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ANaRDe Foundation Welcomes All of You in DPIP Meeting.

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2 ANaRDe Foundation Welcomes All of You in DPIP Meeting

3 ACIL-Navsarjan Rural Development Foundation (Trust Regd.No. E7126, Dt ) - (Approved U/S 80 G & 35AC Income Tax Act, 1961) INTEGRATED RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM District Office ANaRDe Foundation Near Bus Stand, Chaumahala (Dag) Jhalawar (Rajasthan) Head Office ACIL-Navsarjan Development Foundation 409,New Udyog Mandir No.2,Mahim (West), Mumbai – Tel. : , * Fax: Area Office ANaRDe Foundation Motor Market Near Bajaj Show Room Aklera (Manoharthana) Jhalawar (Rajasthan)

4 ANaRDe Foundation ANaRDe Foundation is a non-profit making, national level organization dedicated for the cause of development of society since The objectives of the organization are to promote economic and social development in rural India. Presently the organization is working in 68 District of 14 States including Rajasthan across the country. The thrust areas are Economic empowerment, Education, Health, Natural resource management Support to professional programs such as MBA and MSW.

5 Area Profile ANaRDe Foundation has been implementing 2nd phase of DPIP since 16th April 2002 with having 95 villages covering 18 Panchayats in Dag block of Jhalawar, apart from this the Organization is implementing DPIP in 60 villages of Manoharthana Block covering 02 Cluster. The organization has able to form 358 Qualitative CIGs out of target 380 and 75 out of 120 CIGs in Manoharthana Block. The Organization has formed CIGs with various activities ranging from Land-base, Community Infrastructure to Income Generation including both Livestock and Micro-enterprise. Beside this we have also formed VDAs (Village Development Association) for need base community infrastructure work and Tribal housing for Kanjars (De- notified tribe) for enhancing their livelihood. The Organization has manpower of 1 DPC, 04 Experts covering different fields, 1 Block- Coordinator, 04 Cluster Co-coordinator and 16 young and energetic Community Facilitator for successful execution of DPIP.

6 CIG Details Block : Dag ParticularsCaste (%age) CIG Formed GenSCSTOBC ParticularsActivity No.% age Agriculture Allied Land Base (Agri.) Dairy Live Stocks i.e goat, Sheep, Poultry Non Farm (Activity Wise)  Stitching Tent House Bull Casing Thresher Flour Mill Trading & Others

7 CIG Details Block : Manoharthana ParticularsCaste (%age) CIG Formed GenSCSTOBC Particula rs Activity No.% age Agricultu re Allied Land Base (Agri.) Dairy Live Stocks i.e goat, Sheep, Poultry Non Farm (Activity Wise)  Stitching Tent House Bull Casing Thresher Flour Mill Nil Trading & OthersNil Note: - Execution of DPIP in this block from 1 st July 2006.

8 Time Frame of Sub-project Time (In Days) A. Av. Time Taken For Preparation 240 B. Av. Time Taken For Sanction of Sub-Project 15 C. Av. Time Taken For Beneficiary Contribution 48 D. Av. Time Taken For Transfer of Funds to CIG Account 20 E. Av. Time Taken For Transfer of Acquisition of Asset 45

9 Performance of CIG S.No.IndicatorNo.%age A% of Groups Earning a Net Income (i)Rs per Month Nil (ii)Rs to Nil (iii)Rs to (iv)Up to Rs (v)No Income Nil B% of Groups Who Have Acquired Additional Assets C% of Groups Linked to The Market

10 Status of Lost Provided Assets S.No.Indicator %age Livestock %age Member AThrough Sale B Death Natural : Intentional : COther Reasons (Theft)

11 Capacity Building S.No.Particulars% CIG's GivenNo. of Days AOrientation Training BSkill Building Training BAMT

12 Status of Bank Linkage S.No.ParticularsNos%age 1Loan sanctioned Pending

13 Insurance S.No.ParticularsNo.s (i)No. of Groups Who Insured Their Assets 117 (ii)No. of Claims Filed 19 (iii)No. of Claims Disbursed Nil (iv)Pending 19

14 Model CIGs S. No.CIG NameVillage NameActivity 1Shri RamBardiya LakhaBand Baja 2Shri GaneshPipliya KalanBull Casing 3SeetaParthigarhGoat Rearing 4Shri GaneshDagTent House 5Maa DurgaDagStitching 6Maa AmbeyDagStitching 7Sai NathDagVillage Vending 8KalpanaPipiliya KhurdhDairy 9RamdevKishan NagarGoat Rearing 10Maa SaraswatiBardiya HeerjiFlour Mill

15 Major Parameters of Model CIGs  Regular Meeting, Record Keeping, Saving, Inter- loaning, Linkage with Bank and Vision of Expansion.  Mutual Understanding.  Self – starter Approach.  Converge with other Govt. Schemes & Programs.  Knowledge Enhancement to Cope – up with Volatile Market Situation.  Overcome Social Evils & Bonded Labour.

16 Lesson Learnt A.Strength *Poverty eradication process through group effort & holistic activity approach. * Asset creation among B.P.L. Families. *Knowledge up gradation with respect to skill, capacity and best practices of rearing. *Up lift the socio – economic strata of B.P.L families, especially women among society. *Promote culture of thrift and credit.

17 B.Weakness *Lack of attention toward sustainability parameter. *Boundation of innovative Sub-project activity. *Promote improved breed with respect to Milch cattle without consideration of Geographical condition. *Lack of priorities in imparting training as per the need of activity.

18 C. Opportunity *Orientation of Cluster-federation approach should be started from initial stage of group formation. *Promote and acquaint of business development plan with CIG members. *Strengthening of forward market & financial institution linkage. *Promote & facilitated innovative activity to CIG for earning better livelihood.

19 Future Strategy What Next ? * Poverty of B.P.L. Families cannot be eradicate by Pumping of Grant and Subsidy. * It can be possible through linkage with Financial Institution by promoting activity through Group consensus and effort. * Convergence of Group with other Govt. schemes for holistic development result orient approach.

20 Thanks For Your Co-operation

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