatory official register for the system before you can proceed.

6 If your organization or jurisdiction has a registered Signatory in GMS, then you’ll add them as a Signatory Contact as you have in the past.

7 Once all your contacts are in place, and you have completed all other parts of the application, you’re ready to proceed to the eSignature part of the process.

8 GMS has a new feature called “Acceptance”. Here the Grantee User will accept Certified Assurances (applicable to Federal Programs only) on behalf of their organization.

9 Prior to submitting your application for federal funding, go to the Acceptance Tab and click on a Certified Assurance to open it.

10 You certify an assurance by clicking the “Certify” button.

11 GMS shows who certified an assurance, and when. Once all certifications have been made, you may submit your application to DCJS.

12 New to GMS is a pop-up message telling you that your application has been successfully submitted.

13 Your submitted application will be saved into the GMS system. Notification will be sent to DCJS that an application is ready for review, and to the Signatory for your jurisdiction or organization apprizing him/her that an application has been submitted for consideration. You will be contacted by a Program Representative regarding your request for funding. Now we move on the the acceptance of the grant contract by the Signatory authority for your jurisdiction or organization…

14 ESigning a Contract: For Signatories, only As the signing authority for your jurisdiction or organization, you will no longer be required to sign six copies of a paper contract. ESignatures will allow you to electronically sign a contract once. ESignatures applies to all DCJS grant contracts.

15 Register for GMS Remember, to eSign a DCJS grant contract, you will need to be registered in GMS as a Signatory user. All grant applications begun on or after May17th, 2006, will require electronic signatures. We urge all Signatory users to access the GMS help tutorials and user manual available at, in order to familiarize themselves with the GMS system.

16 Email notification You will be notified via email when a DCJS grant contract is ready for your signature. The email will contain a link that will take you directly to the contract requiring signature, via the Login page.

17 Review the contract You may browse the GMS screens to review any parts of the contract you wish, but you may not make edits Once you are ready to review the contract appendices, go to the Acceptance tab

18 To begin reviewing the contract appendices, click on an Appendix in the Acceptance Tab to open it.

19 The full text of the appendix is available on-screen. You must open an appendix to certify it. You may also use the ‘print screen’ option on your browser to print a hardcopy of the Appendix (all appendices are also available online at Note that only a Signatory can certify an Appendix.

20 When all Appendices have been accepted, the Esign button will become active. Click to indicate final acceptance of the grant contract.

21 You must check the ‘agreement’ box and click the ESign button to accept the contract and electronically sign it. GMS will notify DCJS of your acceptance, and to begin the final contract execution process.

22 If, for any reason, the contract terms are not acceptable you have the option to decline to agree to the terms by clicking on the ‘Decline’ button.

23 A new page opens. Enter your reasons for declining to eSign the contract and click ‘Save’. GMS will notify GMS of your declination, and the Primary grant contact will be contacted by DCJS staff for details. We will work with your organization to resolve any issues.

24 Questions? Contact DCJS as or via phone at (518)

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