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Presentation of Yara and Yara Porsgrunn

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1 Presentation of Yara and Yara Porsgrunn

2 Yara is the world’s leading provider of both nitrogen-based fertilizer and industrial products
Revenues (2008) NOK 88.8 billion Number of employees 8,000 located in more than 50 countries Global #1 in ammonia in nitrates in NPK in specialty fertilizers

3 09/04/2017 4/9/2017 What we do We convert energy, natural minerals and nitrogen from the air into essential products for the farmers and industrial customers. Natural gas Air Phosphate Potash Fertilizer and industrial production Ammonia production 3

4 4/9/2017 09/04/2017 The industry‘s global player with sales to 120 countries Global fertilizer sales 20.5 mil. tonnes 8% Africa 1.7 mil. tons 55% Europe 11.2 mil tons 9% Asia 1.8 mil. tons 10% North America 2.0 mil. tons 18% Latin America 3.8 mil. tons Yara plants Joint venture plants Sales offices Sales sites on the world map – as in the previous slide. 4

5 Yara Porsgrunn

6 Yara Porsgrunn Ammonia Nitric Acid CN sol + liq NPK Material Handling
Port, bagging, storage

7 How we are organized Organization Chart We are 391 employees
300 on shift in operations, 6 shift structure Maintenance is outsourced 4 layer concept: Operator Supervisor Department / Production manager Plant manager

8 Yara Porsgrunn - Facts Production start: Volumes: Employees: 391
1929 Calcium Nitrate 1938 NPK plant 2 1968 NPK plant 3 1987 NPK plant 4 Volumes: NPK ton - worlds largest Fullgjødsel plant Calcium Nitrate ton - worlds largest Kalksalpeter plant Nitric Acid ton - worlds scale Salptersyrefabrikk Ammonia ton CO ton Employees:

9 Production - From raw materials to finished fertilizers
Nitrogen (N) from air Oxygen (O) from air Ammonia Nitric Acid NPK and CN Finished products: NPK CN (solid and liquid) Industrial products Natural gas Utilizing the Earth’s natural ingredients The basis for the production of nitrogen fertilizer is “fixing” nitrogen from the air by combining it with hydrogen from natural gas to form ammonia. Phosphorus and potassium are extracted from mines and sometimes combined with ammonia or nitric acid to form fertilizers with different ratios of each nutrient. Side streams of the main fertilizer production are upgraded and sold as specialty fertilizer or industrial products. Natural minerals: Phosphorus (P) Potassium (K)

10 Yara Porsgrunn delivers products to several market segments (in red)
4/9/2017 Yara Porsgrunn delivers products to several market segments (in red) CORE PRODUCTS MARKET SEGMENTS Plant Nutrition Environmental Solutions Beverages/ Food Safety Process Industry Mining Urea N E W S G M T AN/CAN CN NPK Micros CO2 Nitric acid NH3 Tech. nitrates 10

11 Vessel types Yara Porsgrunn - båtstørrelser
Inngående : mt Utgående : mt 4000 mt råstoff (tørr bulk) mt Fullgjødsel/KS (tørr bulk)

12 Vårt ultimate mål – fornøyde kunder som har brukt Yara gjødsel for å øke matvareproduksjon

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